Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Zone conference, Buda, and Farsang Buli!

22 February 2016

Happy p-day from székes!

We met with our branch president and he gave us like eleven referrals of less actives to visit so that was sick!
Later we met with Balázs! It was a super good program. We talked more about our relationship with God and how to find out if he is real. As we were teaching I thought of comparing God to the wind. We can't see him but we can see how he works and we can feel his presence. It was really cool to think of God in that way and reminded me to notice him in all the little things like the leaves blowing in the trees. 
That evening we had a program with the viktoriaék. We think we may drop them. They mostly just want to meet with us so they can practice english. Which is fun and all but they don't really respond to the gospel part of our lessons, so that was kind of sad to say goodbye but we'll probably stop in on them later and see if anything has changed. 
That evening we said goodbye to elder mellor who just finished his mission. We now are down to just two elders again.
We tracted in the morning and then later had a program with Nagy tamás. It was super good! We are trying to be tougher with him and so this week we've been texting him every day to not forget to read and pray! We talked a lot about eternal life and what that really means. Sister greenwood was super inspired during the lesson and shared a scripture that really got him thinking.
me and levanen at zone training!
We had zone conference in duna. It was good.
me and simmons on the train after zone training
After that we went up to buda for splits with the stls (hafen and hawker!) It was wonderful. I went tracting with hafen that evening while hawker and greenwood taught angol óra. It was so great to just talk with hafen after being away from each other for so long. It was also super cool to see how we've both improved since the mtc. Its crazy that we've already been here for over a year! 
with hafen streeting!
with hafen
with hawker
Finished splits. Went tracting with hawker. It was awesome. She's gotten so good at hungarian since we were comps! 
That evening we had our last program with emil before we handed him over to the elders. It was sad saying goodbye to him :( 
After that we went to our branch president's house for dinner! It was super fun.

We had lunch with Ági. It was a really cool program because she said she actually learned something. I think mostly the missionaries used to meet with her and just share spiritual thoughts that weren't too controversial but we decided to talk about after this life and stuff and the resurrection and it was just super cool. She super liked that we don't believe in hell.
That evening we had a Farsang Buli! Basically its like hungarian halloween in february. Its supposed to scare winter away. It was the best branch party I've been to here in hungary. It was awesome. So me and greenwood dressed up as elders and we lip synced to elder anderson singing "ye elders of israel" behind us. It was super funny. Later the member in charge of the party asked me of I knew abba's "I have a dream" which of course I do. So he asked me if I could sing it for the branch and then everyone would join in at the end. And so that's how I ended up singing abba in elders clothes in hungary. It was magical. Later we even karaoked to the "magyarország" song as a branch. It was super fun. A big group of members also dressed up as star wars characters. Pretty much one of the coolest branches ever. 
Also! tamás came to the party and brought a friend!! It was wonderful!
helping set up for the party

star wars
our branch president and his wife
 us as elders
We had church and then later we went to toni and andi's and they made me some birthday süti since they were sick last week and said they couldn't. It was great! 
After that we had a program with Regina. Shes one of the elders recent converts that we started meeting with. She is super cool and down to earth. Shes 18 and loves the book of mormon. We're super excited to start meeting with her!

I hope you all had a great week too!! Love you all!
Sister Heath 
"heath nővér and elder"
andi and napsi dressed up as sisters greenwood and heath
this cool snake statue we found


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