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Happy Tuesday, everyone

 5 April, 2016

Happy Tuesday everyone. We had interviews with President Szabadkai this morning in dunaújváros so that was fun and that's why we are emailing at this weird time. Oh and also, the library here is always closed the first monday of the month. Fun. And transfers will be next week so we'll be emailing on tuesday again. I'm starting to forget what normal monday p-days are! haha

The zone leaders were here and so we had a district meeting with us the veszprém elders and the zone leaders so basically half the zone was here. It was good. After we went and saw the animated clock in the belváros. 
Later we went tracting and looked up the néni we gave a book of mormon to. She wasn't interested and tried to give us the book of mormon back but we told her it was a gift. She was just like "I'm catholic. And I'm old. I can't change." classic.
So sister greenwood all transfer has been wanting to buy a succulent. And we found one finally in a flower store. It was totally a miracle. 

We tracted in the morning. We then decided to try this "grill box" place on the way back from where we tract and it was fantastic. And the guy who worked there was a total homie and this one guy tried to help us order because he thought we didn't speak hungarian and then he was totally shocked when we did. It was funny. 
Later we had this awesome program with Anita, the referral from Edina. It was super great. We met in this cafe and taught her the restoration and she had tons of good questions! Hopefully it will go somewhere! 
Then we had Angol Óra and that cute family was there again! Also we tried his pumpkin seed oil for a pasta salad we made and it was super good. It was super green though so it was funny at first!

We tracted and then went to invite a less active member to conference again which was at the end of a bus line. The bus didn't go back though for like an hour so we decided to just walk back and it was nice. I think I've got this city down now. 

I made a cake for our spiritual thought for in between conference for sunday and then we tracted and had the saturday morning session that evening. 
So something to know about this branch. Its totally a party branch. They love a good buli. So the branch clerk was setting conference up in the branch house and we went to unlock the door and were like, "there's totally someone in there already" and we open the door and hes blasting "worth it" with the whole sounds system like five minutes before conference and nobody is there yet. It was just super funny and so typical of this branch. Love it.
Also, regina brought sister greenwood this giant balloon octopus just because it reminded her of greenwood, since that's her favorite animal. 

We had women's session in the morning. It was good. We colored with napsi the whole time. 
So we ended up not having our fireside between conferences because everyone went home so we'll just do it later. It just meant that we had a giant cake to eat with the few of us that were left. 

Also, Sós Balázs came to conference!! It was awesome to see him there! 

We went and saw a bóryvár in the morning! it was this castle summer home that this guy made for his wife as a symbol of their love. It took him forty summers to build and it was super cool. pictures to come. 
bory vár
több bory vár!
Well, hope you all had a good week! Conference was super great. We got to watch two sessions in english so that was great. It was definitely the spiritual uplift I need! 
Love you all!

Sister Heath 
a guy in the belváros with giant bubbles.
hungarian crest, flower edition

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