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Another week in Magyarország!

9 March 2015

hello all, another week here in Magyarország! (the hungarian name for hungary, in case you didn't already know.) Fun fact dad, the name of spain is spanyolország! how weird is that?

So we had a bit of a crazy week here for the Érd district. A couple of elders in the mission got sent home for health reasons and such so they had to do a lot of switching up of elders so that meant that on monday before we went to play basketball with the elders then our elders got a phone call from the APs that elder lindow was getting transfered to székesfehérvár and we were getting elder loveland instead. So it was kind of a sad day saying goodbye to lindow. But he is such a good sport and was sad to leave but excited for what was in store for him in his new city. But now we have elder loveland with our little district of Érd. He is from virginia and is very talkative. He has been out for about a year and a half I think so he is older than elder meek but meek is still the senior companion which he was confused a bit about when he first got the call but it is great. It is always interesting getting to know new people. Sister sellers is kind of sad though since she was good friends with lindow but its getting better now that we're getting used to elder loveland. 
On tuesday we went to Tatabánya to go on splits with the sister training leaders. The train there was cool since we drove through a lot of little towns and farm fields. It was nice to get out of Érd for a little bit but it was also nice coming back. Tatabánya has a lot more factories in it and is mostly ten stories so it was good to get back to our családi houses and more greenness. One of the sister training leaders is actually hungarian so it was interesting going on splits with her since she speaks the language perfectly. It was nice to get some advice from her and how to use the language more naturally. 

 anywho, we taught four programs this week.
The first one was on monday before családi est. We taught Ka_ who is a recent convert and a less active in her 20s. We taught her about missionary work and a little bit about following the prophet. She is a really sweet person... We think she lives with her mom too because she told us that her mom won't let her get married but we couldn't really understand why so we are guessing that her mom must think that if she got married then she wouldn't be there for her anymore. But Ka_ told us how she really wants to work towards the temple and getting married but it is hard with her mom not really agreeing. So we taught her about missionary work and she said she wants her mom to learn about the church so we are hoping that if her mom becomes more accepting of the church than ka_ will be able to get married and such. 
We also met with Ág_ and Má_ again, this time with a member, Aniko. So it was kind of an emotional lesson. The first thing when we got there Ág_ welcomed us in but the first thing he said was that he wanted to give the book of mormon back and that he wanted to stop meeting with us. We asked him why and he said that it was just all too hard and that he was too old to change and basically as we kept talking to him it was also hard because he didn't want to change alone and because Má_ didn't want to change he wouldn't. We we just so grateful that Aniko was there because she is a convert herself, and like má_ used to be roman catholic. She ended up talking to them and comforting their fears enough to get them to keep the book of mormon and agree to go to church at least once before completely disregarding everything. Sister sellers and I were really close to tears during most of the lesson because we pray for them so so much, at least like 10 times a day so to hear them feel like they can't do this just broke our hearts. It just makes me wonder what happened in between our lessons to cause such a change. But we are going to give them a week to cool off and then call them again so I am just praying that they will feel the truthfulness of our message. 
Our next lesson we taught was on friday to our angol órian, Kla_. She is just the coolest person ever. She is 20 and blonde and just super cute and sweet. We met with her in the branch house and she was waiting outside for us when we got there with her boyfriend. When we went inside she told us that they have been dating for three years and she hopes they can be together forever. She is just super cute. We started with talking about english and such but she almost immediately started asking us questions about the gospel. We ended up just switching to hungarian and talking about the plan of salvation. I guess her father is from the city and her mother is from a falú or the country so her father isn't very religious but her mother is a strong catholic. She said that as kids they raised them with a belief in God but that when they grow up to search for a church that they believe in and want to join so that is what she is doing. She super loved everything and when we gave her a book of mormon she was super excited to read it. We are just so stoked for her since the moment she first walked into our angol óra we knew she was different. She was interested in learning more so we are meeting with her again this friday!
Our last lesson was with a member family. The mother Gyö_ is a member and two of their kids are baptized but the father isn't a member and their youngest son isn't old enough yet to be baptized. They are super cute and we decided to watch the restoration movie with them and then talk about what we liked in it. It was so sweet to go around the room and have the little kids tell us what they like. Their daughter is eight and was baptized a few weeks before I got here. Her name is ez_ and she is just the cutest kid ever. She always makes us bracelets and such out of those woven rubber band things. She is apparently really funny but I have a hard time understanding what she says so we mostly poke each other and make goofy faces to communicate but she is the cutest. When we were at their house she was sitting next to me and said that my earrings were beautiful and that I looked like a princess. Seriously she is the cutest and she wants to be a little missionary someday so we put our tags on her and pretended that she was our third companion. 
We have zone conference on wednesday so we'll be going into buda again this week so that should be fun. It should be a pretty good week, the weather is getting nice here and flowers are starting to bloom so hopefully that means that not everyone is going to be sick but life is great and I love hungary. I hope you all have a good week!
heath nővér

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