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Second week in the Érd lands!

 10 Feb 2015
Hello all!
so I guess I've only been in hungary for two weeks but man does it feel like I've already been here forever! 
 We had to go up to Buda for new missionary training so our pday got bumped to tuesday. IT was really great to see the girls from my mtc district. It felt like we had just been there as new missionaries. It was really cool to see how their different experiences have been and it was great to hear that we were all doing well.
reunited for greenie training
Well this week has been harder but so so great. In Érd we don't get too many people who want to meet with us but that is okay becasuse it means we get to go tracting a ton! We mostly tracted this week but we had a couple of people we contacted on the street who were pretty legit. One of them was a g (what we say for gypsies so we don't sound like we're being racist) and he was really legit. We had been walking up the street earlier flyering but nobody wanted to take the flyers and we passed him but we kept walking . We came to the end of the street and saw that there weren't many other people so we decided to turn around and as we were walking back he had turned around too I guess because we passed him again so I gave him and angol óra flyer and he was like "what is this?" and stopped to talk to us. He was really excited to hear that we were mormons. He is a j.w. but somehow had a book of mormon and was really confused with the fact that what the j.w.'s teach and what the book of mormon teaches don't line up. He said he loved the book of mormon because it is like a better version of the bible. We tried to explain to him that the book of mormon comes from our church and that we love it too, but for some reason it didn't click to him the the j.w.'s and mormons are different. He said he really wanted to come to angol óra because he wanted to learn english and we gave him a pass along card too with out number on it. He seemed super interested so we're prayng he either calls or that he comes to angol óra. 
We also taught I_ this week. She is actually one of the elder in the mission's grandma. He is half hungarian and is from canada. She is probably one of the sweetest and sassiest ladies ever. She has been taking the lessons for forever but just won't agree to be baptized. It is also kind of hard because she sometimes forgets what we teach and doesn't really read her book of mormon. She mostly skims it. But she is super legit and already basically lives the standards. We talked with her about the word of wisdom and she said that she would keep it. She was so nice. I basically was sitting there not being able to say much and then she said something while looking at me and sort of laughing so I looked over to my trainer confused. And I guess she basically said that I was a "poor dear" beacause I couldn't understand but wanted to help so much. She is really cool and really thinks about everything we teach her so I am praying that we will know what we need to do so we can help her. 
We had dinner on wednesday night with the american family in the ward the palmers. It was cool to be in hungary and be in a member's home. It is cool to think that the church is the same everywere, down to the pictures of the first presidency on the wall and a book shelf full of scriptures and deseret books. They are a super nice family and such cool people.
Last night we went to a less active member's house, E_. She is an older woman who is regularly pretty sick so she has a hard time getting to church. We talked with her about how we could help her to come to church and how we are always here for anything she needs. She was nice and made us dinner. First we had a really good soup. It was paprika and vegetables. Then she brought out the main dish which was rather interesting. It was a bowl full of this sort of gravy with peas in it and a fried egg and a sort of sausage meatball thing. The gravy was sort of sweet and the meat was incredibly salty and chewy. It wasn't too bad when it was warm but her apartment was pretty cold so it got cold fast. I'm not the biggest fan of gravy so it was definitely harder to get down. She was so sweet though and kept asking us how we liked it so we just kept saying "finom" or delicious. And she would get the biggest smile on her face that I couldn't help but eat more. After we left then we were both feeling a little sick and luckily sister sellers said that that is not a very normal hungarian meal. I sure hope she is true but I guess I'll get more used to it if it is normal. I guess hungarians really like gravy though so who knows, maybe I'll like it too after eating it for a year and a half. 
It has been a great week and difficult with just tracting all day but I know that it is going to pay off soon. Each morning, I keep feeling like something great is right around the corner and I know if I keep doing all I need to Heavenly Father will lead me to those people who will need my help. I love it here and I know there is a reason why I am in Érd right now and there are always people who need the gospel. I love being a missionary and I love Magyarország! 
heath nővér 
my new addictions

the beautiful land of Érd

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