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jó reggelt!

there is an old retired street car near our apartment and sometimes it has fun magnets on it
 21 September 2015
Say hello to another wonderful week in Pécs!
We had a program with Attila. This time we had planned to teach the restoration but as we got into the program we started talking a bit more about the importance of taking action and reading and praying. We also helpped him download the gospel library app and we watched a mormon message with him. ( He us such a stubborn guy but he always has the best questions and I really think he is interested, because if you weren't interested you wouldn't worry about taking the time to think about such deep questions. He is a really great guy and I can't wait to see where his search for answers takes him.
We then had a program with Dávid. We went over the restoration. He is such a super star and already knew it all. It all just makes sense with him. It was super cool too because we were talking about mormon messages with him and he said that he watches at least one every night before he goes to bed because they just make you feel so good. Seriously this kid is amazing.
Dávid's quote for the day!! (back story. So there is a statue of Jesus on one of the hills here and you can climb up to it. I sent a photo of it last week. So Dávid was chilling up by the jesus statue and this is what he said) Us: "you were thinking about Jesus?" Dávid: "he told me to make a selfie with him."
We had a program with Gizi néni. She is a super sweet older lady who was neighbor to our mission president. They actually taught her all the lessons as they were preparing to become mission president so she has had all the discussions. She is a super religious catholic lady but she LOVES the book of mormon. She loves how it is about a family and how they are close to God. I'm not sure if she gets that it isn't just another book but she is super nice so we'll see where it goes. She gave us a tour of her house and it was beautiful. So the Zsolnay ceramic company is huge here in Pécs and everyone has some Zsolnay. He collection was beautiful. She also had tons and tons of books because her husband was a teacher. She is super sweet.
We then had a program with Merci. She is a young girl in her 20s going to university to become a tour guide. She is the one that gave us a tour of the Zsolnay factory. Her dad is a member but is usually away for business in germany so she lives with her mom, who is not very fond of the church. Merci has a really strong testimony and really wants to be baptized but her mom said that if she is baptized she will be kicked out of the house. We watched the restoration film with her and the spirit was super strong. She has such a desire to be baptized but its so difficult with her mom. We promised her that Heavenly Father will provide a way for her because her deisres are righteous and Heavenly Father will help her find a way.
After that we had a progarm with another college student, Daniel. He is studying law and is super nice. Dávid was our little member present in the program! We talked a lot about how we can receive help from God and why reading the book of mormon is so important. It was super cool because he has had some experences in the past where he had a hard test and when he prayed for help, he was able to pass it. So he knows that God is real. It was a super super great lesson. We really emphasized that if you read the Book of Mormon, you will get an answer that it is God's word and that your day will really be better if you read it, but that we have to make it a habit or else it doesn't work. He promised that he would read it but that he he couldn't this weekend because he was going up to budapest. Ha, good excuse. We helped him download the app on his phone and boom, you can read on the train daniel! He is such a cool guy and I think Dávid really helped him see that these things we promise him aren't just words but that if we really try them, we can do them. He is pretty addicted to his coffee he says, but dávid shared his testimony that after he got baptized, it was so easy to resist drinking and everything else. I think that really intrigued daniel because we talked about baptism a bit after that.
That evening we had a little családi est at András's. We watched the mormon message about the marshmallows and being patient. It was super great.

We went over to a member Éva's and made this chocolate cake with her. It was phenom.
Then we had a progarm at the branch house with Erzsi and Niki and András came and helped. It was a really good program. We talked about making goals and how she can reach her goal of baptism. She decided that she wants to get back married to her ex husband and that he wants it too. Its kind of an interesting situation but we'll see. In the past her pár would make us ask permission for Erzsi to be able to go to church but he was kind of a punk about it, so Niki volunteered to go over sunday morning and ask if Erzsi could come. Apparently, Niki walked right in there and straight to her pár's face basically said "I'm here to take erzsi to church. Is that going to be a problem?" and he was totally freaked out and gave her permission to come every week with Niki. Boom member power! This sunday Erzsi was there!!
That evening we had angol óra. It was good. Nothing too exciting.
view of pécs on the way to éva's house
Friday: We had a program with Pui Kati. Her son is a member but her pár doesn't want to get married so she can't be baptized. Its another interesting situation. She is a super sweet lady though. She is romanian but has been living in hungary for a long time now. She has a hard time reading but it was an incredible experience when we visited her. She said that she had been feeling like she needed to read from the book of mormon even though it is hard and so she flipped the book open and it was to second nephi chapter 22. (which happens to be one of my favorites). She could only read one verse but she read verse 2 which reads "2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation." She felt the spirit so strong when she read it and she knew that Heavenly Father helped her.
the main square
So this weekend there has been a big festival in pécs. The whole main square was taken over by this big stage and there have been little concerts and stuff going on but on friday this band from pécs that has gotten pretty big performed. It was super cool. We didn't stay to watch the whole thing obviously but the few minutes they were there they played the Pécs aktual song! It was super cool. Punnany Massif is the name of the band.

We had district meeting and then after that we went with Dávid to visit the TV tower. So on the hillside of pécs there is a huge tower that you can go up to and see the view of the city. One of Dávid's friends works there so he gave us a ride up in the elevator for free. It was super beautiful and you can see croatia from the top of the tower. Super cool.
view from the tv tower

we got cute little ice cream sundays on the top the tv tower

 That evening we had a program with Dávid and András where we watched the whole Joseph Smith: the prophet of the restoration film. It was super cool and dávid said he learned some new things about Joseph. It was also cool because I think Dávid is thinking more about serving a mission. He made a couple of comments that make me thing he is thinking more seriously about it.

We had a really good sunday. Erzsi came and she felt the spirit super strong during sacrament meeting and she stayed for gospel doctrine too!! Dávid also got his triple combination and new member certificate from the makkai elnök!

dávid is offically a member!!

Well, its been a good week here in pécs. This week we have zone conference up in budapest so that will be good. We get to hear from one of the area 70s so it should be great. I hope you all have a good week! Love you tons!

Sister Heath 
The street we live on 

our street at night
a cool old building from the turkish times

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  1. Beautiful place, like a movie set. And she's an awesome sister missionary.