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hallo sziasztok!

31 March 2015
hallo sziasztok! 
well, its been a week of tracting and tracting and tracting. We got permission to tract in a new city in our area, its called budatétény and is a nice central area. It has a big mall in it so there are a ton of people on the streets but we went out to a cute little neighborhood of five stories, which are apartment buildings that are only five stories. Apparently in hungary if a building is bigger than five stories it has to have an elevator in it so there are tons of buildings that are only five stories so that was fun walking up tons of stairs this week. 
We found one lady who is apparently friends with some members but she is a seventh day adventist (is that what it is called? in hungarian it is adventizsta). But she was super nice and has the cutest little boy with a big fro so we gave her a book of mormon and our number and hopefully she will call later. We also talked to a lady who used to meet with the missionaries but pretty firmly told us that there is no such thing as a living prophet so we didn't get too far with her. 
But the most exciting thing was yesterday. We have transfers tomorrow so we have pday today on tuesday instead of on monday so we went out working. We went to budatétény with the elders and split up which buildings we were going to tract. We got an amazing let in from a lady yesterday who was super open and it was just incredible. We decided to try building number nine first but nobody was interested so then we went across the way and tried building 12 which didn't have anyone interested either so then we tried ten. We cséngőed [rang the bell] but nobody answered but then a nice lady let us in the building. We went up to the top floor and knocked on a couple of doors until we got to her and she answered. She said that she saw us go into the building across from her and was sad that we weren't in hers and then she saw us go into the one next to her, and thought that we were never going to talk to her and then we finally knocked on her door. The first thing she said was that she had been waiting for us. She said she was super catholic and basically told us all about how she goes to church every sunday and her whole family is baptized catholic but that she always follows what she feels in her heart so we taught her about the book of mormon and at the end we asked if we could pray with her. We did and during the prayer we asked to bless Ir__ that she can know the truth. She started crying and after we ended she said that she has never heard a prayer like that before and that now that is the way she is going to pray!! it is so incredible that this super catholic lady can feel the truth so strongly and have the faith to follow it. dang the gospel must be true!!

pretty p-day pretending to live pride and predjudice

Thats about it for this week. Not too much exciting news. We got transfer calls this morning. I am staying in érd and my new companion will be sister sholly who apparently is pretty cool so it should be good. sister sellers is going to become sister training leader in debrecen so she is super excited. Debrecen is a really pretty city and it was where her mom greenied. 
I hope you all have a good week and that the snow isn't too crazy still! Remember how much God loves us all and don't forget to look for the tiny miracles. They are there if you look. And maybe you can be the tiny miracle for someone else. 
sok szeretettel 

some great hungarian and not so hungarian foods


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