Sunday, February 21, 2016

Still in the székes lands!

we made valentines!
15 February 2016

hello all! yet another week on the island with my lovely companion sister greenwood.
We had transfer calls in the morning then emailed and that evening had a program with the viktoriaék! It was pretty good. We talked about faith with them and read Alma 32 from the children's book of mormon. 
We went tracting for a while and got sister greenwood's first let in!! woo! It was this crazy family of gs and so this is what happened. So we were csengőing [ringing] into the building and this kid comes up and asks if we want to get in, so he lets us in and we go up to the door that we stopped on but he got off the elevator on the fourth floor. We asked a ton of people with no real success until we got to the fourth floor again. We didn't know which door was his so we just went for the first door and as I went to ring the bell the door flung open and these two guys were standing in the doorway. We told them we were missionaries and they said wait a minute and brought their even bigger and buffer dad to the door and as soon as we told him we were missionaries he said "gyertek" or come in. We go in and start trying to teach them but the whole time the dad is trying to get the family to listen but nobody wants to, until he finally forced them to. It was interesting. Basically I taught the restoration like three times. It was super funny though because as I was trying to explain the book of mormon to the dad and I was telling him about how lehi got commanded to leave jerusalem then he was like "oh I've seen a movie about this" and then brought in prince of persia and was telling us that the main guy in it was a prophet and he had like this prophetess wife and it was...interesting. But as we invited them to church they were very honored and told us because we invited them to church they're going to invite us to make food sometime. So, that was fun. We'll see what it is with them next.
lovely family we tracted into.
Later, we met our new elders. Elder anderson and a greenie because elder mellor is dying in a few days so there's a trio. They seem good. 
We had scheduled a program with Andrea so we took the bus out to her. On the bus then this guy came up to us and was staring, which isn't too unusual but then he plopped his bag down on sister greenwood's lap and started unzipping it and so we were freaked out a bit. Then after he pointed at her name tag and was like (in very hard to make out hungarian) "whats that". I told him we were missionaries but he didn't seem to understand. Before he got off the bus though he stroked sister greenwood's hand and was like "nem baj, nem baj." (no problem, no problem). It was interesting to say the least. When we got to andrea's her door was locked (usually we just walk right in because she is in a  wheelchair and can't open the door for us). We called to reschedule with her and she got really sad that the door was locked. It was pretty heart breaking. 
We decided to do some tracting out near andrea's so we went a few streets up and started tracting. Nothing too exciting, except a dog peeing on us through a fence and a bácsi asking us which sect we are from. 
Later we had a program with Péter, the guy we tracted into last week. We brought a member Atilla with us. When we got there he had a friend over, Zoli. We started talking with them and I basically went over with Zoli what we talked about with Péter last time and it was good until they started to argue a bit. We think that Péter invited his friend Zoli over because Zoli has a vast knowledge of the bible and religions. It was actually super cool though because Zoli and Péter kept making these arguments but I had an answer for every one of them. It was kind of rough on greenwood though, because she couldn't understand as much and so it just sounded like arguing for her. But I was amazed that I was able to answer them and in the end the complimented my hungarian which was kind of a cool moment. It was also kind of cool because Atilla visited sister sholly in Érd when we served together and so he saw how well I could speak there (aka, couldn't) and he said it was just so cool to see how I have improved. I felt kind of cool. But even though they were argumentative and didn't want to listen they said we could come back next week and teach them about God's plan for us. Should be good. 
We had district meeting. 
Later we had a program with Emil. He called greenwood a wild flower. 
greenwood and andi
sport nap. aka, játék est. [game night]
21 baby!! woot! 
We had church which was good. Napsi and Andi are going to be me and greenwood for farsang (a holiday here. sort of like halloween in spring to scare away the winter). So that will be adorable. 
Before játék est we had cake and rakott krumpli with the elders! I think this is going to be a birthday tradition for me to have rakott krumpli on my birthday because last year elder meek and lindow made it for me in érd. Sister greenwood was adorable and got me a cute magnite for my birthday. It was good! 
Well I hope that you all had as good as a week as we had here! Sometimes life can be weird and you get peed on by dogs but still God loves you and has a plan.

Happy monday and have a good week!
Sister Heath 
after a year of searching. I found the license plate with my initials

just walkin down the streets of hungary in the rain with a cake.
me and napsi


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