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Another week in Érd!

16 March 2015

hello all! another week here in Érd!

So this week has been kind of a crazy one. We had zone conference in buda on wednesday which was incredible. Elder Patrick Kearon of the 70 came and spoke to us. He is british and has the coolest accent ever. He came to us in a sort of somber mood since the night before his wife called him to tell him that her mother had died. He basically got up and told us that he was going to be a bit distracted the whole time thinking about his "sweetheart". But it was an incredible conference. He spoke with us a lot about understanding our investigators. He was a convert himself and shared a couple of cool experiences he had in his conversion and related them to how we can best help our investigators and converts. The main theme though that he emphasized was just having real, pure love for all the people around us. As we try to exemplify Christ and his attributes we will best be able to help our investigators and understand their needs. It was a really great conference and it was nice to see friends and talk to some of the other missionaries in different zones. 
After Elder Kearon's talk sister sellers and I felt that we should write our investigators some notes. We finally were able to get a bible for Év_ so we wrote her a note telling her we were sad that we weren't able to meet that week because of Ti_ being sick and we also gave her a conference edition liahona to read and we dropped it off in their mailbox and she was so happy when she got it. She sent us this text saying how grateful she was for us and how lucky she felt to have us as friends. It was so nice to see how one little letter could change her day so we decided to write some more letters for our other investigators so we will drop those off later today. We are hoping that Ág_ and Má_ really remember how much we love them. 
We had one program this week with a less active recent convert, Ka_. We taught her about preparing for the temple and a bit about choosing a good spouse. She is living with her boyfriend still but she wants to work towards the temple so we talked a bit with her about how to know if the people around you are the best influences and what sort of people we need to be to enter the temple and the importance of eternal families and how they don't only bless us but our generations to come. We read a part out of the liahóna in the children's section about the temple because it is actually understandable to us in hungarian and it is simple but full of truth. She loved it and we are going to meet with her again tonight and hopefully she will have prayed about working towards the temple. We told her also that it is important to speak with the branch president about preparing for the temple and so we hope that she will have set up a time to talk to him. 
On friday we had our first fiatal est [Youth Night]. The youth in our ward weren't able to make it but a couple from angol óra [English class] came and it was good. We played a game called "bang" which is apparently pretty popular with the missionaries in this mission. It is a wild west themed card game made by italians translated into hungarian so it is interesting for sure. It was fun though and we shared a nice spiritual thought and they seemed to have a lot of fun. 
On thursday one of our Angol oraians from our budatétén class asked if we could meet with her on saturday morning so on saturday we went out there to teach her. Ma_ is an older lady probably in her 70s and semi crazy but pretty cool. Her house had tons of cool art all over and was eclectic and awesome. She apparently has a son that is living in finland so she knows finnish and a bit of russian and hungarian and english so it was interesting talking to her. We helped her with her english but then when we tried to talk about the gospel for the second half of the lesson she changed the subject and told us that she needed to cook us lunch and then her grandchildren skyped her from finland so she wanted us to come talk to them. It was sort of all over the place and we couldn't get too much in about the gospel so we're not sure if we are going to meet with her again. She was super nice though but it sort of felt like we were kidnapped for a couple of hours because she wouldn't let us leave even when we had to get our train because we hadn't eaten any fruit yet. It was super interesting but crazy. Hungarian grandmothers just always want you to eat more and more. I swear sometimes I am going to explode from all the food. 
Well that was about my week. It was sort of all over the place and a lot of tracting and traveling and weird weather. But it was good and I just love hungary so much. I hope you all have a good week! 
sok szeretettel,
heath nővér

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