Monday, August 17, 2015


22 June 2015

Monday: We spent the afternoon with an investigator, Gábor's family. He has been investigating the church for about a year now and really wants to be baptized but his parents won't let him. But his dad always comes to angol óra and is super nice. But this week they call it the blooming of the tisza (the river that runs through szeged) because all the may flies. Gábor sr. really loves fishing so he invited us to go fishing with him once the may flies came out so monday we went fishing and it was super great. The tisza is gorgeous but the may flies were disgusting. Basically these creepy big bugs that fly everywhere, pictures to come.
our investigator gábor

 the beautiful tisza
algyő and the may flies on the tisza

Tuesday: We had zone conference in budapest. We woke up at three thirty to make the train into budapest. It was the last conference with president smith so both he and sister smith gave their departing testimonies. It was really nice. After we went on splits with the sister training leaders in debrecen, so we had a three hour train ride to debrecen. It was cool to go on splits with sister sellers and to see how much my hungarian has actually progressed since I first got to the country. Sometimes I get so discouraged because of the language but I forget to recognize how much I have actually progressed seeing as I have only been in hungary since january. 
 splits in debrecen
the university in debrecen
the university in debrecen
train ride home from debrecen

Wednesday: still were on splits. We taught a couple of really cool people one of them being this 17 year old girl named Imola. She spoke almost perfect english but wanted to meet for the gospel too. She met with the missionaries a while ago but school got too busy so now that it is summer she had more time. It was an incredible lesson. We taught her the restoration and told her our conversion stories. It was really cool to teach her because I felt like I was talking to my old self. She had the same questions I felt that I had when I was her age and I was so grateful that I got to bear testimony to her that God answers prayers and that she can get an answer. I really wish that I could be serving in debrecen right now just to teach her but I know that that is why we were supposed to go on splits. It was super cute though at the end of the lesson she asked if we could all take a picture. 

We also had another cool experience as we were on the bus to go to meet a member for dinner. As we were waiting by the bus stop there was this girl that I could tell was eavesdropping as we were speaking in english so I didn't really worry about it. When we got onto the bus I saw that she kept glancing over at us so I sort of smiled at her and it turned out that we were getting off on the same stop so Sister Geröly asked her if she knew where the street that the members lived on was. She said she did and then started speaing english to us. It turns out that she spent about five months at a YMCA camp in new jersey and she spoke english pretty well. She called her boyfriend to get the directions to the street and as we were waiting for him to call us back she asked us what the difference was between our church and others so I started to tell her about the restoration. It was super cool but then her boyfriend called back and we started to walk towards the street. She said she was actually interested in going to church sometime to see what we were like and she was interested in meeting to learn about the church too! It was super awesome, we exchanged emails and we'll see if the debrecen sisters meet with her. It was just killing me that I don't get to be the one to teach these people but it was cool that I get to be part of their stories.
The members we met with were really nice and at the end of the lesson they gave us a bag of american chocolate chips. It was awesome.
Thursday: We had angol óra and had a lot of people in it actually. It was really great. There is this student named Krisztof. He is a student and studying film. He is really legit, also a hitch hiker.
After angol óra we met with a member viki to practice hungarin. She is super great and adorable with a pixie cut.
our street performer friend
Friday: We met with Gábor. It was good. After that we met with Roli. He was great too. After them we met with Zsuzsa, the depressed one. It was really great because Viki came to the program with us. She is just an incredible member present. She was just such a great friend to Zsuzsa.
Saturday: We met with an rcla, Piroska. She is this old néni. It was a good program, she just talks a lot. We also met with Magdi néni. She is the grandmother of the 11 year old member márk. She has been meeting with the missionaries for a while now and has always had excuses about why she can't get baptized but in this program she actually brought up the fact that she wants to be baptized on august 29th. So we have a bap date now!
our investigators. Magdi néni is the one on bap date (to the left of me)
Sunday: We had church and then that evening we met with the orás Laci family. They are seriously the coolest people ever. We met his son this time. He is basically a piano protegee and is super great at english. We then talked with the father about the gospel and he was super facinated by why we are here and he thought it was awesome what we do. I told them about how I found out about the book of mormon being true and it was so awesome. I just love being a missionary.
the super cool family we teach. Buba, Dávid and Laci
So this week we are having a mini transfer. On thursday Sister Whitaker is going to be transfered to Debrecen because Sister Geröly is going home. Me and other Sister Whittaker are staying here.  So we will be going up to Budapest on thursday. It'll be good. I hope you all have a good week! love you all!
Heath Nővér

a palacsinta that was left for a little too long...

buda castle yet again before zone conference

Buda castle
crazy csilla.
elder bagozzi (the office couple) and me
 folk dancers outside of the museum here in szeged
 folk dancers
lavender lemonade

so...whitaker made a smoothie...but the bottom wasn't screwed on all the way...
our apartment and the window I do language study in

Thursday, August 13, 2015

sziasztok barátaim

 the whits and I

15 June 2015

well, I forgot my planner today so I might not remember everything I needed to write about but I guess if I don't remember everything I'll write it next week.
last week. 

We had a couple of good programs. One of them was a program with a man named Laci and his wife. Laci owns an órás shop, or clock shop. He had a friend give him an angol óra flyer and was interested so he called us. We met with him to practice english. He is super legit. Him, his wife and son lived in hawaii for a couple of months basically just scuba diving and surfing all day. He is a scuba diver and has been all over the world scuba diving. Their house is super pretty. They have it all decorated in  stuff they collected from their travels, like tikis and these cool masks from New Guinea and budas from vietnam. And they have a stuffed shark on their wall too. Basically they are just super cool. His wife made us delicious palacsintas and we just talked in their little garden back yard. It was really nice. We are going to meet with him and his son the end of this week to help his son prepare for his english exams. Its interesting here in hungary they are required to learn another language and have to pass an exam proving they are proficient in it. Most everyone learns either english or german. 
We had another program on tuesday with a man named János. He is some sort of professor at one of the universities here. He is super smart and most of the time I had no clue what they were talking about. But we were trying to teach him the restoration and he kept getting off track. So I was kind of fed up with him diverting to random topics and driving away the spirit so I just jumped right in and started talking about joseph smith. It was really interesting becasue I have been feeling like my language is being stumped right now and when I try to say stuff it doesn't come out right but as I started talking with him I was able to say everything I wanted to and I bore testimony super strong to him. I know that it wasn't my abilities that let me say what I needed to but it was the spirit. I am so so grateful for the spirit in my life. I honestly don't know what I would do without it. I know that of myself I am nothing but it is the spirit that allows me to be the missionary I need to be.
We met with a sweet néni on a park bench on friday. She was super sweet. Sister Whitaker met her when we were tableing and gave her a book of mormon and set up to meet with her on the same bench so we met with her and she LOVED the book of mormon. She said when she read it she felt peace and was interested to see what would happen with the nefi people. As we were talking to her there were these creepy drunk guys though that kept inturrupting. It was super annoying. The worst though was when one of them came over and he started to stroke whitaker's leg and the néni freaked out and started yelling at him that it is not allowed and he was just like, its pleasing to me and she told him to leave and then they just sort of stayed on their own bench drinking. So many drunks here.
We met this adorable couple as we were chalking. I was drawing the plan of salvation and they came over and sat on a bench nearby and were watching and listening to elder swink play the uke. Then they came over to me and asked, in english, if they could help me draw. So I told them they could draw a sun a moon and a star for me. They started to draw and a little bit after I went over and started talking to them. They are students here and the girl is studying art too. We talked with them for a good half hour and then got their number and they want to meet to practice english. They are super cool and an adorable couple. I am stoked to meet with them.

So on saturday we met with the Márkék. Márk is an 12 year old member that he is the only member in his family. We teach his family, including his mom, grandma, two little sisters and little brother. The little girls are a-dorable. They are so so cute. We hadn't even been in their house for two minutes and they were already climbing all over our laps and playing with my earrings and showing me their book of mormons. They are just adorable. Their mother isn't married and they live with her pár but he isn't interested in the church or listening to the lessons. I am super excited to teach them.
where we email
Whittaker and me
well, I can't remember too much more. next week I'll have to write more. But I am loving it here in Szeged. We go up to Budapest tomorrow for zone conference, our last one with President Smith. And then after zone conference we are going on splits to Debrecen, with sister sellers, my "mother". So that will be fun. I love you all and hope you have a good week!
sok szeretettel,
heath nővér

the funniest statue ever

Sister Whitaker getting a drink from a fountain that tasted like hot eggs
Sister Whitaker is from south dakota. 
She was adopted from china. She was found on a park bench in shanghai and then came to america
cherry picking

cute chocolates we got to wish elder nichols a happy birthday
mothers dancing in the belváros with their babies
my cute comps eating fried rice I made for them outside the window

last week at the taj mahal