Sunday, May 29, 2016

Greeks, succulents, and free bagels

 9 May 2016

Last week:
We had an awesome lesson with a less active named s_ gyönygi. She's still in regular contact with a member andrás so we invited him to the program too. She was one of the nicest ladies I've met here. It was sad because she lost her book of mormon when she was packing some things to put in the basement. It was a super sad story. She said she even knew it was a bad thing to do when she was putting her book of mormon in the box but she did it anyways and it has been hard to read other ones ever since because they weren't "her" book of mormon. We're going back soon. She was incredible.
We visited a member that's homebound for a month because she hurt her foot. It was nice. She has this crazy little dog. So that was fun.
Later we visited this less active named melinda. I was on splits with the győr sisters so I was with sister Vielstich. It was a really good lesson. We walked with her dog with her for a while and then she brought us to get thai palacsintas and then we talked a lot with her. She is incredible and served a mission here in hungary.
We had a lesson with this interesting man named miska. He's very much addicted to smoking and drinking but it was good. We met him in front of a train station and then had a lesson in a coffee shop. He first came up to us and when he shook our hands (well, he actually kissed my was weird) we saw that there was a problem with his finger because it was all wrapped up. He is a jazz pianist and apparently a dog bit him and it got infected and he put a tomato on it to help...So his finger was literally wrapped up in a tomato. But we talked a while about how he met the missionaries in the past and then randomly he got up from the cafe and was like, I'll be back. We thought that maybe he just needed to use the bathroom or something but when he came back twenty minutes later he had just bought a pack of cigarettes and a big thing of alcohol we could see hidden under his jacket. He said he wanted our help to become unaddicted to them. It was super sad but he would be so incredible if he wasn't using all these terrible things.
Later tracting we ran into this néni and gave her a book of mormon. She didn't want to accept it at first so that was cool when she did.
It was willets' nine month mark so we got lunch at this italian place. We got lost though on the way there so we ended up running into this french guy who was a member and it was adorable how excited he was to see missionaries. He was apparently hitch hiking around europe so that was cool.
Later we had angol óra and it was great. So there are these two girls and both are named niki and they are best friends and so we got to know them better.

We went and got ice cream with the nikis and it was great. They used to meet with the elders in the past and so they know a lot about our church so it was cool getting to know them better and become friends with them.
Later Sister guillian and I met with kati néni and it was a really good lesson. So she has eye problems and has a hard time reading but she read the intro and so we talked about the restoration and it was cool because she said she only let us in because when I tracted into her she saw the light of the holy ghost shining in my eyes and she knew I was doing these things genuinely. It was cool to see that even when we don't say words we send a message to people.
Later me and sister guillian were eating dinner by the river because we didn't want to go all the way back to the apartment for dinner and these two greek ladies came up to us and asked us to help them find the metro and it was just so cool talking with them. Sister guillian's dad actually speaks greek so she said a few words with them so that was cool. We helped them and then they asked to take a picture with us so that was adorable. We gave them a pass along card with the country pages so they can find it in greek. Hope they do!
the greek ladies with sister guillian
I went to the doctor in the morning with sister gertcsh because she had something up with her foot so that took up the morning. Then we had lunch at this place with salads and it was awesome but across from it was a bagel shop.There are just so many things here in budapest that we just don't have in other cities. So of course me and willets were like, we need a bagel. So we go in and I just order a bagel with cream cheese. (this was in english because most people here just assume we don't speak hungarian and talk to us in english) Then in hungarian I hear him say to the other worker punching in the order that its going to be free. She was like, what the crap? do you know them or something? and he was like no. And she was like do you like her? and then I was just thinking, oh great, this guy is just hitting on me. He doesn't answer and just keeps twisting cucumbers and she asks him then if it'll be free for both of us and he was like yes. and she asked why and then the best part. He was like "I don't want to go to hell". Then in english he passes us the bagels, tells us its free and then says "go spread the good word". It was one of the most hilarious things ever. Willets and I were so confused.
Later we had the evening session of stake conference and I made friends with this little girl and we drew roses together.

We had stake conference and then went to the gyenes dávidék to skype and it was awesome. They are the coolest family ever and have the cutest little girls. Right when we got there then they pulled us into their room and started pulling out all their art and books and stuff to show us and all of them just kept saying "nézd" (look) a million times. It was great.
the family we skyped with and the little girls showing us their art

After that we went tracting and it was awesome. We met this lady who said she was about to go to bed but we talked with her for a bit. She was super catholic and so before we left she was like, I'm going to get you a prayer card. So she brought us one and then she had this whole garden of succulents outside in her window boxes so I asked her the word for them (kővér rozsa or fat rose). And then she was like, do you want one? and I was like uhhh, and she just was like, I'll give you a few. So she brings us inside and she has me hold this plastic bag while she just grabs them out of the dirt and gives us like five huge succulents. It was incredible. Then she was like, you can't leave without süti! (baked goods). and she gives us cake before we go. It was cool though because at the beginning then she wouldn't accept a book of mormon but then by the end of our conversation she did and it was cool because she already had a pass along card, from the elders that she met a long time ago by a metro stop, hung up on her wall. It was not an accident that we met her and I hope that we can meet with her again.

Well, I hope you all had a good week and that mothers day was good yesterday. I love you mummy and can't wait to see you in a month! Have a great week!

Heath Nővér

happy valentines day!
Me and sister guillian by the duna
behold, the whiteness of my legs.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week of May 2

hősök tere
2 May 2016

Halló everyone!

We had Sister Szabadkai come on splits with us and it was the most incredible thing ever. So sister szabadkai doesn't like tracting very much, but since we have to tract an hour each day we went tracting with her and it was just so funny. She would ring the bell and then not two seconds later be like "okay, they're not coming" and try and move on or be like, "I'll just ring the bell". It was probably the best part of the day. 
It was kind of a sad day though because we had to stop meeting with one of our people because her husband is muslim and we didn't want to endanger her. So that was sad but good in the long run. 

We had zone training and it was super good. 

We had the Békéscsaba sisters up here on splits and it was good. Sister Willets got sick so she stayed back in the apartment doing area book work with sister grogan while sister lebaron and I went and met with a less active lady named éva and a new investigator named ági. Our lesson with Ági we had an awesome member named panni with us and she shared the mormon message "heavenly father, earthly father" with her. The spirit was super strong. Hopefully our next lesson will be as good :)
Also, we found a pékség that sells muffins. It was incredible. There are so many things here in budapest that you can't find other places. I feel spoiled. 

Sister Willets was sick so we just did a TON of area book work. 

We had a program with the farkásék with our ward mission leader Laci. It was really good. We talked about the power of the atonement and how anyone can come to church because the father felt like he wasn't worthy to come. It was super good though because our member present made an analogy how church isn't like a car showroom but rather an assembly line. We are all works in progress and that is why we go to church. It was really good. 
We found out though that our elders were getting transferred right after church the next day so now we have elders Luke and Simmons (I served with simmons in pécs) but they only have a few more weeks til they finish their missions so we'll see if we get some new elders after that. 
 our old district
 our new district
We sang for mothers day with the young women this interesting song. It was adorable on their part. Also, I taught the little primary girls marco polo. We ran around the parking lot a ton after church. 
Mother's Day music
We went and saw hero's square and a cool castle near it. It was super pretty. 
Later we have a lesson with a less active. Should be good.

Hope you all have a good week!!
hősök tere (Heroe's Hill)
hősök tere
God bless America

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our crazy week

one of the sisters' other investigators
25 April 2016

Our crazy week:

 So here in budapest there are lots of districts and in every district there are many streets with the same name so we got invited over by this member and instead of going to their district (the twenty first) we went to the fifth district, which is an hour away from the twenty first. Needless to say we were a little late. But it was great and they had the cutest little daughter ever. My favorite part of the night was she kept telling us she had a secret and the last one was that I had earrings. 

We had the Szeged sisters up on splits and it was so much fun. I had sister Gertcsh in the morning and sister Guillian in the evening. 
Me and sister Gertcsh had a lunch appointment and it was super cool. They have been members for forever and when elder bednar came to visit hungary, they had him over for lunch in the same living room we ate in. So that was cool. 
with sister gertcsh
  Later we tracted on a street next to parliament. It was cool.
That evening, me and sister Guillian visited a less active who has a son on a mission. It was really cool and our member we brought was a really big help. Their son told us all about the new star wars movie too so that was awesome. 
the family we visited with gizi
We dropped the szeged sisters off at the train station early and the we caught a train to....drum roll....PÉCS!! yes, that's right I got to go back to pécs! IT was so wonderful. I got to meet with Erzsi again and with LILLY!!!! It was such a miracle. Last p-day I emailed her to see if I would be able to meet with her and she said yes! So we met with her and it was incredible. She said that she saw the sisters on the street the other day but was afraid to say hi because she didn't know them but she knew she was supposed to meet them when I set up with her and now shes going to meet with them again and shes even going to introduce her boyfriend to the missionaries. She was so excited and teared up when I was bearing my testimony about the gospel. She knows its true and I am so excited for her to start meeting with them again. She is just so special to me. 
Later we went to dinner with Dávid and it was good talking with him and seeing how hes doing. Hes such a good kid and I'm so proud of him for still being so strong in the gospel. I can't wait to see what he does with his life. He has so many good things ahead of him. 
another with Lilly
We got up early and left pécs. We met this lady on the train there and gave he a book of mormon and now she's meeting with the sisters in kaposvár so that was awesome.
Later we had lunch with a members family. Their son was actually in the MTC and the same time as me so it was cool seeing and meeting his family. Sister Willets was also good friends with their older son who goes to byu so it was just fun all around for us to get to know their family better. 
After that we had a program dog us but it was good because we got to get to know our member present better. After that we did a look up who doesn't live there anymore (seeing as all the windows were broken in and there were cob webs everywhere.) (also, we saw on the way there an american license plate and it was so weird). But we found where literally all the nigerians in budapest live. A couple of them invited us back and it was super cool. 
Later we had angol óra and it was good. We made bucket lists with them.
After we visited the most amazing member ever. She was baptized a couple of years ago and has just such fire for missionary work. She's inviting one of her friends for us to meet next time we visit. We just love her. 

We had missionary leadership council with the zone leaders and president. It was good. Hopefully some of the things we discussed will help the mission.
Later we tracted and had district meeting. 

We had a program with this lady that came to church on sunday and we didn't know if she was a member of not because she kind of dodged the question and it was interesting.. but she was so incredible and met with the missionaries in switzerland . She might have been baptized there but we're not sure. She cried every time we prayed and for sure felt the spirit. It was interesting but cool. 
Later we had MCM and it was good and then we went to a program with a family we set up with from the area book that used to have bap dates. It was an amazing program and for sure not an accident that we are meeting with them again. We are excited to see what happens with them. Béla the father teared up talking about how he made mistakes in the past but they said they gained a lot of hope from our meeting and are excited to meet again. 

So one of the other STLs was sick so they asked to go on splits so the other could get out the apartment so I went and stayed with sister Hawker and we watched meet the mormons and it was good. Nothing too exciting from that day, but apparently they found a bunch of new people! so that's cool.

Today we went to the nagy piac (large market) and it was fun. Lots of hungarian stuff. 

Hope you all had a good week! 
Love, Sister Heath 
fancy mcdonalds near nyugati

Monday, May 16, 2016

Livin' that kispest dream

the győr sisters
18 April 2016

hello all! Its been a crazy but great week.
We packed, and then packed some more. But we did have a lesson with Balázs. It was good. We taught him the plan of salvation and he had a ton of good questions. Hopefully he will keep progressing well without us there.
So we had transfers. We got up early to catch the train and it was such a pain lugging our bags all the way to the train station. Getting white washed isn't fun. But we got to the train, but it ended up taking an hour longer than it should have so that was fun. But we eventually got to budapest and I met up with Willets and took pictures with hafen and rankin because I probably won't see them before they go home. Its kind of strange being back with willets. It sort of feels like we've never been apart but she's also grown a lot in the language this last transfer and a half. 
hafen, me, rankin
So we went on our first sort of "split" with the Győr sisters though because they were here for a doctors appointment but not til that evening so we just explored our area a bit with them. So basically, we have the coolest area in the mission. It includes two of my favorite places in budapest, parliment and the bazilika. Its awesome. Our area is literally the belváros (or downtown) of budapest. Life is good.
We had lunch with sister szabadkai and the other STLs to figure out which sisters we will be in charge of. Its going to be cool to work with sister szabadkai so much. Every sunday night we are going to have a meeting with her to talk about our work and the sisters so that will be cool.
Also, we found a bagel shop!! I haven't had a bagel in so so freaking long and we got a couple and they were so delicious. One thing america does have over hungary, is bagels.
Later we had angol óra. It was super good. We have a huge class. A member shared the spiritual thought at the end and it was so funny because there haven't been sisters in kispest for over two years so all the members were super excited. The member who shared the spiritual thought was talking about the atonement and the first thing he said when he got up was "I know the atonement is real because there are sisters in kispest again." Me and willets had the hardest time not cracking up.
We had two service projects.
The first one was for this older lady named Molnár Mária (yes, like our less active in pécs, but not the same lady. Although we did call her and she was so excited the me and willets were back together.) But Mária made us töltött paprika and then we chopped wood and dug a hole to bury some gravel stuff.
After that we had MCM. Our ward mission leader is super cool.
After that we had another service project where we moved this big cage thing in this lady's yard. She had the cutest little 7 month old and it made me so excited to come home and play with ellery.

We had sport nap in the morning and met this cute girl named niki that met with the missionaries a while ago. Hopefully we'll be able to become friends with her.
Also, during sport nap we saw the fattest dog I have ever seen. It looked like a whale with little stubby legs. It walked for a few feet and then just sat down and stayed there for a good hour. A police car drove by with its sirens on and the dog just howled and it sounded like it was dying. It was maybe one of the saddest things I've seen.
Later we had district meeting. We have a good set of elders here. They are elder Lawrence and elder Ady. Should be fun for p-days.
We went tracting later and met this scottish guy. But he didn't have an accent. So that was kind of sad, but hopefully we will be able to meet with him later.
Everyone was so excited that there were sisters in Kispest again and so that was super fun. We got to know a ton of new people.
That afternoon we went to a members and they were so so nice. Their daughter wants to be an artist too and she showed me a bit of her art. It was cool talking with someone about it again.
We went tracting later and met a young guy named szabolcs. He actually let us into his building but then later we knocked on his door and it was kind of funny. He seemed pretty open to talk about religion so that will be good. He took a book of mormon so hopefully we'll be able to talk with him later.
Later we had dinner with sister szabadkai and had our little stl meeting so that we great. I just love sister szabadkai.
We got up early and adventured around our area and then we got permission to go to the buda side and see gellert hegy so that was cool. Our bérlets work on city boats as well so we took a little ferry across the river and that was awesome.
Tonight we are going to visit a member so that should be fun.

Hope you all have a good week!
Sister Heath
bridge and cool lion statue!

buda castle
The new district! featuring from left to right, Elder Lawrence, Sister Heath, me, and Elder Ady! This is from p-day today from the top of St. István's Basilica looking over the pest side of Budapest!
the jewish shoes

Sunday, May 1, 2016


our district!
12 April 2016

first things first. We got transfer calls this morning and I am going to be going to kispest and guess who my comp will be? Thats right, my greenie sister willets. My baby is going to be killing me! But I'm super stoked to finally be serving in budapest! Dreams do come true!

Anyhow, our week:

We had a program with Tamás and it was super good. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and basically were tough on him and it was good. 
Later we had another program with a less active that we talked a ton about the importance of the sacrament in. It was really cool to be able to talk about how important this little ordinance is and how it really is more than just bread and water but is the only covenant that we renew for ourselves every week.

We had a program with nüsi néni and it was good. We went over the restoration again with her and she super liked that we believe in Christ's original church not something that we formed to fit what we like. It was good.

We went to veszprém for district meeting and it was super cool. Pictures to come. 
Later we had cleaning checks with the petersons. They're the senior couple that was in the mtc with us and it was cool to see them and catch up a bit. Seems like only yesterday but yet again so long ago that we were there together. 
Later we went tracting and met the most awesome néni ever, Kati néni. She said she wouldn't have let us in if we were J-dubs but because we were so cute she knew we would be nice. (more about her later)

We had a program with Bogi in the morning and then at noon we went to Andi and Toni's wedding. It was a really small ceremony and pretty short but nice. We got them a succulant and planted it in a jar for their present. It was super funny though when we went to go get dirt from the garden in front of our building our neighbor néni was there and she was so excited that we were planting something and showed me where the best dirt was and then she had sister greenwood help her re plant a bulb and it was just adorable.
We also ran into this super pünkösdi néni tracting so that was fun.
toni and andi's wedding
We had church and it was heartbreaking because everyone was saying goodbye to greenwood. We thought I would be staying so I didn't say goodbye to anyone though so that's kind of sad :( 
But later we had a játék est and the elders brought us these kinder eggs so we open them and instead of a normal surprise inside they put their igazolvány photos in it. You couldn't even tell though that they did it. I don't know how they opened them up so well. It was really funny.
the succulent in a pickle jar
We had another program with kati néni, the lady we tracted into. It was super great. First thing she brings us into her living room and gets on her facebook and starts showing us photos, then adds us as friends. It was hilarious. Then she told us all about her husband who is a miner and then she started singing songs about mining. And then she remembered that I said I was going to study art after the mission and so she had gotten me these prints of some modern artist and gave them to me and then gave greenwood a cooking magazine. And then she gave us these little clay székesfehérvár wall hanging things. And then túró rudis and then gardening magazines. But she's super rendes and is going through chemotherapy. She's so incredible and both her and her husband started reading the book of mormon together and I'm so sad to be leaving her. 
Later we went to Hantos to visit the Anitaék (napsi's family). It was super great. Their family is just wonderful. The bus there was so squished though. But we got there fine and we got to see their bunnies and chickens and turkeys and ducks. It was cool. They are just such a wonderful family. 

I hope you all have a good week! Talk with you soon!

Sister Heath 
in hantos with the bunnies
napsi and the two color eyed cat.
the cake we had, with a chocolate baby on it