Saturday, October 31, 2015


 31 August 2015

WELL, lets see what happened this week.
We went to the Kalandpark (or adventure park), aka this cool ropes course on the side of the Tisza river. It was pretty awesome, although the next day I was totally feeling the side effects of climbing up giant rope nets in trees. worth it.
We had a program with Zsolt, with Emilia the member. He is freaking awesome. We taught about fasting and it was great. He totally got it. Its just super cool with his programs becasue we always plan to talk about something with him but he always wants to go over his scripture reading with us so its kind of hard to bring up the lesson but somehow the topic of the lesson gets brought up in his reading or in the conversation. This week he was like, "I actually don't know what fasting is. can you tell me more about it?" hát, azert vagyunk it Zsolt! :)

Later we had a program with Renáta. It was good. We read a chapter in the book of mormon with her. Shes great. Just needs to stay active the little bugger.
We then had a program with this guy named Márk at a little cafe. He is a student here and we started talking to him by the tisza the other day when he was totally hung over. He was cool though. It was an interesting program with him. He is from Lebanon. I can't remember which but he spoke perfect english and was pretty catholic. He is cool though and had a lot of interesting questions for us. He wasn't interested but was nice about it. He refused to take a book of mormon becasue he said it would just be another book to him and he didn't want to distrespect it. Thats nice I guess.
a pretty sunset we saw while tracting
 That evening we had a lesson with Alexa and Ibolya. It was good. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ but they didn't really understand that when we asked them about baptism, that we were talking about in our church. So that was a little awkward but they promised to come to church.

Also, on tuesday we had a cool experience where this guy just called us and wanted to meet because we gave him a pass along card on the street. They actually do work sometimes!! woohoo!!
best part of this photo, definitely the man in the background
kids always offer to help me with my drawings. Its the best.
We went out to a member's house for lunch, Magdi's. She lives out in this little falu on this cute farm. She made us túró gombóc, which is basically breaded fried kind of like cottage cheese stuff. They were good but she freaking gave us a ton of them. So she served up my comps plates with two or three and then she got to mine and freaking put five on it and just smiled and walked back into the kitchen. I struggled to get them down and then she comes out with another big plate of more and dishes us up more of them and yet again, gives me a couple extra. This time I snuck some back onto the serving dish when she went back into the kitchen. Then she came back and was like "You need to finish all of these!" and served us up yet more but luckily she kept going back into the kitchen so sister hawker shoved them into her purse and we pretended like we had eaten them all. So now sister hawkers bag will forever smell like túró gombóc.
my comps waiting for the túró gombóc.
a drawing crazy csilla did of herself as a lioness...
my favorite doors in szeged. Just because of this little creature thing.
We had a program with  Zsolt and Emilia. This time we talked about tithing. He accepted it. Freaking super star Zsolt.
Later we had a program with the Sueék. They are great. They went on vacation to Pécs for the week so they showed us tons of photos. We then talked about faith and repentance. Sue said that they didn't want to come to church until they felt like they were ready to commit to being a member of our church because they didn't want people asking them if they were going to join. It should be interesting to figure that out. Love them to death.

Not too much exciting happened. We got dogged. Its all good.

We visited Piroska néni. So she kicked her granddaughter out so now she is all alone in her house and so we went and bought her some groceries and are making sure this is always a member to check up on her. She is good though besides that. Her knees are doing a bit better than usual.
We went tableing for a while. It was good.

So church was freaking awesome!! ZSOLT CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! woooo!!!!! So I guess their selling in the piac on saturday didn't go too well so they came again on sunday to sell stuff so he snuck away for an hour and was able to come to sacrament meeting. He LOVED it. Freaking miracles. Also Alexa and Ibolya came!! God loves us a ton.
That afternoon we had a program with the Márkék. It was good. We emphasized to Magdi that she NEEDS to read and pray every day if she wants to be baptised. Hopefully she will. Life is good though.
Also, we got a call from our elders last night that there is going to be an emergency transfer so Elder Paul and Winkel will be getting a new companion Elder Tillman-Dick. So we will have two trios here in Szeged. So there will now be eight of us. It should be interesting.

Well, its been a good week. Hopefully next week will be even better! Have a good one, love you all and don't forget how much God loves you and that he will provide a way for whatever problem you may be facing. I've seen it in my life and I know its true.

Well, thats about it. Have a good week!!

Sister Heath
szeged from a 17 story building we were tracting
the moon is intense. fact.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

9 Months!

24 August 2015

tuesday: So we met with Zsolt, with Csilla (the member). We talked about the law of chastity. It went well. He agreed to keep it. Not too much exciting to say about that.
That afternoon we had a program with Reni, the RCLA. She hasn't set up with us for a long time but she finally did! We talked about the big three (aka scriptures, prayer and church) and she seemed to get it.
We went tracting that evening. Nothing exciting. Just some ladies telling us to leave the building. Typical.
 that tracting life

wednesday: We had a lunch program with Farkás Éva the less active. She made us kapostas tészta, or cabbage pasta. Basically pasta with cabbage in it, but its sweet. Kind of interesting but good. Shes super nice. Awesome lady and has been coming back to church for almost two months now!! woohoo!!
We had a program with Gábor. Hes doing good as always. Viki was in the program with us and at the end she told us that she was going to be starting her mission papers!!! I am so so excited for her. She is the most amazing member and will be an incredible missionary. I love her to death.
After that we had program with Zsolt, with Csilla again. This time we talked about the atonement. It went really well. He is doing good. He just needs to make more effort to find a way to come to church but every time we talk about it he has the same excuses. Oh well, we just need to think of more ways to help him find a way.
That evening we had a program with Alexa and Ibolya. We taught them the Plan of salvation. It went really well!! They seemed to really like it and it made total sense to them. Gosh they are just so great. And Ibolya said she read out of the book of mormon!! She said it was good! Hopefully things go good with them.
thursday: Thursday was Szent Istvan Király napja!! So basically hungarina fourth of july. It was good. There was a street of food vendors and stuff by the tisza ind it was good. It was kind of rainy though. But we tabled for most of the day and tracted but nobody was home or wanting to be inturrupted. But it was good. That evening we went with Gábor to see the firework show by the tisza. It was really good. Probably some of the best fireworks I've seen in my life. Hungary knows how to do a firework show.
august 20th, fireworks over the tisza!!
friday: We did weekly planning and then that evening we had zone training. It was super great. It was all about finding. President and sister Szabadkai were there and they are seriously the best. I love them tons. The zone leaders asked our companionship to give a little demonstration about tableing so me and sister cropper sang I am a child of god in hungarian while playing our ukes. It was fun. It was really fun talking to some of my friends after too. They are all great.
saturday: We had a program with Gábor but with the new rule for having a sister with us even when we meet in the branch house we decided it would be best to give Gábor over to the elders to teach so we did a lesson where we handed him over to the elders. He was a little nervous I think but it will be really good. I think this will give him really great opprotuniites because I think his parents were nervous that he was just meeting with the missionaries because we were cute sisters but I think this will show his parents he really is ready for baptism and it is about the gospel. He is great and it'll be great.
sunday: freaking great sunday. Best sacrament meeting in a long time. :) Being able to understand more hungarian is getting great.
That afternoon we met with the Márkék and Magdi néni. It was a great program. We decided to push her bap date back until september 26th and we felt really good about it. She was a little confused at first why but as we talked she felt good about it too and things are going to be great. I feel a lot less stressed and comforted about it. Its great. Also! she hasn't drunk coffee since we last met!! woo!!

Well that was basically my week. Life is good and I love you all tons. I hope you have a good week and can see how much God loves each and every one of you. Because he loves you a lot. Like a lot a lot.
Heath Nővér (vagy, Heath Néni as Klaudia and Izabela call me)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

17 August 2015

my cute comps. Cropper and hawker
17 August 2015
hello there everyone!
We had a program with Zsolt, with Peti as our member present. It was a super intense but great lesson. HE IS ON BAP DATEEE!!!! eeeee!!! Its not til december but hey, hes putting his trust in God to see if he can provide a way for him to be baptised. Anyways. It was super great the spirit was strong. Zsolt was nervous but we told him he needs to test God to see if he will provide a way for him to be baptised. Super stoked vagyok.
Later we had a program with Balázs and Anita, the couple who filmed us. We met them in the park during this big festival and it was fate because we have been trying to call them again for weeks. They wanted to interview my new comps so that was cool. We had wanted to teach them the plan of salvation because last time we basically taught them the restoration so that was the next step but we were nervous because they really wanted to do this interview thing but during the conversation it came up so smoothly that it was definitely an answer to prayers. God loves us.
We had a couple of other programs but nothing to exciting.
We met with Zsolt again and taught him the word of wisdom. Super great program. He didn't have any problems with it. Basically he is already acting like a member he just doesn't come to church yet. ugh. meg látjuk. But peti is a super star member present.
We had a program with Alexa and Ibolya. They are super cool. Love them. They asked me to tell all about living in china which was fun to remember. Life is good.
on the train to splits
We had splits with the sister training leaders in Kecskemét so we took the train there that night and we sat in the same car as this cool hipster guy going to a concert in budapest so we talked about why we were here with him and exchanged phone numbers. He wanted to show us where the best fish soup is in Szeged. So that will be fun. I love how God just provides people for us when we are in the right place.
Thursday: SPLITS!!
So it was fun to go on splits with the Sister training leaders because I have already been comps with both of them, Sister Whittaker (my last comp) and Sister Sholly (my second comp in Érd). It was super great. We had this program with a man in the morning and our member present was freaking talkative as crap, but super nice. We just wanted to basically teach the restoration, basic stuff, but she went into the war in heaven and priesthood blessings and all sorts of deep stuff. Luckily the guy wasn't freaked out but it was super funny. Also the member had the coolest tattoo ever, it said, "I'm a mormon woman". I know what I'm getting when I get back home haha

Later I got to street around Kecskemét. Its the cutest city ever. So kecske means goat so basically its the city of goats so their town hall has a big goat on it. Its awesome.
the kecskemét városház. Notice the goat
It was really cool talking with Sholly, because we served together a couple of tranfers ago and she was basically the one who helped me with so much of my hungarian and she was so proud of how much my hungarian has grown. I get so hard on myself because I don't speak perfectly but she opened my eyes to how much I have progressed and it was really good to hear that from someone I know. She is great.
Sister sholly
Friday: We had a program with the Márkék. It went well, I guess. Haha So we had planned on doing the object lesson with the food coloring and bleach but we didn't have any food coloring and the store didn't eaither so we tried using water colors, which didn't work. But luckily we are in hungary, and everyone has piros paprika, so I asked Márk for some and I did the object lesson where you put a picture of Jesus under a glass of water. You can see through it, and its like when we are clean and pure. Then you sprinkle a bit of paprika on top, representing "sin", but luckily we have repentance (soap) that if we dip it into the water the paprika moves to the side of the cup and you can see Jesus again. It was a big hit with the kids. They are super cute. Little Klaudia is just the sweetest ever. After she came up to me and gave me a huge hug and was like, "I love you the most" and it just melted my heart.
We went tableing with the elders and I talked to this super nice girl named Laura. She was eating her lunch but wanted to hear what I had to say so I basically taught her the restoration on a park bench and when I recited the Joseph Smith History segment, she showed me her arm after and it had goosebumps on it. She said she would be interested in meeting again and wanted to read the book of mormon. It was a really great experience and I felt the spirit super strong even though we were in a busy park. It was cool. I love being a missionary sometimes.
We also have this new rule where we have to go tracting at least an hour a day, so we went tracting. We didn't have any doors opened to us but we had these nénis sass us hardcore. It was funny. We also tried stopping this lady on the street on the way back and as sister Cropper tried to say hello she was straight up like "nem" and kept walking. Super funny.

there was an intense rain storm last night so of course we went and danced in it. #compbonding
We had church, it was great. Crazy Csilla came...but it was good. She called me too last night and was all upset so I just talked to her for a while. She is crazy and gives us trouble but I do feel bad for her. I mostly just ended up telling her about my life and home and she calmed down a bit. She is a handful but God loves her so I need to too.
Well, that's about my week. We are still loving it here in Szeged as a companionship. Life is good. Share it.
Have a good week all!! and remember how much God loves you.
Sister Heath
(also shout out to Rosie Baratta for the great letter. You are wonderful girl and miss your face!!)
my comp during language study in kecskemét reading the liahona in two languages

my favorite graffiti in szeged
some funky hungarian instrument. too bad videos don't load onto emails
the interesting concotion of food my comp made. We called it cat food...
the városház. Its super cute and plays cheesey 80s love songs on its bells. Gotta love szeged

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Piroska, Zsolt, and speedos

piroska, our less active
 4 Aug 2015
so we got transfer calls this morning and I am going to be staying in szeged but I will be getting two new comps. I'm in another trio!! My new comps will be sister cropper and sister hawker! This is sister croppers dying transfer and sister hawker is the group below me so it should be good. anyhow,
This week. What happened...
Well. Our investigator Zsolt finished the book of mormon!! Last time we met with him he was in Alma and he finished it in like two days. He is incredible and so we gave him the most recent conference liahóna and today when we met with him he had read all that too and loved it. He hasn't gotten an answer yet about when to be baptized and how he can come to church but we'll see. He still prays every day and night.
zsolt, the man who just finished the book of mormon!!
We had the craziest tracting experience. So  in the summer here, people don't really like to wear many clothes...So we had already run into a couple of bacsis in speddos but we knocked on this door and he asked who is it so we said we are missionaries. He opens the door and it is this totally ripped muscle man, super tan and huge in the tightest speddo on the planet earth. He stepped out of the doorway and snapped his speddo and said to us (all in hungarin by the way not english sajnos) "I know I have a great body" and we of course preceded to stare super awkwardly holding in our laughter. But then he asked us what we were doing here so we went off the usual we are missionaries and we have a special message to share about jesus christ and he was like, of course, come in and we were like umm actually we usual set up with people to meet later and he was like why can't you come in now, but then he went off about how beautiful whittakers eyes are and then he was like "I'm dávid, like the king" and then reached for whittakers hand and said "do you want to be my queen?" and  we were trying so hard to hold in our laughter. I started to try to tell him about the book of mormon and he interuppted me (my hair was in a bun) and was like "do you ever wear your hair down?" and I said it was too hot for that, and he was like put your hair down and then he was like, can I get your picture so he got his phone and took a picture of us holding the book or mormon and then he called for his son to come out, so his son who is like 18 comes out in a towel and he too is totally ripped and oh my gosh it was awkward. But he strokes his sons chest and is like, my son has a great body, like adam. and we were freaking dying trying not to laugh at this point. But he's like son, get a photo of me with the girls. so he runs and puts on a pair of shorts (finally) and then comes back out and puts his arm around my waist, and makes whittaker put her arm through is arm and is like "I like to put photos of myself on my facebook so my friends can see how good I am looking" and after that we gave him the book or mormon and walked as fast as we could out of the building. It was probably the funniest experience I have had tracting in my whole life!
lets see what else happend this week...We met with the Sueék with Viki and it was fantastic.
sue made us peach preserves!! sweetest ever! Viki, the member who helped us in our program
the sueék
 we had apartment checks, passed with flying colors. Also had to clean the old elders apartment for the new elders that are white washing in. Fun stuff. Who knew there could be so much dust.
We had interviews on friday with the new mission president. He is amazing. It was all in hungarian but I understood it all! His wife made us cookies and they were delicious. They are seriously  so fantastic. I already love them tons.
We went to this interesting japanese garden with the relief society. It was cool.
Well thats about it. I love you all tons and hopefully I can get used to this one hour emailing thing and write better letters in the future. Love you all again and have a great week!!
Heath Nővér
Budapest!! we found a store that sold reeses and root beer right by here.

dóm templom

praise the lord every nation, praise him ever people
dóm templom
just walkin around budapest
we made a friend on the train ride up to interviews. He was an athiest and the only thing he had heard about the church was from south park. But he was super nice and was really curious about why we were here. He was cool!
when we ate chicken liver
chicken liver!
10 Aug 2015

well, lets see what happened since last emailing time...
Tuesday evening: We met with Alexa and Ibolya. Super awesome thirty something year old roommates. They are best friends and have traveled the world together and are super cool. They used to come to angol óra but now that that is on hold we are just meeting with them individually. We talked about the book of mormon and they are super open. They also showed me all their pictures of their trip to Rome. Super great.
Then after that we met with the Laciék. They are great as always just not progressing...but we are seriously DTRing it with them the end of this week. We'll see how it goes. Its just so  hard loving people so much and them not progressing!!
Wednesday: TRANSFERS!! so we got to transfers super late because we dropped off Whittakers bags in Kecskemét since it is on the way to budapest from Szeged which was cool I guess but it ment we got there later. But we got some lunch and then headed back with my new comps and the new set of elders. My comps are literally the bomb dot com. I love them a ton. Its crazy how good of friends we already are.
Thursday: We had a program with Zsolt in the morning and it was super great. He still hasn't gotten an answer of when to be baptized yet but it'll come.
Later we met with this new couple we met while tabeling. Natasa and Dávid. They were super cool and had a ton of questions. We'll see how it goes with them!
Friday: We had district meeting and then that afternoon we met with Zsuzsa. It was good. Shes about the same as ever.
Then we met with Gábor! He is doing great. We gave him a hungarian preach my gospel and had him start studying that. Its going good. Perfect golden investigator! Just need his parents to give him permission to be baptized before next summer!!!
Saturday: We met with the Márkék and watched the jospeh smith film with them then met with Magdi néni and had Robi there to help us. We went over the baptisimal questions with her. It was good, the only problem she had was with coffee because she thought she could still drink cappicinos but now she said she would give them up. So that is good. She is great. Hopefully it all goes through.
Sunday: We had church. It was great. Then after went to visit Piroska. She is doing good. Life is good.
Honestly life is really good right now. I love Szeged and now have the most awesome comps. We get along so well, its crazy and we could seriously talk for hours and not even be bored. Couldn't get much better than this. I hope you all are doing good and that you can recognize the love of Christ in your lives. He really does love each of us and when we remember our relationship with him, everything else falls into place. Have a good week!!
Sok sok szeretettel,
Heath Nővér

Sunday, October 4, 2015

July 27, 2015

27 July 2015

Hello all,
So we have a new rule in our mission that we only get an hour to email so I'll try and write as much as I can but if I don't respond to the personal emails, that is why.
We met with Gábor and talked about the temples. He is golden as always.
We also met with the Sueék. We tried to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they liked it but they used to meet with the J-Dubbs and I they had a rough experience when they told them they weren't interested after listening to them for over a year. So I think they are scared to meet with missionaries again because she told us they weren't ready to commit to anything. But they are wonderful as always.
We met with Remi. She hasn't been to church the whole time since I've been here and I don't think she is reading or praying anymore. We're kind of stumpped what to do with her but she is super sweet. We'll see, and keep praying.
We met with Zsolt. He is such a great great guy but unfortunately he had some rough experiences when he was a kid that make him feel like he isn't, which is hard because he still feels like he needs to repent. The sad thing is that we know he has repented and has gained forgiveness but he needs to forgive himself and those that have done the wrong to him. We cannot gain forgiveness from God until we are willing to forgive ourselves and move on. It is definitely a difficult thing to try and help someone understand but he is fantastic and so ready for baptism. He said he wants to be baptized in december which is better than in a year so we'll see as he progresses what happens.
We met with Zsolt again and talked a bit more about repentance. He is so fantastic and I just want him to realize he is a good person.
We met with Zsuzsa. It was a quick lesson but we helped her download the LDS library app and the Hymn book app too and she LOVES the mormon tabernacle choir so we helped her with finding that. She is great. And she read!!
We met with the Laciék! They are fantastic. They just aren't reading or progressing. It is just heartbreaking when you love someone so much and know that the gospel could change their lives and they aren't willing to even try. I sang a little bit with their son though which was fun and Bube made us szilvás gombóc (or plum balls, basically a plumb inside of this potatoe dough deliciousness)  Ugh, they just need to progress!!


We met with Roli. He is great as always. He passed the sacrament in a new suit at church on sunday and his two little girls were there with him too! It was so great. We are so proud of him.
We had angol óra. It was good. There was a new guy from budapest and he also came to sport nap and church. I guess he used to go in budapest so we'll see if he progresses anywhere!

with Rankin at zone training. LOVE THIS GIRL!!

We had zone training and the APs came. Zone training was great but after the aps made an announcement that we aren't going to have angol óra for the month of august because President received revelation that we shouldn't have it. It was surprising at first but I think it is going to be good. It will weed out the eternal investigators and hopefully give us an opprotunity to meet with people more individually.

We met with the Márkék. We talked about scripture reading and gave the kids charts to color in when they read a chapter out of the childrens book of mormon.

In the morning we went to the piac (or farmers market) with Zsuzsa and we saw Zsolt there selling their produce with his mother. They are super super nice and were so excited to see us and gave us a big bag full of spinach, plums and blackberries. They are the best.
We met with Piroska. She has a real problem in her leg and was having a rough time walking but she is doing good. Love her to death.

We had church which was great.
Then we met with the Laciék again. Bube made us chicken liver (thats right, I ate liver) and tiltott paprika. They hadn't read again so we read alma 32 with them and I bore testimony hardcore and they still were the same. I just don't know what to do with them. I love them so much but they aren't progressing. We'll see.
Well thats about our week. I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Sok szeretettel,
Heath Nővér

105° plus humidity

what I've been working on in my few moments of spare time. I miss real art.
 20 July 2015

As you read this email, imagine doing all of this in 105° weather plus humidity. Also Hungarians don't believe in air conditioning. Okay, moving on
Tuesday: Visited a less active who lives on the top story of a building. She gave us these chocolate covered ginger bread cookies that melted in our hands the moment we picked them up. But she is super nice. Great program.
We met with Zsolt, who used to be one of the elders' investigators. Super great guy. He brought us fresh peaches and plums from his garden. Super sweet guy, LOVES to talk a ton.
Met with Roli with Szücs Zoli and talked about the priesthood because on sunday he got the priesthood!! Super great lesson and Zoli was a life saver. Its so great to have someone that can easily explain things in hungarian.
Wednesday: Met with this crazy eighty something year old néni and her friend, who is 89, that we found in the area book named Márika Néni. At first she didn't understand that we were mormons and the sisters that met with her before were mormons either. She basically talked about how her friend does marathons the whole time and then her friend came in and he gave us this book he wrote about breathing and exercise. Super interesting. Probably won't be going back again. 

We also met with Zsuzsa. I was super straight up with her because she hasn't been reading and she hasn't been praying or doing anything and still complains about why her life is hard so I basically told her. Yup life is hard, we have bad things that happen to us. Sometimes we don't know why we are alone but we can either choose to be sad and mope or be happy. It is all up to us. She looked super seriously at me and asked if reading would really make her happy and we promised her it would.
Later that evening we met with Sue and her family. When we asked if she read from the book of mormon she had read all of the introduction things and really liked it. She got a little confused when it said that moroni used his own words to write about the brother of jared and stuff because she was worried that that would be different than what God gave to the brother of jared but when we explained that moroni was a prophet too she understood again. She said that she was excited to read the real book now. We taught about the plan of salvation. It went super great but she got stuck on the idea that she would be going to spirit prison. She really liked the idea though that we get so many chances to follow God. She super liked it and we can't wait to meet with them again. So going to get a member to come with us next time.

Thursday: That morning we went tableing and I stopped this lady and basically taught her the whole restoration and gave her a book of mormon. It was super great!
We met with Zsolt again and went over the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. We really focused on baptism because we know he is ready. But he said he still feels like he is in the repentance stage because he is sinning because he can't come to church on sundays because he works. We told him that he isn't a sinner but that if he prays to find a way to be able to come to church he will be able to know what he needs to do to make it here. He is super great.
We then had Angol óra. It was super great. After for our spiritual thought our MCM leader brought a video and EVERYONE STAYED!!! It was super great and then we had some cookies and a little mingling after and it was super super great. The really talkative tall guy from last week asked us if we could come to a party after and it was kind of super awkward but we were like, "oh sorry we're busy" but he seemed to like the video.

Friday: We met with Roli again and talked about starting saying family prayer with his little girls. It was super great. He is a champ.
We met with the Márkék and it was a fantastic lesson! Usually the kids are really noisy and
don't pay attention but this week we decided to do a really kid friendly lesson so we read them the book "értékes vagy" (or I think it is "you are special" in english not really sure). It basically is a cute story that basically relates to prayer and why it is important to talk to Heavenly Father. We then made little prayer rocks like we did with the Gyönygiék in Érd and it was a big hit. The kids loved it. Best lesson we had with them ever. And Magdi came to church finally!!!

the márkék and their prayer rocks
Also randomly as we were walking home that night we heard all these car horns at the end of the street so we investigated and there was this super strange truck parade thing of all these trucks driving by and all the people waiting in their cars to pass were all annoyed. Super weird.

Saturday: We met with Zsuzsa again. We were really late because we had to make cookies for our missionary night that evening but we gave her a couple of scriptures to read and said we would meet with her again on sunday.
We met with Timi. It was a good but difficult lesson. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. She understood why baptism is important but when we asked her if she would be baptized when she found out that these things were true, she said she was already baptized. And so I tried to explain again about the importance of the priesthood and she seemed to respect that but she said that she couldn't believe that the book of mormon was scripture because her church said that it wasn't. We asked her to pray about it and she said she didn't want to pray because she didn't want to go against what her church said. It was kind of hard to explain to her. But we left with an okay feeling and we'll see what happens next week.
That evening we had a Missionary Night where our MCM leader put on this program about what missionary work is and how we are just normal people and we do it too. It was a real hit. We made oatmeal cookies and brownies for it and everybody loved them. #americansütiisthebest

Sunday: We had church which was super great because Roli got the priesthood!! and his daughter Bianka came!! She loved primary and totally made friends with Klaudia and Iszabela.
We then later met with Zsuzsa and it was the best lesson we have had with her EVER. She actually read and she LOVED it. We talked about the plan of salvation with her and she just wanted to read more and more from the book of mormon so we gave her some chapters to read and when we talked about the kingdoms of glory she asked where the names came from so she pulled out her bible and we found them but in the hungarian bible they don't have the celestial etc. listed so we pulled up the scriptures in english online and showed her and she was fascinated. She loved the fact that the bible and book of mormon help each other. I think something finally clicked with her. It was great.

That evening we met with the Laciék again. Super great family. Guess what we had for dinner. Cow stomach. thats right. I ate cow stomach. Its kind of chewy, like squid. Their son is basically a piano prodigy. He is so profi its not even funny. He gave us a little show before we practiced english. He also wanted me to draw on his surf board so I drew a shark. It was fun.

cow stomach (and laci)
cow stomach
laci and bube
our profi piano player dávid

Well that was basically my week. I hope it rains soon and breaks this heat wave, but apparently its just going to get hotter. We'll see. Hope you all have a good week!!

Sister Heath

the shark I drew on laci's surf board
rock hunting (for prayer rocks) by the tisza
not smiling in photos like a european