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17 August 2015

my cute comps. Cropper and hawker
17 August 2015
hello there everyone!
We had a program with Zsolt, with Peti as our member present. It was a super intense but great lesson. HE IS ON BAP DATEEE!!!! eeeee!!! Its not til december but hey, hes putting his trust in God to see if he can provide a way for him to be baptised. Anyways. It was super great the spirit was strong. Zsolt was nervous but we told him he needs to test God to see if he will provide a way for him to be baptised. Super stoked vagyok.
Later we had a program with Balázs and Anita, the couple who filmed us. We met them in the park during this big festival and it was fate because we have been trying to call them again for weeks. They wanted to interview my new comps so that was cool. We had wanted to teach them the plan of salvation because last time we basically taught them the restoration so that was the next step but we were nervous because they really wanted to do this interview thing but during the conversation it came up so smoothly that it was definitely an answer to prayers. God loves us.
We had a couple of other programs but nothing to exciting.
We met with Zsolt again and taught him the word of wisdom. Super great program. He didn't have any problems with it. Basically he is already acting like a member he just doesn't come to church yet. ugh. meg látjuk. But peti is a super star member present.
We had a program with Alexa and Ibolya. They are super cool. Love them. They asked me to tell all about living in china which was fun to remember. Life is good.
on the train to splits
We had splits with the sister training leaders in Kecskemét so we took the train there that night and we sat in the same car as this cool hipster guy going to a concert in budapest so we talked about why we were here with him and exchanged phone numbers. He wanted to show us where the best fish soup is in Szeged. So that will be fun. I love how God just provides people for us when we are in the right place.
Thursday: SPLITS!!
So it was fun to go on splits with the Sister training leaders because I have already been comps with both of them, Sister Whittaker (my last comp) and Sister Sholly (my second comp in Érd). It was super great. We had this program with a man in the morning and our member present was freaking talkative as crap, but super nice. We just wanted to basically teach the restoration, basic stuff, but she went into the war in heaven and priesthood blessings and all sorts of deep stuff. Luckily the guy wasn't freaked out but it was super funny. Also the member had the coolest tattoo ever, it said, "I'm a mormon woman". I know what I'm getting when I get back home haha

Later I got to street around Kecskemét. Its the cutest city ever. So kecske means goat so basically its the city of goats so their town hall has a big goat on it. Its awesome.
the kecskemét városház. Notice the goat
It was really cool talking with Sholly, because we served together a couple of tranfers ago and she was basically the one who helped me with so much of my hungarian and she was so proud of how much my hungarian has grown. I get so hard on myself because I don't speak perfectly but she opened my eyes to how much I have progressed and it was really good to hear that from someone I know. She is great.
Sister sholly
Friday: We had a program with the Márkék. It went well, I guess. Haha So we had planned on doing the object lesson with the food coloring and bleach but we didn't have any food coloring and the store didn't eaither so we tried using water colors, which didn't work. But luckily we are in hungary, and everyone has piros paprika, so I asked Márk for some and I did the object lesson where you put a picture of Jesus under a glass of water. You can see through it, and its like when we are clean and pure. Then you sprinkle a bit of paprika on top, representing "sin", but luckily we have repentance (soap) that if we dip it into the water the paprika moves to the side of the cup and you can see Jesus again. It was a big hit with the kids. They are super cute. Little Klaudia is just the sweetest ever. After she came up to me and gave me a huge hug and was like, "I love you the most" and it just melted my heart.
We went tableing with the elders and I talked to this super nice girl named Laura. She was eating her lunch but wanted to hear what I had to say so I basically taught her the restoration on a park bench and when I recited the Joseph Smith History segment, she showed me her arm after and it had goosebumps on it. She said she would be interested in meeting again and wanted to read the book of mormon. It was a really great experience and I felt the spirit super strong even though we were in a busy park. It was cool. I love being a missionary sometimes.
We also have this new rule where we have to go tracting at least an hour a day, so we went tracting. We didn't have any doors opened to us but we had these nénis sass us hardcore. It was funny. We also tried stopping this lady on the street on the way back and as sister Cropper tried to say hello she was straight up like "nem" and kept walking. Super funny.

there was an intense rain storm last night so of course we went and danced in it. #compbonding
We had church, it was great. Crazy Csilla came...but it was good. She called me too last night and was all upset so I just talked to her for a while. She is crazy and gives us trouble but I do feel bad for her. I mostly just ended up telling her about my life and home and she calmed down a bit. She is a handful but God loves her so I need to too.
Well, that's about my week. We are still loving it here in Szeged as a companionship. Life is good. Share it.
Have a good week all!! and remember how much God loves you.
Sister Heath
(also shout out to Rosie Baratta for the great letter. You are wonderful girl and miss your face!!)
my comp during language study in kecskemét reading the liahona in two languages

my favorite graffiti in szeged
some funky hungarian instrument. too bad videos don't load onto emails
the interesting concotion of food my comp made. We called it cat food...
the városház. Its super cute and plays cheesey 80s love songs on its bells. Gotta love szeged

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