Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello Pécs!!

my new comps, sister levänene (in black sweater) and sister widtfeldt (in grey dress)
 7 September 2015

well, big news before anything else. I got transfered to a city called pécs, so no longer am I in szeged. So I'm in another trio with sisters widtfeldt and levänene. Sister widtfeldt is going to be going home soon and sister levänene has already been here for two transfers so president didn't want it so at the transfer that they would be white washing pécs so he sent me in here for the last month of the transfer to get to know the city before I get a new comp. So thats fun!!
Pécs is literally the most beautiful city in the existance of beautiful. Basically when you picture a european city, pécs is what you would get. Photos to come.
Well I guess I'll say how my week went.
Monday: (still in szeged)
So we got a new elder in szeged so we had dinner as a district and got to know each other a bit. It was nice. Troja's is a classic.
We had a program with Zsolt. It was great. We talked a lot about the new testament. Hes doing great.
Then we had lunch with a member, Géza. It was the most food I have ever eaten in my life. Like thanksgiving on steroids. So we went with all the elders so it was eight of us over all, luckily. First we had a bean soup, a big ole bowl of it. Then we had fruit soup, another big bowl. Then we had pork with cucumber salad and potatoes, then we had pörkölt over nokedli, which is basically stewed meats over noodles,. Then we had cake and watermelon. The thing with hungarians is that if you don't eat it all they think that you don't like it so you have to eat ALL of it. I was so proud of myself for getting it all down. Sister Hawker kept having to pass things to elder oakes to eat. It was super funny. The best moment though was when elder höferl was eating the pörkölt he couldn't finish it so when geza left the room he swapped his plate with oakes and so when geza came in the room he was super surprised because he finished it all but then he realized that they swapped and he just started laughing and called höferl a "kis német lány" or little german girl. We all just burst out laughing and almost threw up from laughing so much. Basically we didn't have to eat for days after that. Hes like a super néni.
We had a surprise call from president wednesday morning telling me that I was going to be transfered to pécs so basically we spent most of the day packing and saying goodbye to people.
We had a program with Alexa and Ibolya that evening. We talked about how to find happiness in this life and focusing on the good. It was really good. They are wonderful people.
So that morning then president wanted to go streeting with the elders so while he did that sister szabadkai went streeting with us. It was super fun. It was her first time streeting so it was cool to show her the ropes. Then I said goodbye to sister cropper and hawker and we drove to kecskemét to pick up my new comps because they were on splits with the stls in kecskemét. Then after a stop at mcdonalds we were on our way to pécs. 

Basically my new comps are the coolest ever. I have wanted to be comps with sister widtfeldt since being comps with sholly and sister levänene is super great too. Its her second transfer and she already speaks so well. Basically I am in the prettiest city in hungary with the best comps ever. Seriously feeling so blessed.
So thursday evening we had angol óra. It was pretty great, small but fun.

Also after angol óra we went streeting around the city sort of show me around. It is seriously heaven. There are little street performers everywhere and all the buildings are beautiful. There is this really cool street band that we are sort of friends with called INTU. I don't know how to describe the music but its beautiful. Its kind of like post folk. So cool. Also, Kelly, there is a man with a beard that always plays the banjo, it made me think of you.

We had a program that morning with a lady named Jutka. She is this older lady that LOVES the scriptures. She knows that the book of mormon is a great book but we basically talked about how we can find out if it is Gods word, and what that means if it is God's word. So it was a great program. She is so loving and kind.
We then had a program with a lady named Erzsi. She was on bap date until they found out she wasn't actually married to her husband. They had been married, then divorced, then had a kid, then started living together again. but they never got married again. So its a strange situation, especially since he isn't the best to her, she doesn't really want to get married again but its hard because he supports them. Its crazy. But she is super nice. We talked about service and she gets it all. Her son is adorable also. He just started school.
That evening we had fiatal est (basically like a ysa night). It was super fun. We made waffles and I got to know the branch. They are all super cool. Everything is just perfect here.

We have a bap date named Dávid. He is the COOLEST kid ever. He is 18 and has been investigating for a couple of months. He is super nice and is just all around wonderful. So he had his baptismal interview on saturday and passed!! so we went out to lunch with him. It was super great. I am so stoked for his baptism this saturday. Its strange because I don't even know him that well yet but I already love him so much. That just says the type of kid he is. He is just genuine, maybe a little quiet but he is so sincere and you can just see the light of Christ in him. He has had to give up so much already for the gospel but you can see that he knows that it is worth it. He really loves the gospel and we are excited for his baptism.
That evening we had sport nap but because it was raining we just played ping pong and jenga with them. It was good. Then we got fagyi afterwards.

Got to know the branch. They are wonderful. Super legit people. Sister levänene got up to bear her testimony and I am so proud, she said it all perfectly. Seriously she doesn't even know how good she is. She is like the living, walking gift of tongues.

Well, not too much more. Life is fantastic here. I am excited to be in pécs. This city has already stolen my heart. I am excited to see what is to come! I hope you all have a good week!!

Heath Nővér
my personal touch at district meeting.

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