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 31 August 2015

WELL, lets see what happened this week.
We went to the Kalandpark (or adventure park), aka this cool ropes course on the side of the Tisza river. It was pretty awesome, although the next day I was totally feeling the side effects of climbing up giant rope nets in trees. worth it.
We had a program with Zsolt, with Emilia the member. He is freaking awesome. We taught about fasting and it was great. He totally got it. Its just super cool with his programs becasue we always plan to talk about something with him but he always wants to go over his scripture reading with us so its kind of hard to bring up the lesson but somehow the topic of the lesson gets brought up in his reading or in the conversation. This week he was like, "I actually don't know what fasting is. can you tell me more about it?" hát, azert vagyunk it Zsolt! :)

Later we had a program with Renáta. It was good. We read a chapter in the book of mormon with her. Shes great. Just needs to stay active the little bugger.
We then had a program with this guy named Márk at a little cafe. He is a student here and we started talking to him by the tisza the other day when he was totally hung over. He was cool though. It was an interesting program with him. He is from Lebanon. I can't remember which but he spoke perfect english and was pretty catholic. He is cool though and had a lot of interesting questions for us. He wasn't interested but was nice about it. He refused to take a book of mormon becasue he said it would just be another book to him and he didn't want to distrespect it. Thats nice I guess.
a pretty sunset we saw while tracting
 That evening we had a lesson with Alexa and Ibolya. It was good. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ but they didn't really understand that when we asked them about baptism, that we were talking about in our church. So that was a little awkward but they promised to come to church.

Also, on tuesday we had a cool experience where this guy just called us and wanted to meet because we gave him a pass along card on the street. They actually do work sometimes!! woohoo!!
best part of this photo, definitely the man in the background
kids always offer to help me with my drawings. Its the best.
We went out to a member's house for lunch, Magdi's. She lives out in this little falu on this cute farm. She made us túró gombóc, which is basically breaded fried kind of like cottage cheese stuff. They were good but she freaking gave us a ton of them. So she served up my comps plates with two or three and then she got to mine and freaking put five on it and just smiled and walked back into the kitchen. I struggled to get them down and then she comes out with another big plate of more and dishes us up more of them and yet again, gives me a couple extra. This time I snuck some back onto the serving dish when she went back into the kitchen. Then she came back and was like "You need to finish all of these!" and served us up yet more but luckily she kept going back into the kitchen so sister hawker shoved them into her purse and we pretended like we had eaten them all. So now sister hawkers bag will forever smell like túró gombóc.
my comps waiting for the túró gombóc.
a drawing crazy csilla did of herself as a lioness...
my favorite doors in szeged. Just because of this little creature thing.
We had a program with  Zsolt and Emilia. This time we talked about tithing. He accepted it. Freaking super star Zsolt.
Later we had a program with the Sueék. They are great. They went on vacation to Pécs for the week so they showed us tons of photos. We then talked about faith and repentance. Sue said that they didn't want to come to church until they felt like they were ready to commit to being a member of our church because they didn't want people asking them if they were going to join. It should be interesting to figure that out. Love them to death.

Not too much exciting happened. We got dogged. Its all good.

We visited Piroska néni. So she kicked her granddaughter out so now she is all alone in her house and so we went and bought her some groceries and are making sure this is always a member to check up on her. She is good though besides that. Her knees are doing a bit better than usual.
We went tableing for a while. It was good.

So church was freaking awesome!! ZSOLT CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! woooo!!!!! So I guess their selling in the piac on saturday didn't go too well so they came again on sunday to sell stuff so he snuck away for an hour and was able to come to sacrament meeting. He LOVED it. Freaking miracles. Also Alexa and Ibolya came!! God loves us a ton.
That afternoon we had a program with the Márkék. It was good. We emphasized to Magdi that she NEEDS to read and pray every day if she wants to be baptised. Hopefully she will. Life is good though.
Also, we got a call from our elders last night that there is going to be an emergency transfer so Elder Paul and Winkel will be getting a new companion Elder Tillman-Dick. So we will have two trios here in Szeged. So there will now be eight of us. It should be interesting.

Well, its been a good week. Hopefully next week will be even better! Have a good one, love you all and don't forget how much God loves you and that he will provide a way for whatever problem you may be facing. I've seen it in my life and I know its true.

Well, thats about it. Have a good week!!

Sister Heath
szeged from a 17 story building we were tracting
the moon is intense. fact.

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