Saturday, February 28, 2015

szia szia hallo!

23 Feb 2015
Well its another week in érd! I am finally getting used to being in hungary but that also means it is starting to lose a bit of the charm. Mostly I mean the fact that everyone here has dogs. So in hungary the houses all have gates around them and everyone has at least one dog. So when we are walking down the street or tracting the only thing we hear is the sound of a million dogs barking. Every time we go to ring the cséngő (or bell) the dogs usually try to jump up and bite your hand off so me and sister sellers have come up with the perfect way for me to distract the dogs while she rings the bell. It is really funny though to see how all the dogs are different here. Your typical hungarian dog is about the size of a german shepard or a bit bigger than a lab but most of them have long hair that is tangled into dread locks. It is funny to stand on the street and try and figure out how many dogs there are because it is so hard to distinguish between all the barks. but enough about dogs. haha
This week we taught ag_ and má_ again. It was awesome because má_ was totally into it this time. They were excited to see us and when we got in then they told us all about this tv show that they watch where they said that the man prays in Jesus' name at the end. They turned it on and put it on mute in the background while we were trying to teach so it was a bit distracting. Last lesson we gave them a pamphlet about the plan of salvation so we asked if they had read it and ag_ said he had but he was  a little confused  about it. We tried to start to teach it but they kept turning the sound back on the tv to see if the man was praying yet. When it finally came to that point then they both bowed their heads and repeated all the words of the man's prayer but then when he came to the end he didn't end in Jesus' name but just said amen, so they were confused but finally turned the tv off. We taught them a bit more but our time was about up. We asked má_ to pray but she asked ag_ instead so he prayed and it was great. His prayer sounded sort of like a baptist preacher it was so loud and funny but it was great. After that ag_ asked us a ton of questions but unfortunately we had to go because we had to teach angol óra. But we are hoping that they will come to csaladi est (or family night) tonight. They are really incredible people and I am praying for them so much that they will be able to understand everything we teach. 
After that we had angol óra which was great. We had this new young mom in the class with her adorable five year old daughter. We always share a spiritual thought at the beginning of class but usually it is a sort of awkward we talk about our religion while they just listen so we decided to make it interactive this week by bringing some extra books of mormon and have each of them read a verse and after talk about it. So we read and it went well. They were a little surprised at first but it was great. I think we're going to start doing something like that every week. Then we passed around the roll and every week we ask if people would like to meet outside of the class for more personal help with the language. We do a sort of half english teaching half gospel teaching and people can write igen vágy nem (yes or no) and we got three igens this week!! One of them was the cute mom (zs_) so we are set up to teach her on friday morning so that should be awesome. we also got to set up this week with another angol órian Kl_, who is this super cute 20 year old college student. She is so cool and fun and we are stoked to teach someone who is young! 
On Friday it was sister sellers birthday so we're both 20 now! We had district meeting that morning so after it we went to lunch with our elders at this buffet (or bűfé if you are hungarian). It had some pretty good authentic hungarian food so that was fun. and then we taught Il_ again. She said she hadn't prayed about baptism and is still being stubborn about it but we emphasized to her again that it isn't us that she is doing this for and it isn't even the church she is doing this for but rather it is all for Heavenly Father and He is the one that we make our covenants with. She didn't come to church this week and we aren't meeting with her until next week since she has a lot of doctors appointments this week so I am really praying for her. 
That evening though we met with fo_ , who is an older gentleman from angol óra. At the beginning of the program we asked him what he sort of is expecting or wants from our lessons, language wise but he responded that he just wants friends, that he feels lonely. He said that in college he had friends but then when he got married and started his business he lost contact with them and now he just wants friends. We were a little surprised at first and kind of worried it was going to turn into some sort of creepy old man thing but as we simply listened to him we saw that he really just wanted someone to talk to so we taught him about prayer and how Heavenly Father always wants to speak to His children, and just like a loving father always wants to hear about everything. He doesn't just want us to come to him when we are sad but when we are happy or when we are worried or when we just need someone to talk to. We also taught him about the book of mormon. We told him that, like the bible it is the word of God and that when we read it it is like Heavenly Father is speaking to us. I read him a scripture out of third nephi how Heavenly Father said he is always with us and will never leave us lonely and he had tears in his eyes. He is so great and I hope he really reads the book of mormon. I know he can find so much comfort in it. I know that in my life and when the mission is hard, prayer and reading the scriptures are the things that bring me the most comfort. 
On saturday we had a farsang buli! apparently in hungary on february 21st they all dress up and party, sort of like halloween mixed with carnival in brazil or something. So we had a ward party where they all dressed up and we played some games. We had invited our investigators but unfortunately none of them were able to make it. It was pretty fun though. Me and sister sellers dressed up as fifties housewives, since the options for costumes are kind of hard as a missionary. Not too many people understood it and just said that we looked pretty hahaha It was fun to just have fun with the ward members.    

Sunday was good. They are starting to get a little easier to understand but it is still difficult to not fall asleep. Hungarian just has this way of lulling me to sleep. haha That evening we went back to the branch house to have dinner with the elders. Elder Lindow had made a big banana bread and I made a rice stir fry so we ate a ton and it was fun. Our elders are really great. They are both so awkward and weird that things never get boring. Elder Lindow is super tall and he is really goofy. He sort of reminds us all of a big puppy that is just always happy and jumping around. Elder meek is the opposite. He is super quiet and sort of reserved, but is hilarious. We are finally starting to break him out of his shell and he is so sarcastic and funny.  They are just great and really obedient missionaries. I feel lucky to be in a district of such good missionaries. Some of the areas have problems with the elders not following the rules but we don't have to worry about that and it is so great.
Well that was my week. I love life here and I know that God is real. He has a plan for each of His children and I am slowly finding out the part that hungary plays in my life. 
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Birthday Miracles

16 Feb 2015

Hello all,

So this has been a pretty great week. It started off with greenie training which was fun to see all of us newbie missionaries again but I  told you all about that in last weeks letter. Anyways, after I emailed on tuesday we met with I_, who is an older lady, maybe in her sixties. The missionaries hadn't met with her in a while so our lesson was basically a check up and see what her needs are. We got in there and started teaching and it went well and she basically told us that she was confused because there are so many churches and how are you supposed to know which is right so we told her about how Joseph Smith had the same question. The spirit was super strong but she sort of brushed it off and I think she mostly wanted to complain to us that life is hard. We told her about how Heavenly Father knows each of us perfectly and because Christ suffered for all of our pains and sorrows He can help us individually. We then told her all about prayer and how we can tell Heavenly Father all about everything that is confusing or wrong or hard in life and we asked her if she thought she could do that. She said she didn't want to but that she wouldn't mind if we prayed.  So Sister Sellers kneeled down and said a beautiful simple prayer asking Heaveny Father to help her understand her problems and help her to know what is right. The spirit was so strong and we asked her if she recognized it and she said she did, but she kept asking us how to know what was right. We callenged her to pray for herself and we are crossing our fingers that she did. 
On thursday we taught Il_ again. She is just the sweetest lady ever. She didn't come to church last sunday so we were worried that she wasn't doing well. When we met with her though she was doing fantastic. After our past lesson with her she had decided to follow the Word of wisdom and hadn't had coffee once! And she had read first Nefi one! our lesson was basically her explaining to us why that chapter was great and what was important in it. She has been meeting with the missionaries for a long time now and all of them have talked to her about baptism but she has always had the same reaction that she loves meeting with us but she just won't get baptized. We felt impressed to talk to her again about it and so we talked about why we are baptized, that it isn't just about becoming members of our church or because we are wicked people that sin but rather it is our covenant with God that we are willing to follow Him and Christ. We asked her what was really worrying her about baptism because she always sort of dogged the question. But finally she told us that she was worried because she had never seen a baptism and was worried about what she had to wear and the water. We found out that a couple of elders in buda have a baptism soon so we are going to bring her to it and hopefully that will calm her worries. She said that she would pray about baptism and she couldn't stop smiling. She is just the sweetest lady ever. 
Later that day after angol óra we hurried back to érd to meet with an_, é_ and ti_. They dogged us last week so we were happy when é_ called back saying she wanted to meet with us. Like I_ it had been a while since they had met with the missionaires so we basically went in to check up on them and see how they were doing. It turned out to be an incredible lesson. An_ and é_ are either married or dating, we couldn't quite figure it out since he had a ring on but she didn't and then there is her son ti_ who is in his 20s. Ti_ had an accident at work when he was younger and it affected him pretty bad. He is really quiet and sort of afraid of strangers so when we first came in he didn't talk and sort of stood in the doorway, but after we stared talking to them he came and sat down too. We asked them if they have been reading the book of mormon and they said a little bit. 
They are incredibly busy people and work a lot . We talked about our purpose as missionaries how we help people to find faith, repent, be baptized, receive the holy ghost and endure to the end. They have a ton of faith and we talked about how important it is to follow Christ and God. We talked a bit about following the commandments like attending church each sunday. An_ was all in for it but é_ was a little hesitant because she works so much that is when she has time to rest, An_ however when she said that responded that we wouldn't lie to them that there are promised blessings for following the commandments. Then we talked about repentance and how it is about returning to God and accepting Christ's atonement in our lives, and she started tearing up when we talked about how through Christ's atonement all of our physical problems and weaknesses can be made right. She talked about how Tibor is always sick and how it is incredible that Christ understands his pain. We then talked about baptism and how it is our covenant with God to follow him. They said that they know that what we have taught is true and that the feelings they had with meeting with us couldn't be lies so they said that they wanted to be baptized!! We told them to pray about it still and work towards the date of March 21st to be baptized. They were super excited and are incredble people.
oh Friday we had zone training and went out to Buda again. zone trainig was good and we talked about  keeping our lessons simple with strong testimonies and using the scriptures to back up our teachings. Then after training we went to this fancy italian resturant. It is cool being here because food is so cheap. We went with the elders in our district and it was fun to just talk and eat good food.
Saturday was a great day of course because it was my birthday!! We had one lesson lined up with a guy from our angol óra class but that morning the elders called us and said that he needed to cancel so we were a little bummed out. That meant that we would have four hours of tracting that day but it was a really sunny day so we weren't too sad about spending the day outside. We ate lunch a little early so we would have time to walk the half an our our to our tracting area. 
As we were walking I said a prayer in my heart asking God that if there was one thing I wanted for my birthday it was for just one person to talk to that would actually listen to us. We got out there and decided to tract theis street with about 60 houses on it. The first few houses weren't interested but then we talked to this one lady who had met with missionaries before but she wasn't interested, then we talked to this old baptist lady who was so confused why we were there and told us to go talk to people our own age, because they need God more than she does. Then we talked to this atheist lady who basically yelled at us to leave so we kept walking and then we were coming the last few houses. We talked to this really cool austrian lady who moved here when she was little girl. She came out angry at us saying that she was a catholic and didn't want to change but we were like "oh cool, so you believe in God. So do we!" and we ended up talking all about why we are here in hungary and she was really nice in the end. then the last house we knocked on was this man in his 60s. He was shocked that we were "sisters" and thought that sister sellers was 15 and was so confused as to why we were here in hungary, but he didn't have any time to talk to us so he really wanted us to come back the next day, so we told him we could come back after church around four. We then walked back to our apartment and made brownies for my birthday and to plan our next week. 
Sunday was a great day. We had church in the morning and Il_ and her boyfriend were there and another of our investigators. So it was a great day. One of the ward members, Or_, is a really sweet girl in her 20s I think. She is disabled so she walks with a cane but she is really smart and speaks english very well. She called me on my birthday and was really sweet and then in church she had a milka bar for me, the oreo kind, which is one of my favorites. When the primary girls saw it they were so cute and sort of hid behind sister sellers, spying on the candy bar so I opened it and gave them each a few pieces. The second counselor then came up and heard it was my birthday so he gave me a hand shake and said happy birthday very properly and goofily so then the little girls copied him and  kept shaking our hands saying "happy birthday, happy birthday!" 
Then after church we came back ate some lunch and then after our studies headed over to visit the man we ran into tracting again. We were let in by his wife, who was doing dishes. She said that she was catholic and not interested so she was going to keep doing dishes. When the man came in he introduced himself as Ag_ and his wife's name is Má_. Before we left him on saturday we gave him a restoration pamphlet and our phone number. So when we got back on sunday he said he had read the whole pamphlet and loved it! He basically taught us the first lesson explaining how much he loved what the pamphlet said and how much sense it made. He asked us about the book of mormon and we gave him one and he was so excited to read it. We basically were just there to witness that it was true. Má_ then brought out suti (or desserts) for us and then sat down and actually listened too. Ago_ is hard of hearing so má_ had to basically repeat to him everything we were saying. We talked about how you can know that what we teach is true by praying and Ag_ said he read in the pamplet about prayer and he loved it. He said that he had never really been religious but that five years earlier had started "making up his own prayers" and hd said that he ended them in Christ's name. So when he read in the pamphlet that that is how we pray he was stunned. He had never heard of anyone else praying like that. So we asked him if we could offer a prayer to sort of show him how we do it. We all bowed our heads and sister sellers said probably one of the simplest and prettiest prayers ever. 
When we opened our eyes má_ was crying and ag_ was quiet. They told us that they know that what we teach is true because why else would two pretty young girls come so far away from home just to lie to people. Má_ agreed and said that she could see it in our eyes that what we were teaching was true. Ag_ then got out a picture of his son and his wife. He asked us why we couldn't have been here ten years earlier to marry his son but then we stared laughing and he said "oh right, you would have been nine." haha  and then he said that he wants to keep learning more and he wants his children to hear what we ahve to say. He said that he wants to read all of the book of mormon and hear everything we have to say and then if it all makes sense he told us that he wanted to be a member of our church and be baptized. We told him that we can absolutely keep teaching him and má_ and we invited them to come to church and to a ward party on saturday. They said the would absolutely be there. We then set up with them for this week and said goodbye. After we turned the corner from their house we basically freaked out and jumped up and down for joy. Heavenly Father seriously does answer prayers. If Laci hadn't canceled on us and if we hadn't eaten lunch a little earlier to get out to our tracting area we wouldn't have had time to tract the whole street and speak to the last house. Heavenly Father seriously recognizes our little efforts and gives us the desires of our hearts. Because we are doing what is right and striving to be the best missionaires we can He places us in the right place at the right time to teach those who are prepared to recieve the truth. 
After that we went to have dinner with our elders, who made us rokos crumpli, which is a sort of potato, kolbas (a type of sausage), sour cream and paprika amazingness. 

rokos krumpli

They put candles in it to celebrate my birthday which was adorable and we told them all about how incredible ag_ and má_ are. We then came home and were exausted from good food and an amazing spirit. 
Well that was my week. We really are blessed when we put in the effort. Heavenly father knew that these past few weeks have been rough with mostly tracting and having people yell at us for trying to help them. We feel like aaron in the book of mormon did when he taught king lamoni. After being spit on, thrown in jail and yelled at he finally had one man who wanted to listen and eventually the while kingdom was brought to a knowledge of their God. The gospel is great and God is real. And I am so stoked to keep teaching this week and I love being a servant of the Lord. 
Love you all and hope you have a good week!
heath nővér
our cute little district (lidnow, meek, sellers and me)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Second week in the Érd lands!

 10 Feb 2015
Hello all!
so I guess I've only been in hungary for two weeks but man does it feel like I've already been here forever! 
 We had to go up to Buda for new missionary training so our pday got bumped to tuesday. IT was really great to see the girls from my mtc district. It felt like we had just been there as new missionaries. It was really cool to see how their different experiences have been and it was great to hear that we were all doing well.
reunited for greenie training
Well this week has been harder but so so great. In Érd we don't get too many people who want to meet with us but that is okay becasuse it means we get to go tracting a ton! We mostly tracted this week but we had a couple of people we contacted on the street who were pretty legit. One of them was a g (what we say for gypsies so we don't sound like we're being racist) and he was really legit. We had been walking up the street earlier flyering but nobody wanted to take the flyers and we passed him but we kept walking . We came to the end of the street and saw that there weren't many other people so we decided to turn around and as we were walking back he had turned around too I guess because we passed him again so I gave him and angol óra flyer and he was like "what is this?" and stopped to talk to us. He was really excited to hear that we were mormons. He is a j.w. but somehow had a book of mormon and was really confused with the fact that what the j.w.'s teach and what the book of mormon teaches don't line up. He said he loved the book of mormon because it is like a better version of the bible. We tried to explain to him that the book of mormon comes from our church and that we love it too, but for some reason it didn't click to him the the j.w.'s and mormons are different. He said he really wanted to come to angol óra because he wanted to learn english and we gave him a pass along card too with out number on it. He seemed super interested so we're prayng he either calls or that he comes to angol óra. 
We also taught I_ this week. She is actually one of the elder in the mission's grandma. He is half hungarian and is from canada. She is probably one of the sweetest and sassiest ladies ever. She has been taking the lessons for forever but just won't agree to be baptized. It is also kind of hard because she sometimes forgets what we teach and doesn't really read her book of mormon. She mostly skims it. But she is super legit and already basically lives the standards. We talked with her about the word of wisdom and she said that she would keep it. She was so nice. I basically was sitting there not being able to say much and then she said something while looking at me and sort of laughing so I looked over to my trainer confused. And I guess she basically said that I was a "poor dear" beacause I couldn't understand but wanted to help so much. She is really cool and really thinks about everything we teach her so I am praying that we will know what we need to do so we can help her. 
We had dinner on wednesday night with the american family in the ward the palmers. It was cool to be in hungary and be in a member's home. It is cool to think that the church is the same everywere, down to the pictures of the first presidency on the wall and a book shelf full of scriptures and deseret books. They are a super nice family and such cool people.
Last night we went to a less active member's house, E_. She is an older woman who is regularly pretty sick so she has a hard time getting to church. We talked with her about how we could help her to come to church and how we are always here for anything she needs. She was nice and made us dinner. First we had a really good soup. It was paprika and vegetables. Then she brought out the main dish which was rather interesting. It was a bowl full of this sort of gravy with peas in it and a fried egg and a sort of sausage meatball thing. The gravy was sort of sweet and the meat was incredibly salty and chewy. It wasn't too bad when it was warm but her apartment was pretty cold so it got cold fast. I'm not the biggest fan of gravy so it was definitely harder to get down. She was so sweet though and kept asking us how we liked it so we just kept saying "finom" or delicious. And she would get the biggest smile on her face that I couldn't help but eat more. After we left then we were both feeling a little sick and luckily sister sellers said that that is not a very normal hungarian meal. I sure hope she is true but I guess I'll get more used to it if it is normal. I guess hungarians really like gravy though so who knows, maybe I'll like it too after eating it for a year and a half. 
It has been a great week and difficult with just tracting all day but I know that it is going to pay off soon. Each morning, I keep feeling like something great is right around the corner and I know if I keep doing all I need to Heavenly Father will lead me to those people who will need my help. I love it here and I know there is a reason why I am in Érd right now and there are always people who need the gospel. I love being a missionary and I love Magyarország! 
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my new addictions

the beautiful land of Érd

Monday, February 2, 2015

Made it to Hungary!

2 February 2015

well this is it! I made it to hungary!! first off sorry everyone I forgot to bring my email list to my email for forever but now I can finally tell you all about the interesting stuff in hungary! Another disclaimer, hungarian keyboards are if anything is randomly a z instead of a y or the other way around just go with it. and exclamation points and question marks are all in funny places so yeah! fun stuff! but anyways to the fun stuff!
So I guess I'm in hungary now! we left the mtc at 3:35 am monday morning and made it to hungary at about noon on tuesday so it wasn't too long traveling. Mum, dad sorry the calling didn't work. The phone cards at the mtc are the worst. It said when I called you that I had like 75 minutes to talk and then wen I hung up because I couldn't hear you it said I had 35 minutes left but then the secretary wouldn't pick up and stuff and then it said it didn't have any minutes left so I don't know what is up with that but oh well, just know that I didn't get abducted in the salt lake airport! 
So when we finally got to the budapest airport president and sister smith were waiting there and we all made our way back to the mission home. It was a gorgeous drive along the duna (or the danue) and all the buildings are simplz gorgeous! The mission home is in an apartment building. The bottom two floors are the buda ward building and then the mission office is above them and then the mission home. So basically we dropped off our stuff and ate a little snack and then went out streeting. The first person I talked to was a really nice lady and I gave her a book of mormon in my very limited hungarian but she was really nice of only a little startled. Then I talked to some drunk guys who after I gave them a book of mormon took my hand said I was beautiful and kissed it. So that was fun. 
After that we had interviews with president and talked about hungary and the needs of the people here. We were all super jet lagged but after talking to president we went with the APs up to this gorgeous cathedral on top of the hill looking out over the duna and the parliament building. It was night time so everzthing was lit up and we could see pest. 
last district picture together!
 The A.P.'s the read the dedicatory prayer given when hungary was opened up for missionary work and it was so cool hearing about how there are going to be stakes and temples here someday. Right now there is only one stake but we are very close to getting a second one. I will probably see it happen while I'm here.
After that then we got our stuff and went to this cool modern hotel for the night since the mission home isn't big enough for 10 missionaries. 
the view from the top of our hotel
The next day we got our companions. My trainer is Sister Sellers. She is from a small town in northern idaho and is really legit. We are so similar it is crazy. She is short like me and has brown short hair. We both like to sing and we have a lot of the same interests. She is a graphic design major and goes to BYUI too! so I'll definitlz see her after the mission! My city is Érd and its about 20 minutes away from buda by train. It is sort of like the pittsfield ward of our mission back home. It is a small city with a really small branch of about 30 people but half are kids under 8. It has the reputation of not getting much work but I love it already. 
Our first day out tracting it was snowing and the city was just adorable covered in snow. We didn't get too much done just because we had the whole morning taken up with getting in from buda but that night we had angol óra or english hour where we taught the prófi class or the advanced class so it was nice having my real time talking with hungarians basically be in english. So many people here speak english it is crazy. They're not perfect but love to try speaking it with me. The next day or wednesday I guess, it was raining all day long. Most of the sidewalks here are broken so there is a ton of mud everywhere so my boots are caked in mud. We basically go from gate to gate ringing the csendő (or bell with a camera or speaker on it) most of the day so we're always walking around in it. We had one appointment with a lady named Éva but when we got there she said she didn't want to meet with us anymore because the last set of sisters tried to force prayer on her. (my trainer was on splits at the time). So that was sad but we gave her a pamphlet to read and she said maybe in a couple of weeks we could talk again. That night we had another angol óra so that was fun. This time there were only two old men so we ended up talking about the theatre with them.
My first lesson was with a lady named Papp Margit. (margit is her first name) she is a little náni (or old woman, auntie). She is a less active who came to church last week because she felt like it. A lot of people here get lelke betég (spirit sick) so basicallz they feel like they don't want to do something so their spirit is sick so they don't do it. I guess she usually doesn't come because thats how she feels but she is really sweet. It was really cold outside so when we came into her house and the fire was warm it made me super tired. The whole lesson I was struggling to stay awake but it is hard because hungarian sounds so pretty it just lulls you to sleep. I kept having to pinch myself. I couldn't understand much of it so I sat there smiling and trying to stay awake. Near the end she looked over at me and said something while laughing and my companion laughed and then she said that papp margit said that she thought I was adorable just sitting there smiling. It was so fun but mostly embarrassing. 
I just love it here. 
Sunday was pretty fun. They had me come up and introduce myself and that was embarrassing but awesome. Everybody keeps telling me I speak well because hungarians are just so nice. There is an american family in the ward so it was nice talking with them. My companion's parents both served in hungary and I guess the father of this family served with my companions dad and the mother of the family (who I think is hungarian but speaks perfect american sounding english) was baptized by my comp's mom! so its such a small world! We are going over to their house for dinner on wednesday so that will be fun. 
Yesterday we tracted after church and that was okay. We were both starving because it was fast sunday but we only had about an hour left til dinner and we were working our way down this street and then finally after a bunch of we're not interested this man let us in. We were a little startled at first because he let us in so quickly but once we got inside his wife was there and she was so nice. We talked with them for almost an hour about why we were here and about the church. Thez weren't religious but said that they would read the book of mormon we left them. They were really legit people. Most of the people that actually listen to us are a little strange but they were completely normal and after leaving we both said how he seemed like he would be the perfect "I once was an atheist but now love the gospel" member. We gave them our number and got theirs and are going to try calling them sometime in a few days and hopefully they will be interested in meeting with us! 
Oh another fun story. We were tracting and talking to this one lady who said that she meets with the Jehovah's witnesses (which are really big here) And we were trying to explain that we weren't the j-w's but she wouldn't listen but then was saying how we are silly little girls and we should be out having fun. She told us that we should become actresses because we were so pretty and have boyfriends so we could be happy. And we tried to explain that we were happy, but she wouldn't listen and just rambled on and on in hungarian about how our church is a cult and it was so funny seeing this little lady trying to explain to us how unhappy we are while we were just standing there smiling. Life is just great and It is so fun! 
Even though I am constantly soaked through and smell like smoke from everyone's fire places life is great! the people of hungary are wonderful and the food is good. I love being a missionary!!
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The best candy ever. It has to be refrigerated because it is this sort of cheese thing. its sort of like cheesecake I guess but it is wonderful and strange.