Sunday, November 29, 2015

God is so dang real

12 October 2015
Hello all! 
What a week it has been!! For reals though, it has been fantastic! I have a new companion now! Our little greenie Willets has arrived! She is so great and we are already having such a blast here in Pécs! Willets is from St. George area, but grew up in Maryland. #eastcoastrepresent. She is the oldest in her family and loves running and music. She is already so good at the language! I swear, they must be doing something different in the MTC. All these greenies are so smart already! Life is great, God is real. Doesn't get much better than this.
me and widtfeldt with our new greenie sister willets!
Well, to move on. Our week:
We had a program with Erzsi. She cried talking about how much she loved conference. Seriously this woman is so wonderful. I'm just fasting and praying that God will provide a way for her to be baptized and continue being such a good example to her family.
Later we had a program with Daniel. We FINALLY taught him the restoration rendesly. He really liked it and said it made sense. We committed him to keep reading and to pray about it all being true. He said he wanted to know so he would. Super good program. Hes so funny.
That evening, our typical monday FHE with András and the elders. Fruit soup for days.
us with erzsi
We had a program with Pui Kati. Basically it was a "goodbye" program for sister Levanen. She gave us these giant pieces of this cake thing called franciás krém, or french cream. They were HUGE and about half way through I was just choking it down becaue it was basically straight cream. Luckily sister Widfeldt is a life saver and when kati went in the other room to grab something she took a few huge bites of mine. blessings in heaven for that girl.
After that we went to Vető Éva's and made sportszelet with her. Basically here there is this candy bar called a sport bar and it is like chocolate and rum flavor. Its okay. not my favorite. But hungarians love it. Anywho. We made sport flavored cake. Pretty good. 
baby's first milka
After that we went and had our last supper with Levanen with Dávid. We went to maestros, which is our favorite pizza place. It was good reminiscing on the "old days".
Then we had Családi est. Great stuff. Me and this one kid in the branch have this thing were we high five eachother a million times. Its funny. Always kills my hands by the end though.

We had to be in budapest by ten for our trainer meeting so we got up at three in order to catch the train. We got into buda and then hung out in the mission home a bit before our meeting. It was super great catching up with sister hafen from the mtc, because we are both training now and so it was fun talking with her about it. Shes so great. I keep crossing my fingers that we'll be comps someday together. 
hafen with our greenies!
Then at ten we all gathered for our meeting. Trainers on one side of the room and greenies on the other side. Then after the APs and Szabadkais gave their remarks we found out that sister widtfeldt and I would get sister willets! We were super excited. We totally got the best greenie. 
New missionary training
After that we started on our way over to kelenföld train station. On the way down to the metro, we were just putting along down and all the sudden they all stop, jerking us forward. The suitcase I was carrying almost fell and almost pushed me down. We look over to the other side where people were going up and some guy had fallen down and I think that's why it stopped. So we start to try and carry the suitcases down the escalator, slowly. But then they made an announcement that the were starting again and so we stop. Then with a big jerk, the escalator starts shooting backwards bringing us up to the top again. We all grabbed on to the sides for our life and the people on the other side just started cracking up laughing. It jerks to a stop again and slowly starts moving down. We get off eventually and make it to our metro. We had to trade lines though. On the way to get onto the next metro we were a bit confused by which side our train was coming on so we had paused a few seconds before getting on the train to glance back at the other side to make sure we were getting on the right train but while glancing the doors closed. We were like, whatever, we'll catch the next one. But this guy comes up to us and starts asking us where we want to go. We say in the direction of kelenföld. And he was like "that was your train" and we were like. Yeah, we'll just catch the next one. But he just got angry at us and was like "why didn't you get on? can't you see that it was your train?" and we told him that we weren't from here and were just making sure it wasn't the other side but he got all angry and was like "it was written in your language? why can't you read it?" and we were just like, sorry sir..we aren't from here. He then later came up to us once we got on the metro and tried arguing again. But we just ignored it. They both said kelenföld on both sides..bocs de nem bocs. Anyhow. That was fun for willets to see. Right off the bat almost dying on an escalator and then getting yelled at by a guy on the metro. 
But do the adventures end there? Nope! So after waiting for our train back to pécs and visiting with a couple of other missionaries, the time came for our train to depart. We hurried to the platform, got all of our crap on the train but everything looked a little different than usual. And one of the elders was like, "do we usually take gyors (fast) trains to pécs?" It turns out we got on the wrong one and were headed to Györ. Well, we hurried and told the ticket checker and she said we could get off on the next stop and get one back into kelenföld and then from there catch a train again to pécs. So we get off at this random stop. All us (the pécs missionaries and the kaposvár ones too) get off the train and are stuck there for about half an hour. Eventually the train came, we hopped on. The lady on the other train had let the ticket checker on this train know and so we got back to kelenföld and eventually our train came for pécs. Lesson of this story: Never listen to elders.
Well, we eventually got back to pécs. Got some gyros with Dávid so he could meet Willets, and then went home.
stuck at a train station, after taking the wrong train. waiting for our train back to kelenföld
stuck at a train station
because kruger just happens to have a saber...
We had a program with Éva and helped her translate some random old english book about funerals and how they used to prepare the bodies for burial. It was super weird...Welcome to hungary sister willets!!
Then later we had a program with Dávid's friend who came to conference, Lilly! It was so so great! She was totally interested in church and she almost cried when we gave her a book of mormon. She is seriously so incredible. She reads the bible every night and prays. For reals, shes like dávid in girl form. So prepared!
Then we had angol óra and one of our students said something super wise when we asked him what his favorite music was. He said "thats like asking a writer to pick a favorite word." touche szabolcs!
That evening we made baby's first rokott krumpli. And baby had her first túró rudi! Having a greenie is fun!
baby's first rokott krumpli!
baby's first túró rudi!

We had a program with Erzsi. She fed us this weird meat paste stuff...good thing we love her so much. She is so incredible though. We mostly talked about fasting because she had read a conference talk about it.
Then we had a program with Dávid and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but mostly repentance. It was great. His personal experiences he shares about how he knows these things are true are always so powerful. Hes going to be a great missionary some day. 
 a drawing dávid and us did after getting cocoa. I am now harry potter nővér
We then met with M_ Mária. She is wonderful as always. She had visited home in budapest and while there she found a bunch of stuff from when she was an active member. She found her baptism program and pictures of her missionaries and stuff. It was super cool! and it turns out that sister willets's old branch president's son was the missionary that baptized her daughter. And one of sister willets's friends from college is hungarian from the Kispest ward and Mária is good friends with their family. Things are great.
We had district meeting with our new district. Our elders are Elder Simmons and Martindale. They're pretty cool.
That evening we had a branch program with the Szabadkaiék where they talked about missionary work. I seriously love them so much. Every time they speak you can just feel the love pouring out of them. President Szabadkai talked a lot about the movie forest gump and said we all need to try to be a bit more like forest. He had goals and he wasn't settled until he achieved them the best he could.  Ex. running across america, basically pro ping pong player. And forest stayed by jenny's side through it all. It was just great. I love them tons.
our wonderful district
We had fast and testimony meeting. Probably one of the best sundays I've had in hungary. The testimonies given were just incredible and the spirit was super strong. One was given by a young woman in the ward named hanna. She's become my little best friend, we joke that I'm big hannah and shes little hanna. Her testimony though was incredible. She talked about how during conference she wanted to get an answer for whether she should serve a mission or not (keep in mind she is 13) and during one of the talks she was praying and when she finished her prayer the speaker said "kellene menni" or "you should go" basically. She said that she now knows she needs to go on a mission. Another young man in the ward gave his testimony too and he talked about when he is going to be a missionary and its just so cool to see how the youth of today are already preparing to be great missionaries.
After church we tried to do this look up but it ended up taking us on a bus ride about a half hour out of the city. We were searching for it in the rain for the house but it didn't exist so we headed back into the city and broke our fast and did studies that evening. It was great.
kis hanna és nagy hannah
I seriously love my comps though. I'm going to be so sad to see sister widtfeldt leave but Sister willets is so incredible. For reals, this is the best trio ever. And I know my transfer with willets is going to be great. Life is good! God is real! The church is true!
Have a good week!
Sister heath

baby's first streat!

making stuffed peppers
baby's first töltött paprika!

our district
this is the street we live on...yeah...I'm a little spoiled...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

things are looking green...

 6 October 2015

well, before anything else I have some pretty big news. So we got transfer calls this morning and *drum roll* I'm training! I'm kind of surprised because I still haven't gone co-senior or senior yet, but it makes sense because of how many sisters are coming in. I'm a little nervous but sister widtfeldt will be staying with me for about a week before she heads home so I'll have a little help during the begining. It'll be good.
anyways this week I forgot my old planner so I can't really remember everything that happened. Some of the highlights:
we had splits with the kecskemét stls. It was super good seeing sister whittaker and sholly again. They are awesome :) We had a good program with president szabadkai's cousin. She had already read up to first nephi 15 so that was pretty cool!
Sis Sholly &  Widtfelt
Me and sis Sholly
We also had conference!!! wooo!! that was awesome. I felt like I got a lot of spiritual direction and guidance. It was really cool to see how they are focusing on the basics like our relationship with Heavenly Father and the importance of our everyday relationships. I wish it could have lasted longer! One of our investigators, Erzsi, came and she loved it. We had a program with her the day after and she just started crying because she felt the spirit so strongly during the conference and she felt like it gave her spiritual strength she never knew she lacked. She is so so incredible.
Dávid also brought a friend to conference!! We were so excited! and she is interested in meeting with us! We are meeting with her on thursday! so that will be great!
our less active Mária
Well, I honestly can't remember too much else of what happened and I am kind of scatter brained thinking about training but things are going to be great! I love you all and have a great week!
sister heath

p-day adventures with Dávid
cool but kind of creepy Jesus statue on the hill

living in the city of dreams, aka Pécs

 the member we had dinner with yesterday night
 28 September 2015

We visited the terrerium with Dávid. There was this cool bird that sister Levanen made friends with and every time she tried to walk away, it started squaking really loud. Basically Levanen is the bird whisperer.
That evening we had our usual fruit soup with András. Finomság.
terrerium with dávid
dávid fist pumping the bird that levanen made friends with
Sister Widtfelt
cocoa with dávid
We had a program with Gizi néni that morning. It was good except at the end she said that she didn't have time to meet anymore and didn't want to waste our time. But hey, we got break up süti. She made this delicious kind of like a german pancake but more cake like with cherries in it. It was good. She also gave us post cards of pécs. Well, now I know what to do if I ever break up with a guy. "I'm sorry I just don't have time for you anymore, but hey, I made süti!"
We had a program with Dávid later and taught the plan of salvation. It went great. He remembered it all :)
After that we had a program with Daniel. It was great. We read 2 nefi 2 with him and talked about how God has shown us the way to be happy and if we listen to his advice we are going to find happiness. We promised him that we would send him scriptures to read during the week because he always says he forgets so we texted him this week too and he read! and he said it was good and made a lot of sense. He is super cool!
We had zone conference in budapest! So that meant that we had to get up at four o'clock to catch the train. fun. haha but eventually we got there and conference was great. President really focused on the importance of the Sabbath day and how it is really more than just another day. We also watched some really good clips from the 12 apostles about how when we fully undersand the importance of the sabbath we will change our whole way of life. It is such a special thing that God gave us the chance every sunday to partake of the sacrament and to be able to have a fresh start every week. It was interesting too because they pointed out that the sacrament is the only ordinance that we repeat for ourselves. It was a really good conference.
After the conference we had interviews with President. He is just such an incredible man. He really understands what these people here in Hungary need and he just so loving. Everything he does, is based on helping these people. I really respect him a lot. It was really nice to get to know him a bit better.
After interviews we went to this "mexican" resturaunt called gringos with Sister Sellers and her comp and Meek and the zone leaders. Apparently it was started by a member that wanted to bring a cafe rio like resturaunt to budapest. It was okay I guess haha 

Then we caught the train back from budapest with the kaposvár elders and had the long train ride home. Definitly different than Érd where it was just a fifteen minute train ride from buda.
me and sister levanen with lea the szabadkai's daughter
We had a program with Erzsi. It was super good. She is super great. Also her "husband" and son came to church with her this sunday! it was a miracle!

We then looked up a referral from Szabadkai elnök. It was his cousin and she let us in! her name also just happens to be Erzsi. But we gave her a book of mormon and she said she would read out of it. She was super sweet and after she showed us all the photos of her grandkids. Such a nice lady.
We then had a program with Attila. He is just so stubborn. Great but stubborn. We taught the plan of salvation and he just kept arguing the whole time. It was okay I guess though. His phone rang like 6 times in the lesson though and every time he just silenced it and kept talking to us. I feel like if he really wasn't interested he wouldn't have done that. Hmmm. I don't know what to think about him.
After that we had angol óra. It was good.
We had a program with H Kati. It was kind of awkward because I think she forgot about it and the kids were running all around. I felt the spirit when we were talking about the scriptures though so I don't know. She said she wants us to come back next week. We'll see how it goes.
We then had a program with Merci!! I just love her to death. We taught the plan of salvation. It was super great. She got all choked up when she started talking about why she loves the plan of salvation. Its one of her favorite things about the gospel. She is just so great. I just keep praying that she will be provided with a way to be baptized.
We then had fiatal est that evening. It was great. Dávid's sister was super sweet and made this kind of banana pudding dessert thing for us.
teaching the plan of salvation to merci
We did some tracting in the morning and then that afternoon we got lunch with dávid. Then that evening instead of doing normal sport nap [sport day] because it was rainy we just went up to tettye and saw the outlook of the city lights and walked back home.
our adventure up tettye for sport nap in the rain
view of pécs at night time
We had church then after church a member, Szilvi, invited us over for lunch. It was super super great. She used to own a cukrászda or a cake shop so she is a super good baker and cook. Her whole family cooks too so actually her 11 year old daughter was the one that made the dinner. We were super impressed. She also has an inactive 18 year old son that was there too. It was just super great, and they were all so nice. They had some new cats that just had kittens so there were these adorable kittens running around. It was super fun to watch them. Basically the greatest family ever. The son also showed us some good hungarian music. If anyone is interested one of the good songs he showed us was jó nekem by ocho macho. yay for hungarian music!

Fun random info about the week. We have started keeping count of all the man buns we see, whether they be ninja buns or normal. We are up to 13 so far. Everybody in europe has them, although according to dávid they aren't so popular anymore haha

Well I hope you all have a good week! Jesus is truly our saviour. He suffered for us so we don't have to. All we have to do is accept His sacrifice and strive to be more like him. He is such a loving loving older brother. Anyhow, Have a good one!
Puszilak titeket!
Heath Nővér

kürtöskalács, aka delicious warm cinnamon sugary bread stuff
the székes templom
one of my favorite statues in pécs. thumbs up
pécs város!

dávid with the madártej his mom made for us
the cool zsolnay statue in the middle of szecsenyi tér