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Saying good-bye

8 June 2015

Hello all!! Here I am now in szeged! transfers were on wednesday and I said goodbye to my dear Érd to come south to szeged. It is literally the prettiest city ever! I am in a trio with Whitaker and Whittaker. It is super fun. We all get along really well already. 
my new comps, whitaker (green) and whittaker (red)
 beautiful szeged
 There are a couple of universities here in szeged so we use one of the libraries to email. It is like I am living in a movie set, there are beautiful cathedrals and historical buildings everywhere. I feel completely spoiled. There is a super pretty down town square, in hungarian, the belváros. We have a place we go to eat a ton with the elders already, called trojas. It is basically a gyros place and we are friends with the waiters. Today at lunch he asked us what we are doing here and we explained that we are missionaries and it was super cool. I am just loving life basically.
the belváros

One of the cool things we have done a couple of times since being here is going chalking. There is a cute park by the downtown that we table in and we decided to bring chalk and draw things on the sidewalk. I drew joseph smith and a temple and an angol óra american flag. It was really fun to draw as missionary work. We basically draw or write things and then stop people and try to talk to them about it. It is a lot better I think than streeting because they already see us there and know that we are going to try to talk to them. It is super fun. On saturday when we went chalking then I was sitting there and this mother and her daughter walked by and the little girl loved the chalk and so we asked if she wanted to draw too so she ended up drawing these adorable litle scribbles next to me. I think I am going to like it here in szeged
Chalking Pics

my companion helping me to chalk
A senior couple, the broadheads, came up on saturday to do a presentation on family search. It was a really good presentation and they were super nice and brought us out to lunch at this really good indian restaurant after. It was interesting because family search isn't in hungarian but they are still encouraging the members and others to use it and get started on family history. They also were really encouraging them to start indexing but yet again, there aren't many records to index in hungarian so it is all in other languages. It is really fascinating how the work isn't being stopped by langauge.
On sunday we went to a members for dinner, Magdi. She made us gúlás (aka, goulash). It was super good. My first real hungarian goulash!
 the misák family!
Sorry, not too much exciting stuff this week. I am still getting to know the area but I am already loving it here. Hopefully next week I'll have more to tell you about investigators and stuff. We have a fun district with two sets of elders, one of them being the zone leaders. Its great.
pictures to come
sok szeretettel,
Heath Nővér

aniko! and the delicious tiramisu she made us
it started raining so we took shelter in this cool cathedral

basically szeged is the coolest

 the tisza river

capri-sonne mystic dragon

eating at Aniko's
She feeds us so so much that she always tells us to lie down on the bed to let it rest.

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