Thursday, June 4, 2015

Week in Érd

27 April 2015

sziasztok! so this week was kind of a difficult one for us here in Érd. It was I guess what I am used to from serving here but Sister Sholly just came from a super pretty city with a lot of good work so it was kind of difficult for her to adjust to. Well, I guess I can tell you about it. So starting with
Monday after emailing we met with Ka_ and had another member Orsi along with us. It was a really good lesson about our priorities and about how we are daughters of a king and read president uctdorf's talk about happily ever afters and basically we talked about doing the little things. It went well but at the end ka_ got off topic and started talking about how she thought she saw a ghost at her job and about her problems with her boyfriends. yup, she has multiple. So it was kind of tricky at the end to get the spirit back and she has been avoiding our calls all week and didn't come to church on sunday so we are kind of worried about her. 
On tuesday we had a good day. In the morning we met with Szo_ and helped her practice english. She is the tour guide. She is a super cool lady and we talked most of the time about her trip to italy and she told us all about rome and she must be a good tour guide because it felt like we were there seeing it for ourselves when she told us about it. We also talked a bit about the restoration but she likes to talk a lot so we kept getting off topic. We are thinking with her lessons we are going to mostly going to try and say what we can about the gospel at the beginning until she gets off topic. But she is super nice and its always great to meet with her. After that we had lunch and we went to meet with a lady from Angol Óra, Erz_. She is a super legit lady that owns a pottery studio and so she invited us to come make pottery with her. It was super fun. I didn't realize how much I missed working with clay. It was different though because I am more used to sculpting and she works with the wheel and it was super fun to try that out. My first few attempts were really bad but then I made a decent bowl. It made me super excited to go back to school and study more pottery. 
On Wednesday we went on splits with the sister training leaders to Buda! it wass so so wonderful. The metro stop you get off at to get to their apartment is right across the duna (danube river) from parliament so you come up from the metro and boom, right there is parliment and then you turn around and there is a gorgeous church and down the street there are two more. Basically wherever you turn in buda is just gorgeous buildings everywhere. The sister training leaders are super great too. We had a ton of fun streeting by the duna and through this really pretty park and then we had a great program with a member from the buda ward. It was just so nice to be in a city where you can street so many different people and you don't just pass the same people day after day and people actually stop you instead of you having to stop them.

While streeting in the morning with sister simons, this old néni stopped us asking us where the closest bus stop was so we offered to walk her to it because she was sort of limping with a cane and she said no and we tried to explain to the best of our abilities where it was and she called us sweet young girls and started to walk off. We waited a few minutes before following behind her to make sure she got there and after a while she stopped at the end of the street and looked confused so we came up and walked with her all the way to the bus stop, she almost fell in the street when we were walking around a sprinkler but we finally made it to the bus stop. Sister simons got her name and she started to tell her her phone number but then the bus came and she was gone. She was so sweet and confused and it felt great to help her. I felt like a boy scout helping the old lady cross the road haha

On thursday we came back from buda. About the only exciting thing that happened was that a new guy came to angol óra. His name is Zol_ and he used to go to angol óra in Dunaújváros but that is a lot farther away so I guess he looked up online to see if there was an angol óra closer to him and the one in budatétény was perfect becasue that is where he lived. We talked to him after class and he said that he would be interested in meeting outside of english class so we will see! His kids were sick this week so he couldn't say when he could meet but we are definitely going to meet with him. 
on friday we were going to meet with Szo_ again but she was busy so basically we tracted and streeted all day until we met with And_, Év_ and Ti_ that evening. While tracting we met a little family that told us to come back the next day but when we went back the dad wasn't home so the little girl Dor_, told us to come back on sunday but then when we came back yesterday nobody answered but we are going to look them up again. We'll see what happens with them. That evening we met with the Andrásék. We talked with them a lot about faith and used examples from the scriptures about faith from 1 kings 17:10-16 and luke 21:1-4. It was super sad taking them off of bap date but until they get married we can't really do too much more. We are going to fast for them and hopefully we can know what to do. 
Saturday, we did weekly planning so we didn't really do too much exciting stuff but that evening we had a játék est, or game night. It was super great. The palmer kids, the american family in the branch came and it was super great. I think it is really good for them to have some american people to talk to of their own faith since the school they go to is all super into bible bashing and stuff. It was super great and we are having it again next saturday. 
On sunday, we taught the youth sunday school again and helped the palmers a bit after with looking through their daughter Ali's school text book to help her correct all the misrepresentation of the church. We are going to help her more on wednesday with it too.
Sometimes it is easy in Érd to get discouraged because we don't have too much visible success but I think that our success here comes from the little things like helping the branch. They are all super great and I am so lucky to know them. That's about it for this week. Pictures to come! 
sok szeretettel,
heath nővér

photo from last week, of laci bácsi's flowers

cereal for after district meeting lunch

a super cool tunnel that we walked through


  1. It's a wonderful life! Great stuff.

    - Jeff (dad's ol' roomie)

  2. She's such a great missionary. Looking forward to read about her transfer and her first impressions of her new area.