Sunday, October 25, 2015

9 Months!

24 August 2015

tuesday: So we met with Zsolt, with Csilla (the member). We talked about the law of chastity. It went well. He agreed to keep it. Not too much exciting to say about that.
That afternoon we had a program with Reni, the RCLA. She hasn't set up with us for a long time but she finally did! We talked about the big three (aka scriptures, prayer and church) and she seemed to get it.
We went tracting that evening. Nothing exciting. Just some ladies telling us to leave the building. Typical.
 that tracting life

wednesday: We had a lunch program with Farkás Éva the less active. She made us kapostas tészta, or cabbage pasta. Basically pasta with cabbage in it, but its sweet. Kind of interesting but good. Shes super nice. Awesome lady and has been coming back to church for almost two months now!! woohoo!!
We had a program with Gábor. Hes doing good as always. Viki was in the program with us and at the end she told us that she was going to be starting her mission papers!!! I am so so excited for her. She is the most amazing member and will be an incredible missionary. I love her to death.
After that we had program with Zsolt, with Csilla again. This time we talked about the atonement. It went really well. He is doing good. He just needs to make more effort to find a way to come to church but every time we talk about it he has the same excuses. Oh well, we just need to think of more ways to help him find a way.
That evening we had a program with Alexa and Ibolya. We taught them the Plan of salvation. It went really well!! They seemed to really like it and it made total sense to them. Gosh they are just so great. And Ibolya said she read out of the book of mormon!! She said it was good! Hopefully things go good with them.
thursday: Thursday was Szent Istvan Király napja!! So basically hungarina fourth of july. It was good. There was a street of food vendors and stuff by the tisza ind it was good. It was kind of rainy though. But we tabled for most of the day and tracted but nobody was home or wanting to be inturrupted. But it was good. That evening we went with Gábor to see the firework show by the tisza. It was really good. Probably some of the best fireworks I've seen in my life. Hungary knows how to do a firework show.
august 20th, fireworks over the tisza!!
friday: We did weekly planning and then that evening we had zone training. It was super great. It was all about finding. President and sister Szabadkai were there and they are seriously the best. I love them tons. The zone leaders asked our companionship to give a little demonstration about tableing so me and sister cropper sang I am a child of god in hungarian while playing our ukes. It was fun. It was really fun talking to some of my friends after too. They are all great.
saturday: We had a program with Gábor but with the new rule for having a sister with us even when we meet in the branch house we decided it would be best to give Gábor over to the elders to teach so we did a lesson where we handed him over to the elders. He was a little nervous I think but it will be really good. I think this will give him really great opprotuniites because I think his parents were nervous that he was just meeting with the missionaries because we were cute sisters but I think this will show his parents he really is ready for baptism and it is about the gospel. He is great and it'll be great.
sunday: freaking great sunday. Best sacrament meeting in a long time. :) Being able to understand more hungarian is getting great.
That afternoon we met with the Márkék and Magdi néni. It was a great program. We decided to push her bap date back until september 26th and we felt really good about it. She was a little confused at first why but as we talked she felt good about it too and things are going to be great. I feel a lot less stressed and comforted about it. Its great. Also! she hasn't drunk coffee since we last met!! woo!!

Well that was basically my week. Life is good and I love you all tons. I hope you have a good week and can see how much God loves each and every one of you. Because he loves you a lot. Like a lot a lot.
Heath Nővér (vagy, Heath Néni as Klaudia and Izabela call me)

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  1. Having never been on a mission, I can only imagine what it's like to have doors closed day after day. Still, your hard work is rewarded by the opportunity to experience every day life of people in another country. You seem to be taking it all in. You have a full life.