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Érd sweet Érd

7 April 2015

Hello all!! Sorry I didn't email yesterday. In hungary Easter is a three day holiday so everything was closed on monday. We had transfers on wednesday and I now am serving with sister sholly! She is simply fantastic and I already know it is going to be a great transfer. She is from a small town outside of ogden utah and loves soccer, fishing and hunting. She is super sweet and calm and down to earth. I think it is going to be a great time for Érd.

On wednesday, we had transfers like I said and that was really great to see all of my friends in different cities and catch up with how they are all doing. It was a long day of lugging suitcases on the metro and train however, to get to and from Érd. 
Thursday we met with a néni from the area book. She was super sweet and nice but I'm not sure how far it is going to go with her. We are meeting with her again next week and we'll see if it goes anywhere. That night we had angolóra in budatétény and one of the ladies at the end of it wanted to meet outside for more help. We are meeting with her next week so we will see how it goes.
a super pretty jewish temple we saw while walking around budapest before transfers. It is apparently one of the biggest in the world, in relation for how many people it can seat.
On Friday we had district meeting and got to know our new district. Me and Elder Loveland are still here but our new companions are sister sholly of course and elder wilcox. The both seem really cool and hardworking. I think it is going to be a good transfer and that things are going to turn around. Later that afternoon we met with An_, Év_ and Tib_. It was sister sholly's first time meeting with them so we decided to watch the restoration film with them and re touch on the importance of the restoration. The first time they met with the missionaries was about five months ago so we thought it would be good to review. It was super great and they loved the film and after we asked them if they had prayed and asked Heavenly Father if Joseph Smith really was a prophet and if this really was His restored church. They answered back with a firm yes and it was super great. It was really sweet before the lesson sister sholly was getting to know them a bit and she asked them all what they liked to do. When she asked tibor what he liked to do he said "I like reading the book of mormon." They are just such great people. The are super flaky but super great and really love the gospel. 
After meeting with them we went to the branch house for the Húsvét Buli! (or easter party). It was super fun. They set up several tables and we had a little easter dinner as a branch. We had chicken and all types of pasta and egg salads. After the kids dyed eggs and made little easter bunny masks. Aniko came around at the end with a big basket and passed out chocolate easter bunnies for everyone and the branch gave each of us missionaries a big loaf of easter bread, which is a big braided loaf that you can pull off pieces like rolls. 
On saturday we went and tracted a bit in budatétény in the morning and I showed sister sholly the area. Not too many people wanted to answer however because it was easter weekend so we ended up streeting around a bit and we got a nice man's number off the street. We are going to call him later so that should be good. 
That night we went to the branch house to watch conference. It was really good, at least what I could understand was great. It was a bit of a struggle watching it in hungarian. A few of the speakers had simpler concepts that they were speaking about and I could understand those but a few of them like elder packer's talk were more difficult. On sunday however we figured out that we could watch conference in english in another room if we set it up so we actually got to watch the sunday morning session in english and it was so so great listening to those amazing talks in english. It was super cool to hear that there are going to be new temples on the ivory coast, hati and in thiland!! Man is the gospel spreading!! How long is it going to be now til we get one in hungary?! haha
On monday, we did a lot of area book work and called a million people to see if they wanted to meet and we actually had a ton of people who said yes. Most of the people said to call back because in hungary easter is celebrated on monday as well as sunday so a lot of people were busy with their families. So in a couple of days we are going to call a ton of people back. Its going to be great. Fun hungarian tradition. So the monday after easter a tradition they have here in hungary is to perfume or "water" the girls. So it used to be that the boys would go to the house of the girls and take them and throw them in the well to "water" them like a spring flower, then that transitioned into dumping buckets of water on the girls and then that transitioned into spraying them with perfume or dropping perfume on their hair. Our elders made a huge joke that they were going to spray us with water but luckily because all the stores were closed yesterday they couldn't get any soda water to spray us with. We did have a member of the branch however spray the tops of our heads with a super strong smelling perfume that still stuck after washing my hair so that was interesting. I think other than that hungary celebrates easter pretty much the same with the bunnies and eggs and everything. 
well things are great here in Érd. I love my new companion and It is getting warmer and we are figuring out some fun places to go next p-day so it is going to be a great transfer. #Érddoesn'tsuck
heath nővér

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