Sunday, November 15, 2015

things are looking green...

 6 October 2015

well, before anything else I have some pretty big news. So we got transfer calls this morning and *drum roll* I'm training! I'm kind of surprised because I still haven't gone co-senior or senior yet, but it makes sense because of how many sisters are coming in. I'm a little nervous but sister widtfeldt will be staying with me for about a week before she heads home so I'll have a little help during the begining. It'll be good.
anyways this week I forgot my old planner so I can't really remember everything that happened. Some of the highlights:
we had splits with the kecskemét stls. It was super good seeing sister whittaker and sholly again. They are awesome :) We had a good program with president szabadkai's cousin. She had already read up to first nephi 15 so that was pretty cool!
Sis Sholly &  Widtfelt
Me and sis Sholly
We also had conference!!! wooo!! that was awesome. I felt like I got a lot of spiritual direction and guidance. It was really cool to see how they are focusing on the basics like our relationship with Heavenly Father and the importance of our everyday relationships. I wish it could have lasted longer! One of our investigators, Erzsi, came and she loved it. We had a program with her the day after and she just started crying because she felt the spirit so strongly during the conference and she felt like it gave her spiritual strength she never knew she lacked. She is so so incredible.
Dávid also brought a friend to conference!! We were so excited! and she is interested in meeting with us! We are meeting with her on thursday! so that will be great!
our less active Mária
Well, I honestly can't remember too much else of what happened and I am kind of scatter brained thinking about training but things are going to be great! I love you all and have a great week!
sister heath

p-day adventures with Dávid
cool but kind of creepy Jesus statue on the hill

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