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Piroska, Zsolt, and speedos

piroska, our less active
 4 Aug 2015
so we got transfer calls this morning and I am going to be staying in szeged but I will be getting two new comps. I'm in another trio!! My new comps will be sister cropper and sister hawker! This is sister croppers dying transfer and sister hawker is the group below me so it should be good. anyhow,
This week. What happened...
Well. Our investigator Zsolt finished the book of mormon!! Last time we met with him he was in Alma and he finished it in like two days. He is incredible and so we gave him the most recent conference liahóna and today when we met with him he had read all that too and loved it. He hasn't gotten an answer yet about when to be baptized and how he can come to church but we'll see. He still prays every day and night.
zsolt, the man who just finished the book of mormon!!
We had the craziest tracting experience. So  in the summer here, people don't really like to wear many clothes...So we had already run into a couple of bacsis in speddos but we knocked on this door and he asked who is it so we said we are missionaries. He opens the door and it is this totally ripped muscle man, super tan and huge in the tightest speddo on the planet earth. He stepped out of the doorway and snapped his speddo and said to us (all in hungarin by the way not english sajnos) "I know I have a great body" and we of course preceded to stare super awkwardly holding in our laughter. But then he asked us what we were doing here so we went off the usual we are missionaries and we have a special message to share about jesus christ and he was like, of course, come in and we were like umm actually we usual set up with people to meet later and he was like why can't you come in now, but then he went off about how beautiful whittakers eyes are and then he was like "I'm dávid, like the king" and then reached for whittakers hand and said "do you want to be my queen?" and  we were trying so hard to hold in our laughter. I started to try to tell him about the book of mormon and he interuppted me (my hair was in a bun) and was like "do you ever wear your hair down?" and I said it was too hot for that, and he was like put your hair down and then he was like, can I get your picture so he got his phone and took a picture of us holding the book or mormon and then he called for his son to come out, so his son who is like 18 comes out in a towel and he too is totally ripped and oh my gosh it was awkward. But he strokes his sons chest and is like, my son has a great body, like adam. and we were freaking dying trying not to laugh at this point. But he's like son, get a photo of me with the girls. so he runs and puts on a pair of shorts (finally) and then comes back out and puts his arm around my waist, and makes whittaker put her arm through is arm and is like "I like to put photos of myself on my facebook so my friends can see how good I am looking" and after that we gave him the book or mormon and walked as fast as we could out of the building. It was probably the funniest experience I have had tracting in my whole life!
lets see what else happend this week...We met with the Sueék with Viki and it was fantastic.
sue made us peach preserves!! sweetest ever! Viki, the member who helped us in our program
the sueék
 we had apartment checks, passed with flying colors. Also had to clean the old elders apartment for the new elders that are white washing in. Fun stuff. Who knew there could be so much dust.
We had interviews on friday with the new mission president. He is amazing. It was all in hungarian but I understood it all! His wife made us cookies and they were delicious. They are seriously  so fantastic. I already love them tons.
We went to this interesting japanese garden with the relief society. It was cool.
Well thats about it. I love you all tons and hopefully I can get used to this one hour emailing thing and write better letters in the future. Love you all again and have a great week!!
Heath Nővér
Budapest!! we found a store that sold reeses and root beer right by here.

dóm templom

praise the lord every nation, praise him ever people
dóm templom
just walkin around budapest
we made a friend on the train ride up to interviews. He was an athiest and the only thing he had heard about the church was from south park. But he was super nice and was really curious about why we were here. He was cool!
when we ate chicken liver
chicken liver!
10 Aug 2015

well, lets see what happened since last emailing time...
Tuesday evening: We met with Alexa and Ibolya. Super awesome thirty something year old roommates. They are best friends and have traveled the world together and are super cool. They used to come to angol óra but now that that is on hold we are just meeting with them individually. We talked about the book of mormon and they are super open. They also showed me all their pictures of their trip to Rome. Super great.
Then after that we met with the Laciék. They are great as always just not progressing...but we are seriously DTRing it with them the end of this week. We'll see how it goes. Its just so  hard loving people so much and them not progressing!!
Wednesday: TRANSFERS!! so we got to transfers super late because we dropped off Whittakers bags in Kecskemét since it is on the way to budapest from Szeged which was cool I guess but it ment we got there later. But we got some lunch and then headed back with my new comps and the new set of elders. My comps are literally the bomb dot com. I love them a ton. Its crazy how good of friends we already are.
Thursday: We had a program with Zsolt in the morning and it was super great. He still hasn't gotten an answer of when to be baptized yet but it'll come.
Later we met with this new couple we met while tabeling. Natasa and Dávid. They were super cool and had a ton of questions. We'll see how it goes with them!
Friday: We had district meeting and then that afternoon we met with Zsuzsa. It was good. Shes about the same as ever.
Then we met with Gábor! He is doing great. We gave him a hungarian preach my gospel and had him start studying that. Its going good. Perfect golden investigator! Just need his parents to give him permission to be baptized before next summer!!!
Saturday: We met with the Márkék and watched the jospeh smith film with them then met with Magdi néni and had Robi there to help us. We went over the baptisimal questions with her. It was good, the only problem she had was with coffee because she thought she could still drink cappicinos but now she said she would give them up. So that is good. She is great. Hopefully it all goes through.
Sunday: We had church. It was great. Then after went to visit Piroska. She is doing good. Life is good.
Honestly life is really good right now. I love Szeged and now have the most awesome comps. We get along so well, its crazy and we could seriously talk for hours and not even be bored. Couldn't get much better than this. I hope you all are doing good and that you can recognize the love of Christ in your lives. He really does love each of us and when we remember our relationship with him, everything else falls into place. Have a good week!!
Sok sok szeretettel,
Heath Nővér

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