Sunday, March 6, 2016

jó hetet kivánok!

​a better photo from us dressing up as elders last week. (our new district)
29 Feb 2016

Hello all!!
So not a super exciting week for me here. Sister Greenwood and I went to the doctors on tuesday because she hurt her foot somehow so after our interviews in Dunaújváros we went up to Buda and got it checked out. Turns out she had an "inflamed tendon" and was put on bed rest for a week so this whole week we were stuck in our apartment. I kind of felt like a nurse bringing her food in bed and making sure she took her meds. But when we were in buda we got to see parliament again at night with the STLs. Probably the most exciting part of our week. Although this meant we got a lot of Liahona reading, Legacy, and cake making (on my part) in these past few days. 
the parliament

We got asked by a guy from the stake last week to teach primary though this week so that was super fun. We related prayer to a hamburger. The kids loved it. 
The december 2015 liahona has a super cool talk about covenants. 

Well, I hope you all had a good week and we are excited to have freedom again this week! 

Sister Heath 
selfies with mini-me

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