Monday, May 16, 2016

Livin' that kispest dream

the győr sisters
18 April 2016

hello all! Its been a crazy but great week.
We packed, and then packed some more. But we did have a lesson with Balázs. It was good. We taught him the plan of salvation and he had a ton of good questions. Hopefully he will keep progressing well without us there.
So we had transfers. We got up early to catch the train and it was such a pain lugging our bags all the way to the train station. Getting white washed isn't fun. But we got to the train, but it ended up taking an hour longer than it should have so that was fun. But we eventually got to budapest and I met up with Willets and took pictures with hafen and rankin because I probably won't see them before they go home. Its kind of strange being back with willets. It sort of feels like we've never been apart but she's also grown a lot in the language this last transfer and a half. 
hafen, me, rankin
So we went on our first sort of "split" with the Győr sisters though because they were here for a doctors appointment but not til that evening so we just explored our area a bit with them. So basically, we have the coolest area in the mission. It includes two of my favorite places in budapest, parliment and the bazilika. Its awesome. Our area is literally the belváros (or downtown) of budapest. Life is good.
We had lunch with sister szabadkai and the other STLs to figure out which sisters we will be in charge of. Its going to be cool to work with sister szabadkai so much. Every sunday night we are going to have a meeting with her to talk about our work and the sisters so that will be cool.
Also, we found a bagel shop!! I haven't had a bagel in so so freaking long and we got a couple and they were so delicious. One thing america does have over hungary, is bagels.
Later we had angol óra. It was super good. We have a huge class. A member shared the spiritual thought at the end and it was so funny because there haven't been sisters in kispest for over two years so all the members were super excited. The member who shared the spiritual thought was talking about the atonement and the first thing he said when he got up was "I know the atonement is real because there are sisters in kispest again." Me and willets had the hardest time not cracking up.
We had two service projects.
The first one was for this older lady named Molnár Mária (yes, like our less active in pécs, but not the same lady. Although we did call her and she was so excited the me and willets were back together.) But Mária made us töltött paprika and then we chopped wood and dug a hole to bury some gravel stuff.
After that we had MCM. Our ward mission leader is super cool.
After that we had another service project where we moved this big cage thing in this lady's yard. She had the cutest little 7 month old and it made me so excited to come home and play with ellery.

We had sport nap in the morning and met this cute girl named niki that met with the missionaries a while ago. Hopefully we'll be able to become friends with her.
Also, during sport nap we saw the fattest dog I have ever seen. It looked like a whale with little stubby legs. It walked for a few feet and then just sat down and stayed there for a good hour. A police car drove by with its sirens on and the dog just howled and it sounded like it was dying. It was maybe one of the saddest things I've seen.
Later we had district meeting. We have a good set of elders here. They are elder Lawrence and elder Ady. Should be fun for p-days.
We went tracting later and met this scottish guy. But he didn't have an accent. So that was kind of sad, but hopefully we will be able to meet with him later.
Everyone was so excited that there were sisters in Kispest again and so that was super fun. We got to know a ton of new people.
That afternoon we went to a members and they were so so nice. Their daughter wants to be an artist too and she showed me a bit of her art. It was cool talking with someone about it again.
We went tracting later and met a young guy named szabolcs. He actually let us into his building but then later we knocked on his door and it was kind of funny. He seemed pretty open to talk about religion so that will be good. He took a book of mormon so hopefully we'll be able to talk with him later.
Later we had dinner with sister szabadkai and had our little stl meeting so that we great. I just love sister szabadkai.
We got up early and adventured around our area and then we got permission to go to the buda side and see gellert hegy so that was cool. Our bérlets work on city boats as well so we took a little ferry across the river and that was awesome.
Tonight we are going to visit a member so that should be fun.

Hope you all have a good week!
Sister Heath
bridge and cool lion statue!

buda castle
The new district! featuring from left to right, Elder Lawrence, Sister Heath, me, and Elder Ady! This is from p-day today from the top of St. István's Basilica looking over the pest side of Budapest!
the jewish shoes

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