Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our crazy week

one of the sisters' other investigators
25 April 2016

Our crazy week:

 So here in budapest there are lots of districts and in every district there are many streets with the same name so we got invited over by this member and instead of going to their district (the twenty first) we went to the fifth district, which is an hour away from the twenty first. Needless to say we were a little late. But it was great and they had the cutest little daughter ever. My favorite part of the night was she kept telling us she had a secret and the last one was that I had earrings. 

We had the Szeged sisters up on splits and it was so much fun. I had sister Gertcsh in the morning and sister Guillian in the evening. 
Me and sister Gertcsh had a lunch appointment and it was super cool. They have been members for forever and when elder bednar came to visit hungary, they had him over for lunch in the same living room we ate in. So that was cool. 
with sister gertcsh
  Later we tracted on a street next to parliament. It was cool.
That evening, me and sister Guillian visited a less active who has a son on a mission. It was really cool and our member we brought was a really big help. Their son told us all about the new star wars movie too so that was awesome. 
the family we visited with gizi
We dropped the szeged sisters off at the train station early and the we caught a train to....drum roll....PÉCS!! yes, that's right I got to go back to pécs! IT was so wonderful. I got to meet with Erzsi again and with LILLY!!!! It was such a miracle. Last p-day I emailed her to see if I would be able to meet with her and she said yes! So we met with her and it was incredible. She said that she saw the sisters on the street the other day but was afraid to say hi because she didn't know them but she knew she was supposed to meet them when I set up with her and now shes going to meet with them again and shes even going to introduce her boyfriend to the missionaries. She was so excited and teared up when I was bearing my testimony about the gospel. She knows its true and I am so excited for her to start meeting with them again. She is just so special to me. 
Later we went to dinner with Dávid and it was good talking with him and seeing how hes doing. Hes such a good kid and I'm so proud of him for still being so strong in the gospel. I can't wait to see what he does with his life. He has so many good things ahead of him. 
another with Lilly
We got up early and left pécs. We met this lady on the train there and gave he a book of mormon and now she's meeting with the sisters in kaposvár so that was awesome.
Later we had lunch with a members family. Their son was actually in the MTC and the same time as me so it was cool seeing and meeting his family. Sister Willets was also good friends with their older son who goes to byu so it was just fun all around for us to get to know their family better. 
After that we had a program dog us but it was good because we got to get to know our member present better. After that we did a look up who doesn't live there anymore (seeing as all the windows were broken in and there were cob webs everywhere.) (also, we saw on the way there an american license plate and it was so weird). But we found where literally all the nigerians in budapest live. A couple of them invited us back and it was super cool. 
Later we had angol óra and it was good. We made bucket lists with them.
After we visited the most amazing member ever. She was baptized a couple of years ago and has just such fire for missionary work. She's inviting one of her friends for us to meet next time we visit. We just love her. 

We had missionary leadership council with the zone leaders and president. It was good. Hopefully some of the things we discussed will help the mission.
Later we tracted and had district meeting. 

We had a program with this lady that came to church on sunday and we didn't know if she was a member of not because she kind of dodged the question and it was interesting.. but she was so incredible and met with the missionaries in switzerland . She might have been baptized there but we're not sure. She cried every time we prayed and for sure felt the spirit. It was interesting but cool. 
Later we had MCM and it was good and then we went to a program with a family we set up with from the area book that used to have bap dates. It was an amazing program and for sure not an accident that we are meeting with them again. We are excited to see what happens with them. Béla the father teared up talking about how he made mistakes in the past but they said they gained a lot of hope from our meeting and are excited to meet again. 

So one of the other STLs was sick so they asked to go on splits so the other could get out the apartment so I went and stayed with sister Hawker and we watched meet the mormons and it was good. Nothing too exciting from that day, but apparently they found a bunch of new people! so that's cool.

Today we went to the nagy piac (large market) and it was fun. Lots of hungarian stuff. 

Hope you all had a good week! 
Love, Sister Heath 
fancy mcdonalds near nyugati

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