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Pretty great week

13 April 2015

sziasztok mindenki,

well this week was a pretty great one. Most weeks in the past I have had about 3 to 6 programs a week but this week we had 11!!  Its already a great start to this transfer.
Some of the exciting highlights of this week: 
-Elder Meek called last week and gave us a referral to a couple of young girls who are granddaughters of an older lady they had been teaching so on wednesday we contacted them and I think they are going to be legit. When we rung the doorbell their mom answered and before we could say anything she called her daughter to the door so they definitely already know who the missionaries are. But we got her phone number and I think it will be great. There are two daughters and Elder Meek said that one of them has a serious sickness, like cancer or something but that they are cool and pretty interested so I am excited. 
-We found a pretty church while streeting. Photos to come.
-We met with an awesome lady named Szo__. She is a tour guide, and speaks almost perfect english. She is super funny and really nice. She mostly wants to meet with us for help with english but she also said that she is open to talking about different beliefs so we will see where it goes with her. She is really cool though so hopefully she will be interested in the gospel too. 

-We met with Kla__ again, the 22 year old girl from angol óra. We taught her the plan of salvation and she just got it. The only worry she had was that she was going to be a bad person after she got her new resurrected body but we told her that if she was a good person in this life that she would be a good person in the next life because our spirits are still the same and we are still the same person, just perfected. She is super legit and she told us how sometimes she hears things and it feels like deja vu (is that how you spell it?) or like she has heard it before. She is just super cool and we set up to meet with her again this week.
-This little ice cream shop opened up right down the street from where we live so we stopped by and as we walked up the man behind the counter started speaking to us in english and so we asked him where he learned english and he told us he was born that way. We were confused so we asked him again, how he learned hungarian and he told us he was hungarian and learned it in school so we asked him again how he learned english and he told us the same thing that he was born that way so we were confused but after a bit of joking back and fourth we figured out that he was a linguistics major and that he he also was fluent in russian too. He is super weird and funny. He told us that him and his sister decided a month ago to open an ice cream shop so they did and that that was their first day of being open and that we were customers number 12 and 13. After we talked a bit he gave us some chocolate filled wafer things to dip in our ice cream. We told him we would definitely be back. The next day we went back and as we came walking up he stood up from his chair and shouted "the lányok!" which means "the girls" and we chatted a little bit about what we were doing here in hungary and he said that I pronounce my r's well, that I roll them haha He is super funny and I am stoked to become friends with him and maybe after we become friends with him he will want to meet with us. Oh his name is Fer__ by the way and his sisters name is Kri__.
-We met with the Popvicsék on friday. Gyöngyi is a member, and two of her kids are baptized but their dad isn't a member yet. He comes to church pretty frequently and is very nice but just isn't a member yet. We have had lessons with them in the past but last time Istvan didn't listen the whole time and wandered out of the room but this lesson we talked about prayer and how important family and individual prayer are so we brought some rocks and markers for the kids to color and make prayer rocks. This lesson he listened to the whole thing and helped the kids make them. Eszter (their 8 year old daughter who just got baptized) drew the first vision on it and was super cute. It was a really good lesson.

we found rapunzel's tower while looking for a soccer field

-On saturday we met with And__, Év__ and Tib__. The beginning of the lesson Év__ sort of broke down talking about how hard life was and how they were having money problems. We couldn't really understand everything she was talking about because she was talking really fast in hungarian and crying and we didn't want to be rude and ask her to repeat herself after she poured out all of her feelings so we just sort of sat there for a few seconds and all the sudden I thought to have her read 3 Nephi 22 and she loved it. Before she read the scripture there was just this sort of depressing feeling in the room and it just didn't feel good but after the all started smiling and we were able to teach a really good lesson about church attendance and the sacrament. We were super positive that they were coming to church because of how good the lesson was but unfortunately they canceled again but this time they promised they would come next week so if they don't come again we are going to hold them to that promise. They could be so much better if they just came to church!!! They said they understood the blessings they could get from it they just need to make the sacrifice to get the blessings. 
-Saturday evening we had dinner with the palmers, the american family in the branch. We had sweet pork tacos and it was just strange feeling like we were in america in their house. We also had brownies for dessert!! oh gosh I have missed american desserts. They don't really do cake and such the same here. They have fantastic pastries and sweet breads but not like cake and muffins or cookies the same. They also gave us a package of pop tarts which was super nice of them. 
Well thats about all I had for this week. It was pretty great and next week we  have a ton of programs already set up and we are going to explore a new city in our area called budafok which is, according to the elders, super pretty and european so I am excited. I love you all and I hope that you have a great week.
sok szeretettel,
heath nővér

Branch Easter party

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