Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week of May 2

hősök tere
2 May 2016

Halló everyone!

We had Sister Szabadkai come on splits with us and it was the most incredible thing ever. So sister szabadkai doesn't like tracting very much, but since we have to tract an hour each day we went tracting with her and it was just so funny. She would ring the bell and then not two seconds later be like "okay, they're not coming" and try and move on or be like, "I'll just ring the bell". It was probably the best part of the day. 
It was kind of a sad day though because we had to stop meeting with one of our people because her husband is muslim and we didn't want to endanger her. So that was sad but good in the long run. 

We had zone training and it was super good. 

We had the Békéscsaba sisters up here on splits and it was good. Sister Willets got sick so she stayed back in the apartment doing area book work with sister grogan while sister lebaron and I went and met with a less active lady named éva and a new investigator named ági. Our lesson with Ági we had an awesome member named panni with us and she shared the mormon message "heavenly father, earthly father" with her. The spirit was super strong. Hopefully our next lesson will be as good :)
Also, we found a pékség that sells muffins. It was incredible. There are so many things here in budapest that you can't find other places. I feel spoiled. 

Sister Willets was sick so we just did a TON of area book work. 

We had a program with the farkásék with our ward mission leader Laci. It was really good. We talked about the power of the atonement and how anyone can come to church because the father felt like he wasn't worthy to come. It was super good though because our member present made an analogy how church isn't like a car showroom but rather an assembly line. We are all works in progress and that is why we go to church. It was really good. 
We found out though that our elders were getting transferred right after church the next day so now we have elders Luke and Simmons (I served with simmons in pécs) but they only have a few more weeks til they finish their missions so we'll see if we get some new elders after that. 
 our old district
 our new district
We sang for mothers day with the young women this interesting song. It was adorable on their part. Also, I taught the little primary girls marco polo. We ran around the parking lot a ton after church. 
Mother's Day music
We went and saw hero's square and a cool castle near it. It was super pretty. 
Later we have a lesson with a less active. Should be good.

Hope you all have a good week!!
hősök tere (Heroe's Hill)
hősök tere
God bless America

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