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November 30 - December 8

our little elders in the snow!
30 November 2015

We had a program with erzsi and watched meet the mormons!! Its in hungarian now! woot! apparently it already has like 7000 viewings which is like the fifth most viewed after english, spanish, mandarin, and portuguse so go hungary!!
Later that evening the Primék invited us over for dinner and when we got there they were like, "because you can't have thanksgiving with your families you can have it with ours". Bea made spaghetti and they are seriously the cutest ever! They are just total sweethearts.
So Pui Kati invited us to this thing that I thought was her brothers wedding but when we got there it turns out it was him getting his citizenship. So basically we went to a hungarian citizenship ceremony. They get a loaf of bread with a hungarian flag ribbon wrapped around it. Also, traditional hungarian music is the bomb. check it out. 
the fancy hungarian bread at the citizenship izé
It was elder martindale's one year mark in hungary so we surprised the elders with hot cocoa and this giant chocolate bar that elder martindale was really wanted.
We had a program with President Szabadkai's old teacher, Gizi néni. She is the cutest little lady ever. Basically we had a tea party while discussing the plan of salvation. It was awesome. Then she showed us her family on her facebook. I totally want to be just like gizi néni when I'm old.
We later had a program with one of Bea's friends Erzsi who takes care of this older lady. We talked with them about prayer and our relationship with God and how reading the scriptures strengthens that relationship. It was super good and they were really nice.
After that we had AMERICAN CORNER!!! woot! After I talked to these two girls from China that told us where to get the best chinese food in Pécs. They were super adorable and made me really miss china. 
sadly, they do not taste like america
That evening we went tabling. It was probably the most interesting time I have ever had tabling. For the first bit it wasn't too exciting there weren't many people on the street but then this american girl came up with her dog and we talked with her for a while until this majorly drunk guy came up and started talking to simmons. He basically was swearing his head off and complaining about how crappy of a place hungary is. Then he opened his backpack and pulled out two bottles of wine and broke them open right there on top of our book of mormons. He offered us some but I mean, obviously we declined. But it was hilarious simmons was just like "I like water, it tastes good" and the drunk guy got totally confused and then simmons told him he was jewish and he got even more confused. Then we decided it was probably time to start heading home so we packed everything up and as we were starting to walk away, the man started running after me and willets saying "szeretlek, szeretlek" (I love you, I love you) and then as we started running he yelled "csak puszit gondoltam" (I just wanted to give you puszi) puszi is the way they greet or say goodbye to people by kissing eachothers cheeks. Picture of drunk man to come.
WE had a program with kati and basically were straight up with her and were like, Kati if you love God you'll keep his commandments. It was good. I think she got it. Except she still didn't come to church this week. Oh well, luckily there is next week.
That evening we had a program with Daniel and András was our member present. It was super super good! We read out of Joseph Smith History and just talked about how Joseph is a perfect example for us. The spirit was super strong as usual. It was really great and andrás' testimony was perfect.

We had a program with Diandra. It was freaking great. Shes crazy but its that type of crazy you can harness. She totally wants to be baptized and we told her next time we would bring a baptismal calendar so she can know what the things she needs to do are before she can be baptized.
After that we sometimes go and help this member with a computer class he teaches for old people. He always has at the end of the few weeks that the class runs, us come in and share a spiritual thought. It was super super great and we gave everyone in the class a book of mormon and a lot of them were interested.
Later we had a program with Lilly!! It was so so great. We talked about baptism and she totally got her answer that it is all true. It was cool she said that she never got a huge "this is true" moment but that she realized because she feel so good about all of it that it must be true. She said she already started talking to her parents about being baptized and that they were a little surprised that she, this quickly, wants to change religions. She said they aren't against it but that it'll probably be sometime middle of january that she'll be able to be baptized! EEEeee!!!! I'm so happy!!

Also, its officially christmas time here in pécs! the christmas festivities started with the booths opening in the belváros!! All the lights are up and life is great!!
pécs does christmas well
We had district meeting and then lunch with the elders.
Later we dropped off süti (baked goods) for molnár mária. Operation charm the pár worked. Her pár now totally loves us and we are welcome to come back anytime, he said!! In church yesterday too she was so excited to come up and tell us all about how her pár isn't against us coming by too! she is so adorable! #csodákmoment.
That evening we walked around the christmas fair with dávid and it was magical! 
christmas mulled wine and tea
we only had one hour of church because of the construction and there wasn't any heating so we only had sacrament meeting. It was good.
We then made pumpkin pies with the elders for the ward thanksgiving party on tuesday. just so you know, it only takes seven hours to make eight pies. super freaking phenom though.

well, I hope you all have a great week. God is real and totally loves you.

Sister heath 
a nasty bug that we found. It had millions of creepy little legs
a ton of the statues in pécs have santa hats on them
the belváros is gorgeous
8 December 2015 

so transfers "drum roll please" soo... all four of us are staying,. me and willets and both simmons and martindale. I'm pretty sure we're the only district completely staying. Well, luckily I like everyone so it'll be a happy little christmas :)

well, our week:

we had cleaning checks and the new christmas video came out so we can now show it to our investigators!!

We had a program with Vető Éva, and made sport szelet. (its this dessert based off a candy bar here, like a rum and chocolate bar) it was good. We also talked about stake conference and a list of ten things to do that the 70 told us. It was super good.
Later we had a program with Merci. It was super good :) We talked about christmas and how Christ is like the fire that we just need to come closer too and he will warm us.
That evening we had a thanksgiving dinner with the branch. It was super great. There is a guy that just returned from his mission in France and Switzerland so he showed pictures and talked about it. After we had dinner and it was great. Apparently to hungarians, thanksgiving is just meat and potatoes, and some more meat. Tasty though. But we made eight pumpkin pies and the branch freaked out. They absolutely adored them. It was super funny. My favorite though was Niki started crying because it was so delicious, she said. One of the other nénis in the branch called it "isteni finom" or godly delicious. It was probably one of the most hilarious moments of my life, watching them all rave over it. 
 Wednesday:  We had a program with Gizi néni. It was really good. We talked some more about the plan of salvation and a started to introduce the gospel of jesus christ. It was great.
Later we had a program with Reni, but while walking there she told us that Csilla (a member) and her mom were already at her apartment. So Csilla's mom just moved to pécs and wants to be baptized and has already read the book of mormon like three times and basically told us she wants to be sealed to her family forever. So yeah, we have another baptism!! So basically we got to know her a bit and talked about God and just basic things.
After that we dropped some pumpkin pie off at mária's for charm the pár part two. It totally worked!! He loves us now!! 
us with csilla and monika (hanna's mom)
So we had interviews with szabadkai that morning. They went well. Hes a great mission president. :)
Later we had lunch with the Kaposvár missionaries since they were down here for interviews too.
Then we had a program with the Néni that saw Jesus in the moon. It was again, a crazy program. She can't get out of her head the idea that the book of mormon isn't a prayer book. She thinks that each verse is a prayer and yeah... She's crazy but adorable and does love everything we talk about.
Then we had angol óra. yay.

Well, we had a program with Di_ that morning. Taught her Plan of salvation. She loved it. Also, her bap date is jan 23rd!! Shes crazy, but like the type you can harness.
We then went to Kati's and she surprised us with lunch and so we talked, then a less active member showed up and so we had a big gospel discussion with them about why life is hard sometimes and it was super great!
Then we had a program with Erzsi! We talked about hope and how its especially important this christmas season. Also during the program, then her pár left the house, but came back and had two big bags of pogácsa (these kind of roll things) and he gave them to us. I think her pár kind of likes us now. 
Later we had a program with Luiza, thats csilla's mom. It was really good :) She basically knows it all because she loves reading the liahona and stuff and she already talks like a church member. This is literally unreal how ready she is. It was super cool though because Csilla when she was at the temple (last year I think) asked one of her friends to put her mom's name on the prayer roll and then when she got home the end of that week then she called her mom and while talking to her her mom said she had started reading the book of mormon and it was a miracle and now she wants more than anything to be sealed to her family. Its really incredible.
That evening we had a program with dávid about fasting. It was really good.

We had district meeting. good stuff.
We later went tracting. We got a let in. This guy was really interesting though. He let us in and then whenever we asked him questions he wasn't interested at all. We basically bore testimony super strong and I think the spirit freaked him out. But as we were leaving I thanked him for listening and he sort of smiled and said " I mean, I've never seen anything like you guys so I was curious." maybe someday he'll remember back and then accept  more lessons from the missionaries.
That evening we had sport nap and did yoga again with the branch. They love it. Cracks me up every time. 
some of the youth here in pécs. We're pretty popular with the young crowd

We had church! it was great. Gizi, the member that called our pumpkin pie Isteni finom brought us two adorable little wooden necklaces. It was fantastic. Also, since saturday was mikulás napja (st. nick day) tons of people gave us candy and stuff. Of course on a fast sunday.
Later we dropped of a note for Ági that sister Willets's mom wrote about how to help special needs kids learn how to talk. It was a miracle because her creepy pár actually let us in to drop off the note even though Ági wasn't home.

WE had a program with Mária. It was fantastic. She gave us her recipe for the most delicious apple süti ever. So stoked to try making it.
After we had a program with Dávid and talked about life and some good examples in our lives. It was really good.
That evening we had a program with Lilly and we talked about the nagy három, church, prayer and scriptures. It was super great and she was just glowing at the end. She wants to be baptized so bad and its going to happen and I am so lucky that I get to be one of the missionaries here to teach her.

well, we had a good week and next week there will be even more miracles!!
tune in next week!

Sister Heath 
our happy little district meeting
our district with patrik and hunor, the elder's investigator
our elders
our street just got christmas lights on it
the most majestic door in pécs


the belváros is gorgeous

Sunday, December 20, 2015


dinner with the zone leaders. these just explain our district so well..
 23 November 2015

hello all, so bear with me, my keyboard is on a weird setting that I think is a normal american keyboard setting but I've gotten too used to hungarian keyboards that things might be written weird this week also, I can't do accents so things will be spelled wrong..but moving on..
we made some pumpkin pies with the elders for our thanksgiving dinner on wednesday with the zone. Basically the whole day cooking down pumpkins and making pies. freaking awesome. Also we saw the cutest old couple while waiting for the bus. They were literally the couple from "up". So adorable.
we had a program with David and it was super good! He is just such a good example to all those around him and he doesn't even realize it.
After that we had a program with Merci and we gave her a little scriptures study journal :) she is doing really good and I think that the check list thing was super great for her. I just adore her!
After that we had a program with Safrany Erzsi. It was really good too. We haven't been able to get over there for a while so we just did a sort of review lesson of what we talked about in the past and talked about the atonement. It was great.
Fun things: There was a man playing the saxophone in szecsenyi ter while we were tableing. He played a nice melody of lion king and some other classics. It was awesome.
And God totally answers prayers because we were struggling to open this jar for our lunch and then we blessed the food and during it I prayed that we would be able to open the jar and after we tried opening the jar again and a few minutes later it opened. #miracles
We had zone training in dunaujvaros. It was a super good training. A senior couple, the Lunds, gave a training on sabbath day observance and it rocked. And then the zone leaders talked about christ-like attributes. My favorite chapter from preach my gospel. Things were great.
After we had a sort of thanksgiving meal with the zone. We had turkey sandwiches and sister lund made sweet potato casserole and we had our pies we made and it was great.
Also, if you get a chance watch this video. its super good.

willets and cannon
dinner with the zone leaders.
We had a program with kati in the morning. It was good. The usual. Shes doing better with reading. She also wants us to come photograph her younger brothers wedding thingie so we may go do that tomorrow. Should be interesting.
We had a program the later with Lilly!!! It was super great. So the branch house is under construction and so we couldn't have programs there so we met with her in this little cafe again. It was super funny because of course it would be the week we are teaching law of chastity that we have to do it in a public place. Luckily there wasn't anyone else there but it went super well. We focused on how it is all about keeping our virtue and how when we are in control of our desires we are in control of ourselves. It was super great and she said she was totally willing to keep it! It was cool because she talked about when she was dating her boyfriend they made sure it wasn't all just physical and how she saw that that blessed them a lot and she could see the difference in their relationship compared to other people our age. She also loved the idea of if you are spiritually clean and worthy you can go to the temple and it is there that we can be sealed to our families forever. But that is why we have to live these things. So we can be worthy to have those temple blessings because in the end those are the only things that last. It was a super good program. Also, Lilly is just the cutest ever. So she knew it was my year mark and she drew us little drawings. She drew willets, moses and his egyptian mother, and she drew me mother mary and baby jesus and then jesus on the cross on the other side. They are so good and so cute! Also because of our picnic, where we made flower crowns she made me a flower crown of cute little flowers she glued onto a little leather braided thing and elastic for a headband for me. She is seriously the cutest ever. ugh. shes so great!

Because thursday was my year mark we went out to dinner with the elders and david to this italian place. It was fun! woot! one year as a missionary!!
its that time of the year! Christmas display in the mall
So our program with david about christmas and read a little talk from the most recent liahona. It was good. I love christmas so much.
The zone leaders were in town so that evening we went tabling with simmons and cannon. It was fun. This creepy drunk guy told me I have a nice smile. win.
We then went to streat (best restaurant in pecs) for dinner with everyone.
We had district meeting in "cool tour cafe" the same place we had our program with lilly. Super funny having to have all our stuff in cafes and things this week. It was a super good district meeting. We talked again about christ like attributes. definitely the theme this week.
Later we weekly planned and did some look ups.
We had stake conference in Pest! that was really great. Totally worth the three hour train ride both ways. I not only got to hear some great talks but we got to see basically all of the church in hungary. It was cool to see tons of people from my old areas like aniko, viki, niki, zsolt who I taught in szeged, gabor (he's getting baptized on saturday!!!!), peti. It was just so great to catch up with people. Also Molnar Maria is adorable. She brought suti for us for the train ride home and gave us this giant bag of meatballs, bread and apples too. She is too cute and refuses to take no for an answer. Love her to death.
Well that was my week!
Love you all!
sister heath
the train ride to stake conference. yup.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Best program ever

the pécsi belváros

 16 November 2015

so we had a program with this crazy néni named Istvánné. It was freaking awesome. So Willets and Vandi streeted her and gave her a book of mormon and so monday we went over to her house for a program. She lived in this little back room of this big house and when we went in all the walls were covered with super catholic paintings of jesus and mary and stuff, that I'm pretty sure she stole from a cathedral. So we started talking with her and she went on about how terrible the world is like most nénis and then she told us she reads three pages from the book of mormon each night, then from her prayer book and then goes to bed. Adorable right? But then she was like "you're not going to believe it. I'm telling you right now, your not going to believe it. But I saw jesus." then she goes off about this vision she had when she went out to look at the "winter moon" and apparently she say jesus in the winter moon and his heart had beams of light coming out of it glowing on the world. It was awesome. The best part though was after that she was like "what does it mean?! nobody can tell me what it means! I prayed about it but he won't answer me. so you need to tell me what it means!" we then talked a bit about joseph smith and how he had an question and asked god and got an answer. I wouldn't be surprised if in our next lesson she will have seen god too. maybe one of the best programs after. Oh and she also had this crazy old, blind dog that had peed all over the ground and was barking like crazy. Man, I love the old people here.
We had a super good program with merci. We talked about goal making and about what it is we are working towards in life. It was super great and I think she has a clearer view of what she wants now. She is just the sweetest :)
We also had our bathroom flood. That was fun. Our washer is crazy and always shakes out of place when its on spin mode so I guess last time when it shook out of place it disconnected the tube where the water comes in. So I put in a load of laundry and then started it and left the room to cook lunch. An hour later it still wasn't done so I went in to see what was wrong and the whole bathroom was covered in like an inch of water. So that was fun. Luckily there is a ledged  door so it kept it all in the bathroom. So we had fun mopping that up before our programs.
yay flooded bathroom!
We had a program with Erzsi and niki. We talked about the strength of women and read D&C 25 with her. She loved it, especially the supporting your husband and finding peace and stuff. She is just so sweet. Love her.
AMERICA CORNER!!! best part of the week by far. Going to america corner with John from Texas. His hair is just fantastic. Its long and silver, with the bottom shaved underneath and always in a ponytail. He's so hip.
We had THE BEST PROGRAM EVER with Daniel. We decided to talk about the spirit and how we can recognize it. It was just so good. We shared a ton of scriptures and he just got it. At the end though, he was like. "I don't know, I think every church can be true" but as he was trying to explain why it just wouldn't come out and he was like, I can't even explain it in hungarian. Stupor of thought? then I got up and drew on the board a little God, Jesus and the twelve apostles. I explained about how the priesthood is our direct link to God's power and how God gives his children knowledge (through the scriptures, prophets, revelation, etc.) but that the knowledge won't do us any good unless we have the power to be able to use that. I explained how after the apostles died that priesthood power was lost. There was still the doctrine and teachings and people tried to follow that. That is why every church does have a bit of truth but with out the priesthood authority they cannot use it. It is like  a doctor without a doctorate trying to do surgery. It just doesn't work out well. his mouth just sort of dropped open and the spirit was just so strong as I was talking I just felt myself shaking. It was so cool. We just sort of wrapped it up quickly and ended it on that spiritual high. Best program ever.
After me and willets may or may not have broken into tears of happiness.

Later we had a program with Lilly :) :) We taught word of wisdom and she loved it! The only thing she said might be hard was the green tea but she said that even that wasn't that hard to give up, that the blessings are so much better than the tea. She especially liked that the word of wisdom was more than just don'ts but also do's like eat vegetables! she is just so cute! Hanna was also fantastic and shared a super great story about how she drank tea once at a party and felt super bad and repented and felt super good because God told her it wasn't bad because she didn't know it was tea at first and it wasn't bad because she didn't know better. It was just perfect.
Also, Lilly is freaking adorable and left a note on our apartment door that we found later. She is jsut the cutest.
the adorable note lilly left for us. It says  I love you girls. Kisses. Have a beautiful rest of your day

We have started teaching this less active that just got back from England. She isn't really a less active but just didn't go to church much in england so the branch president suggested we teach her again. She is super cool and has a super strong testimony so its super fun teaching her.
We tried to go visit Ági but her kids were sick. But before our program sister willets felt like we needed to bring her brownies so we made some and brought them to her and when we gave them to her she was just so sweet and happy and grateful and it was good because we didn't get to meet with her but she knows that we were thinking of her.

We went on a picnic with Dávid, Lilly and the elders for lunch. We went by this pretty lake in Orfű. It was super pretty.
We later had a program with a lady named Diandra. She is the girlfriend of one of the elder's investigators and is super seriously thinking about joining the church. She kept telling us "Laci says there is only one God, and that He is a mormon God." It was super funny. But she seems to be pretty serious about it and so we are going to teach her!
We then had sport nap and the branch requested yoga again so we did yoga! It was super fun. I taught them pigeon poes and they thought it was hilarious.
the whole gang at orfű

The stake president was at church and gave a super good talk about spiritual self reliance. It was super great and I feel like exactly what Lilly needed. She loved it!

Monday (this morning):
We had a program with Erzsi and watched the Finding Faith in Christ movie. Her Pár watched with us too! It was super super good and after we talked about why faith is so important and how building of faith in Christ makes miracles happen. It was super super great!

Later today we are going to make pumpkin pie with the elders for zone training thanksgiving lunch. It should be good! Although, we couldn't find pumpkins again so we're going to try with butternut squash. It should be good too.

Anyhow, Its been a great week and I love you all and have a great week!!

Heath Nővér

 flowers in your hair
 dávid and lilly

the statue that had a bit too much
the pécsi belváros (the city of Pécs)

[Letter received from Hungary Budapest Mission President Szabadkai ]

Saturday, 14 November 2015 

  Dear Parents, Stake and Ward Leaders,

  This morning, Elder Patrick Kearon, President of the Europe Area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, issued the following statement in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris: "During these hours of sadness and pain, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe stand united with all people of decency and good will in expressing our deepest sympathy for the families and friends of the victims of last night's terrible attacks in Paris. Our thoughts and prayers reach out to hearts that have been hurt and minds in trouble and despair."

We are thankful that missionaries and Church members in Paris are safe.

Government officials in Hungary made an official statement today saying in part that although Hungary is not in danger at the present time, the government is aware of the situation and the visible presence of the police will be stronger in public places, there will be stronger control at the borders of Hungary, and the activity of operative services will be increased.

In an e-mail from the missionary department I received this morning, I was advised to "Caution missionaries to avoid crowded public places or events that might become a target." This counsel has been communicated by the Zone Leaders to our missionaries, all of whom are presently safe and accounted for.

I can assure you we will continue to take all necessary precautions to keep your precious sons and daughters protected and safely out of harm's way. Thank you for your faith and prayers.


President József Szabadkai