Sunday, February 7, 2016

Life is good and God is still real

székes belváros at night
2 February 2016

happy tuesday to you all! so fun fact, our emailing place is closed here every first monday of the month so thats fun. Thus emailing tuesday.

Nothing super exciting. We tried peanut butter flavored oreos. Not worth it. They just taste weird. 

We got all of sister greenwood's stuff figured out at the hivatal and now she will soon be legal! Later that day we helped this member's boss. She works at this english school so they recorded us saying some simple sentences in english so they can play them to their students later. It was cool. They were super nice. 

We visited this lady named andrea. She has MS and is in a wheelchair and basically confined to her home which is sad but she was super sweet. We read Elder Uctdorf's talk, a summer with aunt rose to her and chatted for a bit. It was nice. 
Later we went tracting and on the way to our area we got streeted by Jehovah's Witnesses. That was fun, she told us that our work was beautiful but our church was wrong, but it's all good. She was impressed that we could speak a little hungarian. haha
After tracting for a while we were trying to csengő into this building and this néni told us that it wasn't any use because half the people weren't home and the other half wouldn't let us in but I told her that's okay, we'll keep trying and then right after she left we got buzzed into the building and the guy said he was busy now but we set up a time to meet next week!
It was my year mark in hungary so we got some take out and just spent a relaxing night watching our search for happiness. It was nice and cheesy. 

We had a program with Bogi in the morning and found out that her calling is to help with primary music and so she asked us to help her, so I think we're basically going to be in primary every week. #score.
Later we had angol óra. It was good. I gave them a pancake recipe so that will be fun to see if they can make it. 

We had district meeting. 
Later we tracted. 

We had weekly planning.
Later we went tracting and met this guy who said he was interested and we could come back! 
Also, Luiza got baptized in Pécs!! Wooo!! 

We had church, and during sacrament meeting napsi drew little flowers in my planner. 
Later we went to primary and it was fun, we helped with the music and colored. All that life needs to be :)
Heath Nővér (aka napsi)
sister greenwood and andi
We made hungarian food with Ági néni int he morning. It was fun. We can now cook pogácsa like a real magyar. 

Well, I hope you all had a good week!! Life is good and God is still real so that's what keeps us going. 
heath nővér

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