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Gondolkodom, tehát vagyok / another great week in Székesfehérvár, Magyarország!

most adorable graffiti
18 January 2016

Hello!! so here was my first full week in Székesfehérvár!

We had a family home evening at this members home at this members house. It was really nice. We made little hungarian sandwiches (basically bread, kolbász and butter). The we shared our spiritual thought and played uno. It was fun. One of their little girls is obsessed with elder bradshaw, so that was funny. She was giving him all sorts of hugs and tons of stickers. 

We went to the hivatal to get sister greenwood's residency card. The sisters from dunaújváros had to come up here to get theirs too, so that was nice to see them. It was kind of a miracle because sister greenwood's papers got stained by the blue folder they were in but they still accepted the papers so that was good.
Later we went tracting and I got kicked out of a building for the first time in my mission! It was funny though, because sister greenwood has already been kicked out twice. I've been much more used to tracting family houses, not ten stories so it has been a little getting used to that here since there are more ten stories. But the lady was just so rude. I think the people are nicer in pécs and I've gotten a little softened. I did hear that the closer you get to budapest the more closed the people are but I started my misson right near budapest so I didn't understand as much back then but now that I'm back closer to pest than I'm sort of realizing it. It'll be a good challenge though I think. 
#allday #everyday
 That evening we had a good lesson with the Viktoriaék. They are a couple that runs a daycare and have four kids. It was really good. We talked about the book of mormon and prayer and their daughter (I think she's 10) showed us all the books she was reading and at the end their little son (I think he's three) said the prayer! It was freaking heart-melting. 
That night, as we were headed home, there was the biggest spider I have ever seen just hanging down out of the tree outside of our building. It was disgusting. Sister greenwood had nightmares about it. 

We had a program with a less active, Bogi. It was really good. She's super nice :) 
Later we visited Nüsi Néni. She is super old and stubborn but awesome. She talked about so so much stuff. I don't even know. There were too many topics we went through but she said that I was a good little prophetess so that was cool. She said that I was different than the other girls. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...
kati néni. Shes this statue in the town square that if you rub her nose its supposed to give you good luck.
We had a good program with a less active Istvan. He talks. so. much. But he was really nice and he loves the temple so that's good. He said his dream in life is to go to salt lake to see the temple and shake hands with president monson. 
After that we had Angol óra. I was kind of nervous because it was my first time teaching something that wasn't profi but teaching kezdő was good. After the lesson the students said that it was really good because I made them all talk. so that was good I guess. There is this adorable couple from angol óra that we walked home with, Toni and andi. They are super cool. (more about them later)

We had district was different but good I guess. 
We had a lunch program with a darling néni named ági. But she doesn't like it if you call her néni. She is super cool. She offered to teach us how to cook so sometime we're probably going to go over there and cook with her! woot! She made delicious rakott krumpli. 
We then tracted some, but with not too much success. We did give out one book of mormon but she didn't want to meet, but it was good. But then we noticed the sun was setting and there was a little pond nearby so we took a break and watched the sunset and we have the song clair de lune on our phone somehow so we just played that and watched the sunset and had one of those "I'm in hungary" moments. It was really nice. 
After that we had a program with a sweet bácsi named emil. It was good, he gave us little cookies and soda but was weirded out that we both chose to drink water instead of coke. It was funny. He was just so confused. But it was good.
our sunset we saw while listening to clair de lune. We felt like we were in a movie or something.
sister greenwood and her spirit tree.
me and "greenie" wood!
We had weekly planning and some tracting. We finished like this really long building and only got hung up on twice over the intercom. so that was good. 

We had church! It was good.  I've become friends with this little girl in the ward named Napsi. She's the branch presidents daughter and so adorable. Probably one of the chillest kids I have ever met. 
Later we had dinner with Toni and Andi. They made us pizza and pumpkin for dessert! They are the cutest couple ever and they met at angol óra like four years ago. Really cute story. But they've been the type of people that missionaries have been meeting with for years but nobody has really done missionary work with them, just more like friendshipping. But when I asked them if I could share my favorite scripture with them it was really cool and they loved it. Andi was totally loving it and Toni just got this sort of contemplative look on his face. It was really interesting. I really think they have potential. 

Well, that was our week! I hope you all are doing good! Love you!
Sister Hit 
theres a lot of cool graffiti here
I really want to go to this dentist...

25 January 2016

another great week in Székesfehérvár, Magyarország! 

After emailing we went ice skating with the elders and one of their investigators. It was pretty fun. The best part though was that elder mellor tried to scare me by scraping his ice skates really fast in front of me but instead just ended up falling. #karma
ice skating
We went tracting and met this darling néni outside of her building as we were trying to csengő in. Her name is Piroska and she smelled like pálinka (hungarian alcohol made out of fruit). She at first was curious about why we were trying to ring in and I told her that we were missionaries and it was okay if she didn't want to let us in that we would keep ringing other's bells to see if they were interested. She didn't say anything and just started at my name tag so I asked her if she had heard about the church. Basically we got into this long discussion about why god gives us hard things and I gave her a book of mormon and she said that we could come back sometime. She was super sweet if only a little drunk but she has a hard life and we can't wait to see her again.
After we had a lesson with a less active named Rozsi néni. She is an interesting lady and definitely believes in reincarnation. But she had this super sassy cat with a short tail so that was fun. Then at the end of the program as we were saying goodbye, she pulled out this other cat from behind her bed or who knows where and was like, "this cat's cuter, the other one is ugly". 

We had lunch with Toni at this cafeteria near his work place which was straight out of the seventies. It was cool.
We had planned a program with this lady but nobody was home/they didn't answer so we ended up going tracting over near her house in some family houses. It was greenwood's first time tracting családi houses so that was fun. She got the whole smell of wood smoke and dogs barking experience while freezing your butt off. It reminded me of érd :)
Later we had a missionary world wide training that we watched at the branch house. It was super cool to get training from the 12 about how to be a better missionary and what we really need to focus on. 
the lakes are all frozen over!
We had zone training in dunaújváros. It was great to see my little pécsi missionaries again :)
also, (photos to follow) elder martindale (the elder I sewed the fox for christmas) gave me an early birthday present which turned out to be a smaller version of the fox I sewed him that he sewed all by himself! Its pretty adorable. 
After that we had angol óra. Nothing too exciting.
 a doodle elder martindale did during zone training
We had a program with emil, the less active. It was super good. We talked a lot about repentance. The spirit was super strong. Hes a darling bácsi. 

We tracted this giant building. It started snowing during the middle of it so that was pretty. 

We went to primary for the third hour of church. It was fantastic, literally one hundred percent understandable. I wish we could go every week. 
We had a really good program with a guy named tamás whos been investigating for like three years now. It was super good. 

well, thats about all for this week! 

sok szeretettel,
Heath Nővér
my new little fox. (ignore the mess)
we found an angst wall in town.
cute little thingie outside a toy show in the belváros
 random thing hanging from a lamp shop.

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