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105° plus humidity

what I've been working on in my few moments of spare time. I miss real art.
 20 July 2015

As you read this email, imagine doing all of this in 105° weather plus humidity. Also Hungarians don't believe in air conditioning. Okay, moving on
Tuesday: Visited a less active who lives on the top story of a building. She gave us these chocolate covered ginger bread cookies that melted in our hands the moment we picked them up. But she is super nice. Great program.
We met with Zsolt, who used to be one of the elders' investigators. Super great guy. He brought us fresh peaches and plums from his garden. Super sweet guy, LOVES to talk a ton.
Met with Roli with Szücs Zoli and talked about the priesthood because on sunday he got the priesthood!! Super great lesson and Zoli was a life saver. Its so great to have someone that can easily explain things in hungarian.
Wednesday: Met with this crazy eighty something year old néni and her friend, who is 89, that we found in the area book named Márika Néni. At first she didn't understand that we were mormons and the sisters that met with her before were mormons either. She basically talked about how her friend does marathons the whole time and then her friend came in and he gave us this book he wrote about breathing and exercise. Super interesting. Probably won't be going back again. 

We also met with Zsuzsa. I was super straight up with her because she hasn't been reading and she hasn't been praying or doing anything and still complains about why her life is hard so I basically told her. Yup life is hard, we have bad things that happen to us. Sometimes we don't know why we are alone but we can either choose to be sad and mope or be happy. It is all up to us. She looked super seriously at me and asked if reading would really make her happy and we promised her it would.
Later that evening we met with Sue and her family. When we asked if she read from the book of mormon she had read all of the introduction things and really liked it. She got a little confused when it said that moroni used his own words to write about the brother of jared and stuff because she was worried that that would be different than what God gave to the brother of jared but when we explained that moroni was a prophet too she understood again. She said that she was excited to read the real book now. We taught about the plan of salvation. It went super great but she got stuck on the idea that she would be going to spirit prison. She really liked the idea though that we get so many chances to follow God. She super liked it and we can't wait to meet with them again. So going to get a member to come with us next time.

Thursday: That morning we went tableing and I stopped this lady and basically taught her the whole restoration and gave her a book of mormon. It was super great!
We met with Zsolt again and went over the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. We really focused on baptism because we know he is ready. But he said he still feels like he is in the repentance stage because he is sinning because he can't come to church on sundays because he works. We told him that he isn't a sinner but that if he prays to find a way to be able to come to church he will be able to know what he needs to do to make it here. He is super great.
We then had Angol óra. It was super great. After for our spiritual thought our MCM leader brought a video and EVERYONE STAYED!!! It was super great and then we had some cookies and a little mingling after and it was super super great. The really talkative tall guy from last week asked us if we could come to a party after and it was kind of super awkward but we were like, "oh sorry we're busy" but he seemed to like the video.

Friday: We met with Roli again and talked about starting saying family prayer with his little girls. It was super great. He is a champ.
We met with the Márkék and it was a fantastic lesson! Usually the kids are really noisy and
don't pay attention but this week we decided to do a really kid friendly lesson so we read them the book "értékes vagy" (or I think it is "you are special" in english not really sure). It basically is a cute story that basically relates to prayer and why it is important to talk to Heavenly Father. We then made little prayer rocks like we did with the Gyönygiék in Érd and it was a big hit. The kids loved it. Best lesson we had with them ever. And Magdi came to church finally!!!

the márkék and their prayer rocks
Also randomly as we were walking home that night we heard all these car horns at the end of the street so we investigated and there was this super strange truck parade thing of all these trucks driving by and all the people waiting in their cars to pass were all annoyed. Super weird.

Saturday: We met with Zsuzsa again. We were really late because we had to make cookies for our missionary night that evening but we gave her a couple of scriptures to read and said we would meet with her again on sunday.
We met with Timi. It was a good but difficult lesson. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. She understood why baptism is important but when we asked her if she would be baptized when she found out that these things were true, she said she was already baptized. And so I tried to explain again about the importance of the priesthood and she seemed to respect that but she said that she couldn't believe that the book of mormon was scripture because her church said that it wasn't. We asked her to pray about it and she said she didn't want to pray because she didn't want to go against what her church said. It was kind of hard to explain to her. But we left with an okay feeling and we'll see what happens next week.
That evening we had a Missionary Night where our MCM leader put on this program about what missionary work is and how we are just normal people and we do it too. It was a real hit. We made oatmeal cookies and brownies for it and everybody loved them. #americansütiisthebest

Sunday: We had church which was super great because Roli got the priesthood!! and his daughter Bianka came!! She loved primary and totally made friends with Klaudia and Iszabela.
We then later met with Zsuzsa and it was the best lesson we have had with her EVER. She actually read and she LOVED it. We talked about the plan of salvation with her and she just wanted to read more and more from the book of mormon so we gave her some chapters to read and when we talked about the kingdoms of glory she asked where the names came from so she pulled out her bible and we found them but in the hungarian bible they don't have the celestial etc. listed so we pulled up the scriptures in english online and showed her and she was fascinated. She loved the fact that the bible and book of mormon help each other. I think something finally clicked with her. It was great.

That evening we met with the Laciék again. Super great family. Guess what we had for dinner. Cow stomach. thats right. I ate cow stomach. Its kind of chewy, like squid. Their son is basically a piano prodigy. He is so profi its not even funny. He gave us a little show before we practiced english. He also wanted me to draw on his surf board so I drew a shark. It was fun.

cow stomach (and laci)
cow stomach
laci and bube
our profi piano player dávid

Well that was basically my week. I hope it rains soon and breaks this heat wave, but apparently its just going to get hotter. We'll see. Hope you all have a good week!!

Sister Heath

the shark I drew on laci's surf board
rock hunting (for prayer rocks) by the tisza
not smiling in photos like a european

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