Sunday, March 13, 2016

Slightly more exciting week :)

our district (me, greenwood, anderson and stringham)
 8 March 2016

Hello all!
So this week we got to go out of our apartment again! it was good, sister Greenwood's foot is still hurting her but not as bad as before so we got some stuff in but have still been taking it slow.

We had a program with a less active guy named Zoli. It was interesting. He was very nice but if felt like he was trying to teach us and he kept giving us suggestions of how we could teach different things to our investigators. He kept saying "el tudod képszelni?" tons too (it means can you imagine?)
Oh and also, we were tracting and somebody dumped water on us out of their window. Luckily there was a ledge so we dodged it haha
We mostly just tracted and did some look ups. Nothing exciting. 

We had a program with Balázs and it was super good. We talked about not being slothful and that's how I learned the word for sloth in hungarian, lajhár.
Later we tried doing another look up and we couldn't find the building so I took out my map to make sure we were on the right street and these two guys came up and asked us what we were looking for. We started talking with them of course about why we were here and it was really good. I was mostly trying to talk with one of them so sister greenwood was left on her own to talk to the other and I was super proud of her because she gave him a book of mormon! He also invited her to pizza which was funny but they were super nice and helped us find where we needed to go. 

We had a lesson with Rozsi Néni, a less active. She definitely believes in reincarnation and I think she might have become a Jehovah's Witness.. But that was fun. She has this crazy cat with a short tail that she always messes with. Also, she thinks plants are better than humans. So it was fun. 
After Rozsi Néni's we tired to stop in and visit Nüsi Néni but she wasn't home so as we were walking away we saw a flower shop and decided we needed to look at flowers for a bit and then as we left sister greenwood's foot started to hurt again so we decided to head home but we of course needed to stop and get popcorn before going home so we backtracked to the side walk and while walking there we ran into Péter! It was awesome because we set up with him again. He said that he was confused because we called two times and texted him but never called again after that and we were like, well you could have called back! but anyways we set up with him again and it was awesome. Thank goodness sister greenwood was craving popcorn and we like flowers! 

We had district meeting and ate cheesecake I made for sister greenwood's birthday! 
After that we went to lunch at this cute little café in the middle of town.
Then we went tracting and had a guy threaten to call the police on us. It only took me over a year to get that response out of tracting. 
Then we had weekly planning.
We went to this little town called Siófok. Its right next to the biggest lake in hungary, the balaton. We visited a couple of members out there and it was super great. One of them, Viktória, made us lunch and we visited with her and her son. Then after that we went and got cake with these members Richie and Szilvi. Richie is from england and him and his wife both speak perfect english and are super nice and so we got cake for sister greenwood's birthday. We also went up the water tower in town to get a view of it and then looked at the balaton for a few minutes before catching our train back. It was a good day! 
the balaton!
We had church! Good as usual. There were only two kids in primary so it was quiet.
Later we met with Regina and it was great as usual. She's seriously so great :)

We went to a castle with Attila! Várpalota. It was super cool, photos to come. 
It was built in the 1400's but has changed over the years and apparently played a big part in hungary's war with the turkish empire. So that was fun. 
We later had a lesson with an rcla named Jozsi. It was super good but we found out that he's now living in a homeless shelter and is literally working from sun rise to sun set every day except monday every once in a while. It was the most uplifting depressing program we've had. But it was super cool because he said he knew that God was still blessing him because he had a roof over his head at night and food to eat and a job and soon he will be able to afford a place to live. He's an incredible person. 
Oh we also got kicked out of like our third building this week. People in székes really don't like you tracting. haha 
(good luck)

Well, today is Nőnap here in hungary (women's day) so that is exciting. People give tons of flowers and chocolates and everything. Basically another valentine's day haha I hope its a good day for all of you! 

Sister Heath 

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  1. Those castles and stuff are like from a movie. She's a lucky sister missionary.