Sunday, June 5, 2016

Incredible lessons and awesome people

 17 May 2016

we had the coolest program ever with this guy sister willets found tracting the other day on splits. We taught him the restoration and it was literally the most incredible lesson ever. He didn't have a christian background so it was super interesting teaching him but he had so many good questions and stuff. He's not hungarian though so it was in english and it was actually really hard teaching the restoration in english and not slipping into hungarian. He started off being like, I don't know if there is a god but then by the end he prayed and asked god to know if this was all real and it was just so awesome. He promised to come to church but sadly when we called him on saturday to make sure he could still come he didn't answer and sent us a text saying he left the country but he was happy to have met us and will think a lot about what we said and maybe he'll see us on the other side so it was kind of weird and sad that he left but at least we got to teach him that one awesome lesson. 
my perfect little companion
So I was feeling kind of sick on monday. I had the chills super bad and thought it was just because I forgot to wear a sweater, but it turns out I was sick. I woke up throwing up in the night and then had a fever of 102. So basically I slept all day tuesday. 

Still sick but we had a leadership meeting so willets went on splits with one of the other stls so we could know what happened in the meeting so I was with sister hawker and we just rested. Twas good. My fever broke.

Still sick but was able to go to angol óra. Probably not the best idea though because I was super sick after that.

I finally decided I needed to go to the doctors and he gave me medicine and now i'm better but I still was pretty sickish but the sopron sisters came up for splits so I went to the doctors with sister Layton from my mtc group and it was just kind of a relaxed splits. She had an investigator from békéscsaba who was up in budapest so we had a little lesson in a park with him and we talked. 

Last day to finally heal and by the end of the day I was all better! I think I was just trying to push myself a bit too much the last few days but resting made it better.
our victory bagels from last week

We had church and then after we tried to look up this referral lesson from the AP's but the person either didn't live there or recognize the church when we said who we were, so that was sad. We thought it was a ghost though for a while because elder paul just told us the name on the csengő and not the actual person's name so when we asked the neighbors if this person was here they were all just like "she died two years ago..."
That evening we had dinner with sister szabadkai and oh my heavens does she make the best fruit soup. She's so wonderful. We also stopped in to say hi to sister simkins (the office couple). She had a foot problem and was stuck home all week and so we went and sang to her and brought her fruit soup and brownies. The simkins are just the best people in the whole world. I want to be a senior couple like them someday. 

So we went to look up a referral but they said come back next week so we'll see. 
We went tracting and met this old man named szabó károly and it was so cool because his wife just died and he had a ton of questions about god and stuff and it was cool. Hopefully we can go back sometime. Oh my gosh though, we almost got eaten alive by this huge dog. If its owner hadn't grabbed its collar at the right time and pulled it back it would have literally eaten us. It was so scary. 
Oh the way home we were sitting next to this lady on the metro and I was just kind of zoning out and all the sudden I just hear someone next to me saying "joseph smith" and I look next to me and this lady is just smiling at me. And so I was like "do you know him?" and it turns out she met with the missionaries two years ago and came pretty regularly I guess. But I gave her my number and I got hers and she said she would be sure to call because I was "aranyos" or cute. So sometimes it pays to look like a kid. 
We went to családi est at a member's house. The same members we skyped at. It was awesome. They are just so great and I just want my family to be like theirs someday. 
me and the oldest girl, hanna
Well, I hope you all have a great week! God is so dang real! 
Sister Heath 
panka eating whipped cream
their little boy. His name is literally samu. (shamoo)