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happy happy christmas!

waiting at the bus stop christmas morning
 28 Dec 2015

Merry late Christmas everyone!! I hope that your Christmas was as good as mine and that you were all able to rest and have some good food! I sure got my fill of töltött káposzta [stuffed cabbage] and halászlé [fish soup] so I am good til next year! Anyways, here was our week!
Nothing too crazy. Got the last of our gifts for our elders and walked around the Christmas markets with Dávid!
 We had a program with these two girls from Kaposvár. They're members there and one of the girls wants to go on a mission so that was cool. It was kind of embarrasing though because when they called she asked if they could go tracting with us but she never mentioned that they were from kaposvár or that they were members so I got kind of confused and was like, well we can have a program but then when they got there they explained it all and it was a little funny but it turned out good. We just talked with them about what its like to be a sister missionary and what some of the simple thigns we do are and such and it was good. They are adorable and would both be super good missionaries if they both decide to go.
After that, we had a lunch appointment with the Varadiék! It was super fun. They have a ton of little kids running around the house and so basically it was just spent playing with their little boys and learning tongue twisters from their teenage son.
After that we went to the funeral for president Szabadkai's mother. It was a really beautiful service. It was super catholic with the priest singing and they sprinkled holy water on the casket. It was really interesting but nice. After the priest left the grave site, we sang a couple of hymns and the branch president said a prayer. My heart goes out to the Szabadkais. They are such a wonderful family and it must be so hard to have your mother die when you are so busy being a mission president. They are so strong all of them.
Okay, so big miracle for the day. Its silly but it totally made my day. For weeks now they haven't had plain hummus at the store, only wasabi flavor which is gross. But they had plain hummus and we got it and had the most delicious hummus and cucumber sandwiches. Life was really happy.

We met Pui Kati at the mall and took pictures with her in front of the big Christmas displays. We love her.
sister willets and pui kati and the christmas display in the mall.
We then had lunch with a member named Laci. He is a super cool guy and has traveled all over the world and is brilliant but now he is in a wheelchair because he was in a pretty serious car crash that left him paralyzed from the hips down. He brought us to this cute little restaurant though and basically the whole lunch he told us about the history of hungary and his life and adventures he went on. It was super interesting.
We then went caroling with some of the youth here. It was super great. Literally every member we stopped by wouldn't let us leave without giving us something to drink and süti. It was fantastic and I love the youth here.
We stopped by erzsi to say merry christmas but of course she wouldn't let us leave without feeding us something so she brought us out two big bowls of fish soup. It was...good. At least I liked it more than sister willets. It was really funny watching her try to choke it down. She's a champ. We love erzsi a ton though and it was good to see that her family is doing well for Christmas.
We then went out with the elders to this part of town with a million houses and went from house to house putting the last of our "szabaditó született" ["A Savior is Born"] cards in people's mail boxes because we couldn't tract on Christmas. It was fun.
kocsonya...pig jello...
Christmas!!!!! Me and willets opened our packages in the morning. Super fun. Star wars socks definitely took the win. Thanks kell bell and ryan!
We exchanged gifts with the elders later and that was super fun and had american pancakes!
Later we went to the Koczkaék! It was so so fun. They basically are the best family ever. When one of us was skyping then the others were just eating and just talking about everything under the moon. There were a couple of other members there and it was just a blast. The best part though was at the end of the night, brother Koczka pulled out his poker set and his new hat he got for Christmas and we all played poker. We bet with the left over desserts. Whoever lost had to take home the rest. It was really funny. Never did I think I would spend Christmas in hungary playing poker and listening to bing crosby, with them trying to sing along in their broken english. Life was good.
hanna totally won the game. Her dad was so proud.
Christmas at the Koczkaék!
We had weekly planning and then dinner with Niki, András and the Primék. Patrik wrote the nicest letter to all of us missionaries and it was probably the sweetest anyone has ever written. It was super funny too. He just thanked us for letting him help so much with our work and being his friends. He's such a good kid and going to do incredible things when he becomes a missionary. Lily was also adorable and she made me the queen and let me wear her tiara. It was awesome. She kept putting stickers on my forehead and saying I looked much more beautiful with them. She may become my future fashion consultant.
We had church and it was super good. Us missionaries sang and it was good.
After church we had lunch with this awesome family the Kerényiék. They have two daughters and their dad isn't a member but they are all super nice and were wonderful to talk with. The mother works at a school for special needs children and because sister willets wants to go into speech therapy when she gets back she invited us to go to her school sometime. It was super nice of her.

It was a pretty great week. We got to know the branch a lot better and it was so great skyping home and seeing everyone. I hope that you all have a great new years and that life is just dandy! Szeretlek titeket!
Heath Nővér

so I sewed elder martindale a fox for christmas because he was obsessed with the one from the little prince movie and he took it with him everywhere on christmas.

12-28 simmons and president szabadkai at the white elephant exchange with the rubber chicken.

our little christmas tree!

we made a friend with this adorable little dog walking back from our lunch appointment sunday afternoon.

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