Sunday, November 15, 2015

living in the city of dreams, aka Pécs

 the member we had dinner with yesterday night
 28 September 2015

We visited the terrerium with Dávid. There was this cool bird that sister Levanen made friends with and every time she tried to walk away, it started squaking really loud. Basically Levanen is the bird whisperer.
That evening we had our usual fruit soup with András. Finomság.
terrerium with dávid
dávid fist pumping the bird that levanen made friends with
Sister Widtfelt
cocoa with dávid
We had a program with Gizi néni that morning. It was good except at the end she said that she didn't have time to meet anymore and didn't want to waste our time. But hey, we got break up süti. She made this delicious kind of like a german pancake but more cake like with cherries in it. It was good. She also gave us post cards of pécs. Well, now I know what to do if I ever break up with a guy. "I'm sorry I just don't have time for you anymore, but hey, I made süti!"
We had a program with Dávid later and taught the plan of salvation. It went great. He remembered it all :)
After that we had a program with Daniel. It was great. We read 2 nefi 2 with him and talked about how God has shown us the way to be happy and if we listen to his advice we are going to find happiness. We promised him that we would send him scriptures to read during the week because he always says he forgets so we texted him this week too and he read! and he said it was good and made a lot of sense. He is super cool!
We had zone conference in budapest! So that meant that we had to get up at four o'clock to catch the train. fun. haha but eventually we got there and conference was great. President really focused on the importance of the Sabbath day and how it is really more than just another day. We also watched some really good clips from the 12 apostles about how when we fully undersand the importance of the sabbath we will change our whole way of life. It is such a special thing that God gave us the chance every sunday to partake of the sacrament and to be able to have a fresh start every week. It was interesting too because they pointed out that the sacrament is the only ordinance that we repeat for ourselves. It was a really good conference.
After the conference we had interviews with President. He is just such an incredible man. He really understands what these people here in Hungary need and he just so loving. Everything he does, is based on helping these people. I really respect him a lot. It was really nice to get to know him a bit better.
After interviews we went to this "mexican" resturaunt called gringos with Sister Sellers and her comp and Meek and the zone leaders. Apparently it was started by a member that wanted to bring a cafe rio like resturaunt to budapest. It was okay I guess haha 

Then we caught the train back from budapest with the kaposvár elders and had the long train ride home. Definitly different than Érd where it was just a fifteen minute train ride from buda.
me and sister levanen with lea the szabadkai's daughter
We had a program with Erzsi. It was super good. She is super great. Also her "husband" and son came to church with her this sunday! it was a miracle!

We then looked up a referral from Szabadkai elnök. It was his cousin and she let us in! her name also just happens to be Erzsi. But we gave her a book of mormon and she said she would read out of it. She was super sweet and after she showed us all the photos of her grandkids. Such a nice lady.
We then had a program with Attila. He is just so stubborn. Great but stubborn. We taught the plan of salvation and he just kept arguing the whole time. It was okay I guess though. His phone rang like 6 times in the lesson though and every time he just silenced it and kept talking to us. I feel like if he really wasn't interested he wouldn't have done that. Hmmm. I don't know what to think about him.
After that we had angol óra. It was good.
We had a program with H Kati. It was kind of awkward because I think she forgot about it and the kids were running all around. I felt the spirit when we were talking about the scriptures though so I don't know. She said she wants us to come back next week. We'll see how it goes.
We then had a program with Merci!! I just love her to death. We taught the plan of salvation. It was super great. She got all choked up when she started talking about why she loves the plan of salvation. Its one of her favorite things about the gospel. She is just so great. I just keep praying that she will be provided with a way to be baptized.
We then had fiatal est that evening. It was great. Dávid's sister was super sweet and made this kind of banana pudding dessert thing for us.
teaching the plan of salvation to merci
We did some tracting in the morning and then that afternoon we got lunch with dávid. Then that evening instead of doing normal sport nap [sport day] because it was rainy we just went up to tettye and saw the outlook of the city lights and walked back home.
our adventure up tettye for sport nap in the rain
view of pécs at night time
We had church then after church a member, Szilvi, invited us over for lunch. It was super super great. She used to own a cukrászda or a cake shop so she is a super good baker and cook. Her whole family cooks too so actually her 11 year old daughter was the one that made the dinner. We were super impressed. She also has an inactive 18 year old son that was there too. It was just super great, and they were all so nice. They had some new cats that just had kittens so there were these adorable kittens running around. It was super fun to watch them. Basically the greatest family ever. The son also showed us some good hungarian music. If anyone is interested one of the good songs he showed us was jó nekem by ocho macho. yay for hungarian music!

Fun random info about the week. We have started keeping count of all the man buns we see, whether they be ninja buns or normal. We are up to 13 so far. Everybody in europe has them, although according to dávid they aren't so popular anymore haha

Well I hope you all have a good week! Jesus is truly our saviour. He suffered for us so we don't have to. All we have to do is accept His sacrifice and strive to be more like him. He is such a loving loving older brother. Anyhow, Have a good one!
Puszilak titeket!
Heath Nővér

kürtöskalács, aka delicious warm cinnamon sugary bread stuff
the székes templom
one of my favorite statues in pécs. thumbs up
pécs város!

dávid with the madártej his mom made for us
the cool zsolnay statue in the middle of szecsenyi tér

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