Sunday, February 14, 2016

Boldog születésnapot!

so on sunday then napsi and andi stole our name tags and bags and started running around after church acting like they were us and it was just super funny.
 9 February 2016

hello all! So transfer calls came and surprise! I'm staying with Greenwood in Székes! anyways, here was our week!

We made pogácsa (sort of like these hungarian roll things) and bean soup with Ági Néni. Super basic hungarian stuff. It was good. We now qualify as typical hungarian house wives. 

We had cleaning checks and the Lunds came. They're a pretty cool senior couple. Super down to earth. 
Later we had a program with the Viktoriaék. It was super great. We helped Linda with her english homework a bit and after we taught them the plan of salvation. It was super cool because Linda had tons of questions and by the end her dad was even answering them with stuff that we had taught them. It was super cool. I hope they progress. 
Later that night then we had this private number g ring us (when they call, let it ring once then hang up so you have to call them back) twice but we couldn't call them back so we were super confused but then one of the greenies from sister greenwood's group called us and was like "how's your pizza?" and we were like what? but then we went downstairs and the pizza guy was annoyed because he had to wait and apparently woke up one of our neighbors who got angry. SO that's the story of how the nyiregyháza sisters ordered us a pizza.

We had a program with Nagy Tamás. It was good! He brought a friend and we taught them the restoration. It was super cool! She also had this diamond in her tooth so that was interesting... is that like a new look or something?
Later we met with Andrea and read from the Liahona with her. It was nice. 
That evening we had a really good program with this guy we tracted into named Péter. He had a ton of questions and it was super cool because when we gave him the Book of Mormon he was like, I was thinking I needed a new book to read..well, God gave you the best book ever to read! We're going back this week and are super excited! 

We had a long day of tracting. 
Later we had angol óra and basically just spent the whole class drawing animals on the white board and talking about what sounds they make. Apparently hungarian pigs say ruff ruff and ducks say páp páp and bears say broom broom. 

We had district meeting.
Later tracted some more. 
In the evening we had a program with emil. It is always and interesting program. He is a super smart guy and we always have an interesting discussion with him and he gets it all but at the end he just won't come to church. I think he's just nervous but I haven't figured out what of yet. He said that maybe he'd come to angol óra first...interesting

We had a program with nüsi néni. It was good. It was cool because we talked a lot about resurrection and she was really confused with how that will work but as I explained how Christ was resurrected and how he was the same person (we know because of the nail prints in his hands), just in perfect form, she seemed to understand. She in the past has just been really closed and claimed that resurrection is not going to happen but as I talked about Christ's resurrection she seemed to understand how that can happen for all of us! It was super awesome to see her understand.
Later we went ice skating for sport nap. It was fun.

We had church and later játék est. 

In the morning we got sister greenwood's residency card. Then we tracted. Then we had lunch.
Later we had a program with a former investigator named Balázs. It was super good. He had trouble recognizing answers so we talked a lot about how the Spirit works and about prayer and it was just really good. He's a super sweetheart and he really just wants to know if its true. 
That evening we had dinner at a members house way out in this little falú a million miles away (well an hour, but it felt like forever). It was super great. It was little napsi's family and it was just super fun. We have a pretty great branch here. 

Well, I hope you all have a good week! I love you all tons and Happy Birthday David and Julia!! I hope it was a good one for both of you!!

Sister Heath 
we were waiting by this door tracting the other day and the only thing we heard was meowing and then this little guy stuck his head out and followed us for a few houses before turning back.

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