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selfies with Klaudia

13 July 2015


first off, sorry for the lame email last week. We only had about a half hour to email before the library closed so it was really rushed. haha
quick overview of last week:
Monday: helped one of the elders investigators move apartments.
Tuesday: Met with Balás and Anita (the cute couple we met while chalking). They had a whole paper of questions prepared to ask us and wanted to film us answering. Kind of weird but I didn't get a bad feeling about it and they were genuinely curious and seemed to love it. We'll see what comes from it.
We also met with the lady we met while tracting, Nórá. She basically said in the nicest way possible that she wasn't interested but we got to share our testimonies so thats whats important.
We met with Laci and his family.Their son is super good at english, basically we just talk with him so he can practice with native speakers. They are super fun and love to talk.
 chalking, with help from some little girls

Wednesday: We had a családi est with the branch put on by the youth. It was super great. The missionaries sang a musical number. It was super fun to get to know the branch a bit better. They are seriously the greatest.
Thursday: We met with this lady named Mária. She was super legit and loved the restoration idea and said she would read the book of mormon but she can't meet til later in august so we'll see if we can contact her again. Then we had Angol óra later and we had this new guy. He used to work in saudi arabia and is SUPER smart. But he's also kind of stuck up about it, it's super funny. But he and the english teacher guy that has traveled the world are kind of friends now so that is funny.
Friday: We had zone training with President Szabadkai and Sister Szabadkai. It was all in hungarian, but I understood most of it. I think that's because they spoke super simply though..haha but it was good. They are such wonderful people and I you can tell that they really love us. They created this new goal for our mission to be full purpose missionaries. Basically meaning that we give our whole hearts over to the Lord. It reminded me a lot of the fourth missionary talk.
Saturday: Fourth of July!! we met with Timi and taught her the plan of salvation. She loved it and said she would pray about it.
We had a bon fire on the side of the tisza river with the elders and one of the members, viki to celebrate America!! It was fun, we got hot dogs and tried to replicate smores, which sort of worked. It was just freaking hot with the fire and the hot day haha.
Fourth of July by the river
Sunday: We had church, which was great. And then that evening we met with the Laciék. Best people ever. We had a really good conversation about family values and they loved it. They basically just love us so much and we love them.
Okay, now moving onto this week
Monday: We had a transfer during the week so tuesday was our p-day instead. So we worked. We had a long day of finding. It has been super hot here. In the high 30s and even into the 40s. (Celsius)

Tuesday: We met with N_ Zsuzsa (aka Sue) the lady we streeted that was SUPER excited to learn english. It was her, her husband Szabolcs and her daughter Nikolet. She is a beginner but is a quick learner and has a real desire to learn the language. It was funny, when we asked them when we could meet next her daughter quickly responded "tomorrow!" so we said sure!
where we go streeting by the beautiful tisza

just streeting across the belvárosi bridge
Wednesday: We met with Piroska, a less active. Super sweet néni. She LOVES to talk.
We met with Zsuzsa (depressed one) and brought her balloons, because she loves balloons. Cool story though. When we were at the store buying balloons we started a conversation with the balloon store clerk and it turns out that he likes making balloon animals and stuff and is actually super talented and that he tried out for "Hungarys Got Talent". But he made us a balloon crown like wicked fast. It was super cool. It also turns out that he knows Viki, the member and that they are friends and after meeting him, he texted Viki and said that he would like to meet with us!! so we'll see where that goes.
Balloon man!
Then we met with Sue and her daughter. They are hilarious. We taught them about the book of mormon and when we said that she could have one for herself she was so excited. She told us that she knew it wasn't an accident that she met us on the street and that she knew that Heavenly Father knew she wanted to learn english and He sent us. She also said that as we told her about the book of mormon she could see it in our eyes that we knew what we were saying and that we really believed these things and that she felt lucky that we gave her such a special book and that her and her daughter would definitly read it. So Szabolcs sometimes has to be away from home for a couple of days for business and that is hard for her and her daughter sometimes and it turns out that this week he was traveling too and she said that she knew that Heavenly Father gave her the book of mormon right now so she can get through this time without Szabolcs. We really hope that she is serious and I think she is. Can't wait to meet with them again!
one of the families we teach (márkék)
Thursday: So there was a transfer and one of the elder companionships got shut down here in szeged so its just four of us now. We got a new elder, elder oakes. He seems cool. From arizona.
We met with Roli and talked about the temple. He loves it and can't wait til he can go! Also this sunday in church Roli will be getting the priesthood!! yay!!
our elders (oakes and höferl)
We now teach both profi and haladó angol óra. I teach profi. So after angol óra, saudi arabia guy and traveling guy and I started talking and we had a really good conversation about what it takes to be a good teacher and they were super nice and said that I was a good teacher because I had the passion behind my teaching, then we got on the subject of  education and then the traveler guy suggested that we go somewhere where we could all sit down, so we went to this cafe (nyugi kért) near where we email and we talked about all sorts of things. It was funny though because we asked them what their opinion on mormons were. They were honest and said that sometimes the sisters in the past were really pushy and tried to force them to meet with them and that they weren't interested in that. But they thought that we were nice because we didn't pressure them into anything. It was funny though because we basically ended up teaching them about the restoration and they liked hearing about it. I think we're going to be able to teach them, just in a round about way haha
Friday: We met with the Márkék. Magdi néni wasn't there. And she hasn't been to church in a couple of weeks. We'll have to have a talk with her about if she is ready for baptism.
Saturday: We met with Piroska again. She was having a really bad pain in her leg so we offered to call her home teacher for her to get a blessing but instead she said for him to come over on sunday. So we talked to him about that. The poor thing. She was hurting so bad but we just prayed with her and shared a scripture.
We met with Timi! She prayed but said she didn't get an answer so we encouraged her to keep trying. We taught about the restoration and she loved it. She said she wants to get an answer about that too.
Sunday: Church! We went to young womens for the third hour and it made me miss it so much! It reminded me of back home in Pittsfield.
We met with the Laciék that evening and taught about the restoration. Bube teared up when I was bearing my testimony about Joseph Smith. But then after she went off about how she loves that we love what we believe but that we should worry about teaching the younger people that are lost in life and that she is already happy and has found God. But I could tell that she felt something. Hopefully they will read the scripture we gave them. They are so wonderful though. Laci wants me to draw something on his surfboard, which is pretty cool!
Well, thats about it for this week. Photos to come! Love you all and have a great week!!
Sister Heath

jewish temple near the branch house

Szent Mátyás templom
Szent Mátyás templom, coolest statue ever

 a drawing by one of the kids in the monastery school
 an old family record book from the 1600s
a chair from the 1400's

How high the water was in 1879

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Szeged 7 July 2015

szeged is gorgeous

7 July 2015

Well, another week in the napfény város. Which means that it is hot as heck. It has been in the high thirties and has even gotten to fourty degrees celsius. So basically we have been sweating our butts off. Szeged is the hottest city in hungary. Just my luck to be here in the hottest time of the year! haha
Apparently the library closes differently on tuesdays though, we just got a notice so I can't make it long this week.
We met with the cool young couple Balás and Anita and we taught them so much. They were super cool and were legitimately interested.
We had a really great lesson with this lady named Mária but she can't meet again until august so we'll see where it goes.
We met our new mission president and wife, the szabadkais. They are seriously so great. The whole conference was in hungarian though so it was a change from when the smiths were president. But I understood most of it. They are so wonderful, I already love them.
We had another lesson with Timi. We taught about the plan of salvation and it was really great and she said she would pray about it. She is super great and her mom made us a cake! super sweet family.
Well, the library is about to close but I'll send more about this week next week! Love you all
sister heath

the elders' investigators works at a cool cathedral so we got a tour

szent matyás templom

The eyes of all hope in thee, O Lord: and thou,
give them their food in due season

The fourth of july!!
The fourth of july, smores

some older photos I stole from the elders cameras
some older photos I stole from the elders cameras
some older photos I stole from the elders cameras
Fourth of July
some older photos I stole from the elders cameras


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

June 29, 2015

29 June 2015

Monday: nothing interesting. mostly emailed and got lunch.
Tuesday: Met with our recent convert Roli. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really great.
Then we went tracting. It was actually a really cold and windy and nobody was letting us into the buildings. We ended up ringing about fifty doorbells until someone let us in. The number that let us into the building was number six but once we got in and tried to find the door with the six on it we couldn't find it so we ended up knocking on number three who ended up being this super nice young teacher. Her name is Nóra and she was super nice. We ended up talking about the Book of Mormon. It was a little awkward at first but I just looked her in the eyes and explained why these three crazy american girls were coming to her apartment and trying to give her a book. It is because we know that it is the word of God and that He has a plan for us here on earth and that the fullness of His gospel and plan for us is in this book and that we have read it and that we have felt that it is true in our hearts. She seemed to be a bit more comfortable after that and she accepted the book and said we could come back this week so we are going back on tuesday. It should be good.
Wednesday: Asian Whitaker was sick all morning so we did some area book and called some people. It was good. Later we met with Roli quickly so whitaker could say goodbye before she went to Debrecen. After that we met with Zsuzsa. She is the same as ever. We had Viki come with us and she was so wonderful. We basically just try to make her feel loved and make sure she knows we are there for her.
Thursday: We went up to Budapest for the mini transfer. Goodbye dear Asian Whitaker! It was a really long day of sitting on a train. We went three hours to Budapest, got lunch and then headed back for another three hours. But on the ride back we talked to this man who said he was interested in meeting and gave us his card. Super cool. He was kind of interesting. I guess he met with the missionaries about ten years ago in Pest but for some reason they stopped. He kind of wanted to debate about where we go after we die because he believes in reincarnation so we'll see where it goes but it was cool.

Friday: We went to a graduation for one of the elders investigators. It was pretty cool. The hungarian national anthem is beautiful, look it up.
the elder's investigator's graduation
 We met with Gábor. He is solid like always. 
our investigator gábor (the mediball lover) who had to crouch down to be closer to our hight..
We met with L__ Laci, the older guy that had all the J-dub pamphlets. Gábor asked if he could come along too so we brought him along. Laci is crazy. He is super nice, and super christian but crazy. Its hard to keep him on topic. But he came to church yesterday so that is good. He used to have a bap date. We'll see if he is ready for baptism again as we keep meeting with him.

We also met with a nice lady named Timi and her mom. They used to meet with the missionaries a couple of years ago I guess but her mom loves the book of mormon. When we got there and started talking her mother came in and asked if she could have a book of mormon to give to her friend so we said of course and gave it to her. They were super nice and had a lot of questions about the purpose of life and what happens after we die so next lesson we are going to teach the plan of salvation. The mother was super sweet and asked if we could take photos at the end and she said that she just saw a light in our eyes. It was super spiritual and cool.
timi and her mother
Saturday: We had a program with the branch and a couple of other branches in the area, kecskemét and békéscsaba. There were about a hundred members there, the most I have seen at one time in Hungary. It was super awesome. We did this big photo scavenger hunt all over szeged in teams. It was fun to talk to and get to know the members in our branch and the other branches. Then we had lunch at the indian place near the branch house and then we all got back together at the branch house. Somebody came in and taught some indian dancing. It was super funny seeing the old men in our branch trying to do it. Then there were some water balloon games and I got soaked. Then our investigator Gábor's Mediball team came and performed. (if you don't know what mediball is look it up. Super great.) It was just a great day.
mini mtc reunion at the közös program
mini mtc reunion at the közös program
Sunday: We had church which was great and then at four we had a surprise birthday party for one of the young men in the branch, Peti, who just turned 18. He cut us the hugest pieces of cake. I'm still full from it. haha
peti's birthday
peti's birthday
well, that was my week. not too much more to say. I love you all and hope you have a good week!!
sok szeretettel,
Heath Nővér

albert einstein in the middle of a hungarian garden
oming back from helping some investigators move.
elder swink randomly showed up with pasta so we had a picnic
martineau elder and our waiter friend bence (basically the coolest guy ever)
 this super bohemian resturaunt we went to with the elders