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our district!
12 April 2016

first things first. We got transfer calls this morning and I am going to be going to kispest and guess who my comp will be? Thats right, my greenie sister willets. My baby is going to be killing me! But I'm super stoked to finally be serving in budapest! Dreams do come true!

Anyhow, our week:

We had a program with Tamás and it was super good. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and basically were tough on him and it was good. 
Later we had another program with a less active that we talked a ton about the importance of the sacrament in. It was really cool to be able to talk about how important this little ordinance is and how it really is more than just bread and water but is the only covenant that we renew for ourselves every week.

We had a program with nüsi néni and it was good. We went over the restoration again with her and she super liked that we believe in Christ's original church not something that we formed to fit what we like. It was good.

We went to veszprém for district meeting and it was super cool. Pictures to come. 
Later we had cleaning checks with the petersons. They're the senior couple that was in the mtc with us and it was cool to see them and catch up a bit. Seems like only yesterday but yet again so long ago that we were there together. 
Later we went tracting and met the most awesome néni ever, Kati néni. She said she wouldn't have let us in if we were J-dubs but because we were so cute she knew we would be nice. (more about her later)

We had a program with Bogi in the morning and then at noon we went to Andi and Toni's wedding. It was a really small ceremony and pretty short but nice. We got them a succulant and planted it in a jar for their present. It was super funny though when we went to go get dirt from the garden in front of our building our neighbor néni was there and she was so excited that we were planting something and showed me where the best dirt was and then she had sister greenwood help her re plant a bulb and it was just adorable.
We also ran into this super pünkösdi néni tracting so that was fun.
toni and andi's wedding
We had church and it was heartbreaking because everyone was saying goodbye to greenwood. We thought I would be staying so I didn't say goodbye to anyone though so that's kind of sad :( 
But later we had a játék est and the elders brought us these kinder eggs so we open them and instead of a normal surprise inside they put their igazolvány photos in it. You couldn't even tell though that they did it. I don't know how they opened them up so well. It was really funny.
the succulent in a pickle jar
We had another program with kati néni, the lady we tracted into. It was super great. First thing she brings us into her living room and gets on her facebook and starts showing us photos, then adds us as friends. It was hilarious. Then she told us all about her husband who is a miner and then she started singing songs about mining. And then she remembered that I said I was going to study art after the mission and so she had gotten me these prints of some modern artist and gave them to me and then gave greenwood a cooking magazine. And then she gave us these little clay székesfehérvár wall hanging things. And then túró rudis and then gardening magazines. But she's super rendes and is going through chemotherapy. She's so incredible and both her and her husband started reading the book of mormon together and I'm so sad to be leaving her. 
Later we went to Hantos to visit the Anitaék (napsi's family). It was super great. Their family is just wonderful. The bus there was so squished though. But we got there fine and we got to see their bunnies and chickens and turkeys and ducks. It was cool. They are just such a wonderful family. 

I hope you all have a good week! Talk with you soon!

Sister Heath 
in hantos with the bunnies
napsi and the two color eyed cat.
the cake we had, with a chocolate baby on it

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