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Pécsi family 2.0

with Lilly
14 December 2015

well, another week in the dream lands that are pécs!!

We got transfer calls that morning and then just sort of all stood in shock that we were staying together but then we were all excited because we have the best little district in the mission so life is great.
We went to the Koczkaék (hanna is their daughter) for dinner. It was wonderful. They are the coolest family ever. Monkia (the mom) made us pizza and it was super fun. We're probably going to be skyping from their house for christmas so it will be wonderful as well!
elder simmons in hanna's glasses that perfectly matched his tie.
We had a program with Gizi néni and talked more about the plan of salvation and read some scriptures from the bible explaining where it is and it was super great. She is starting to click all the things together and it is kind of freaking her out but its great. She totally feels the spirit and I think that it is a weird feeling for her but I love it. She is literally the nicest néni ever.
We then had a program with Luiza. It was super great as well. We taught her the Plan of salvation and she adored it. She is so so golden. She said it all made total sense and that she is just waiting for baptism so she can be sealed to her family and get to the celestial kingdom.
We then had a program with Dávid about honesty and it was super super great. He has such a good heart and we are so proud of him. Sometimes its really hard being a teenager in todays world and he is trying so hard to be a good example.
We had a program with P_ Kati and watched Finding Faith in Christ. It was good but we kept getting interrupted by her neighbors coming down the hall. But it was good in the end. We talked about how if we have faith we will take action and show God that. We challenged her to talk with her pár about marriage and she said she would..we'll see.
We later had a program with Erzsi and her mom and brother were there too, plus her pár. It was seriously so incredible. We got in there and erzsi was like, this is my mom and you should tell her a bit about the church. We just flew through topics with her talking about the character of God and how we can communicate with him and basically why faith and everything is important. It was super cool. We are going to be meeting with her mom this week! Also, an even bigger miracle from that program though was her pár. Through the whole thing he was cooking palacsintas in the kitchen in the room over and was only semi listening but as I was talking with her mom about how we can pray to find out truth from God, he stopped cooking and was watching through the door and I glanced over and he was totally entranced. He totally is interested and was listening the whole time. After the program I was talking with willets and she said that during another part he was listening too and nodding his head. It is such a miracle. Before he never was interested and we had to meet with erzsi at the branch house because she was scared to talk about the gospel stuff with him around. But after we watched the finding faith in christ video with them, they have been changed. It is seriously incredible.
Later we had angol óra but on the way we ran into elder anderson (an elder who just finished his mission) and his dad and sister. It was super weird speaking english with an american that isn't a missionary. It was mostly strange because as we were walking towards the branch house with them we ran into diandra and laci and neither of them speak english so it was strange seeing that they didn't understand the hungarian.. It kind of threw me off.

We had a program with diandra that morning and it was good. We taught gospel of Jesus Christ and she is totally stoked for baptism. She also told us she got an answer that the book of mormon is true. So that's pretty cool.
Before our program with Luiza we went and helped Billen Tibor (a member) out in his free computer class he teaches. We come in every other friday and talk with is class about the gospel. It was super super intense this week. We basically taught them the whole plan of salvation because there was this super catholic lady that had tons of questions. I basically preached at the whole class. It was super fun. There is this one néni there that always loves it but sadly we had to rush to another program after so I didn't get a chance to talk with her personally but next week I totally will. The spirit was just so thick in that room you could have cut it. The coolest thing I think though, was that usually Tibor cuts in and talks a ton too, but this time he just sat quietly in the corner smiling as me and willets taught them. #gospelistrue
We later had a program with our other bap date, Luiza and taught her the same lesson. It was super great and she basically taught herself the lesson. She loves the idea that you need to do all the little things (like have faith, regularly practice repentance, and be baptized and take the sacrament every week) to be able to keep the path to eternal life. It was super legit.
We helped Niki (one of the members) move most of the morning and then had a quick district meeting before the elders had a baptism. Hunor is the son of a member but he wasn't able to be baptized before because his dad wouldn't allow it but his older brother just got back from his mission so he finally gave him permission to baptize him. It was super cool because Hunor has been waiting for a long time to be baptized. So the elders taught him all the lessons really quick before Marcelle (his brother) got back and now he's baptized!! Woot!! It was a really nice baptism and the most adorable part was right after he came up out the water, he had the biggest smile on his face and then they hugged. It was super great for diandra and luiza to see too, so they know what their baptism will be like.

We had branch council, then church, then lunch, then planned for our week. We later watched the christmas broadcast from the first presidency. It was really good. The end, when we all sang silent night, it was really beautiful hearing the hungarian mix with the english.
After that we had a little walking program around the city with Dávid. We mostly talked about life and being strong with our beliefs. We talked a lot about how Joseph Smith was a great example to us, for what to do during the hard times. D&C 121. Freaking fantastic section. Read it. We really are proud of him.
We had another great week here in pécs and tomorrow we're going up to budapest for a christmas zone conference! Its going to be great!! 

Love you all and remember just how special you are to God.
Sister Heath
baby's first hungarin mcdonald's

I totally beat dávid in arm wrestling
21 December 2015
Hello all!!
I swear the weeks are going by faster and faster! Since when is it Christmas week already?!
Anywho, this was our week!
We went and got tea with Dávid in Szécsényi tér and just enjoyed the Christmas decorations around town.
We had Christmas conference in Budapest! It was super fantastic. I think the best parts were during the white elephant thingie president szabadkai got one of those rubber chicken things that make sounds when you squish them and he loved it. The whole rest of the conference he kept squeezing it and thought it was the funniest thing ever.
Other great part, we went and saw the little prince in the movie theaters!! It was super strange being in a movie theater after not going for so long but the movie was so good. I understood most of it, seeing as it was in hungarian. If you all haven't seen it yet, I'd highly recommend it. Its super adorable but president szabadkai loves that book. He quotes it all the time. 

We went tabling with the elders and did some caroling. It was pretty successful, at least people noticed that we were there.
We had a lesson with Luiza and it was super great! We taught the word of wisdom and she said she is already doing it! Csilla seriously prepared her. The only hard thing she said for her was coffee but that she hasn't been drinking it for a couple of weeks now and that shes already seeing that shes craving it less! She's super incredible!
We then had dinner at the Borosiék! They live out in this little falú that you have to get to by train so that was fun. It was the cutest little train ever, only three cars. But we got there and the elders got us lost for a while but then their son Hunor came and found us and showed us how to get there. Lesson learned: never follow the elders, they don't know where they're going. We had some palacsintas and visited with their family and shared our thought about christmas and it was super great. They're the nicest ever!
We had a program with Kati in the morning and talked with her about baptism and basically  called her out that she's been meeting with the missionaries for so long and hasn't moved past the point that her and her pár aren't married. She got the idea and we promised her if she prayed and read the scriptures every single day that she would be able to talk with her pár and know what to say to soften his heart. She knows its all true, she just needs to put her faith into action and then she will see the miracles.
We then had a program with Erzsi's mom, Mária. It was super interesting. So she can't read so we're trying to figure out how to work that out with her, that maybe we'll come and read to her once in a while. But shes super fascinated by the church and has been there every time at Erzsi's since we met her. Also, Erzsi's brother is super interested too! Seriously, we are so proud of Erzsi! Shes not even a member yet but already a missionary.
We then had a lesson with our favorite néni, Gizi! Shes really starting to get it!! Its super incredible. We talked a ton about how we can recognize truth and the spirit and I think she is really curious to know if the church is true, shes just too stubborn to admit it and recognize the fact that she feels the spirit in our programs and when she reads the scriptures. She is so nice though and before we left she gave us both little presents wrapped up for christmas and some cookies because she can't meet this week and she felt bad. She is adorable :)
Later we had angol óra. We taught the class some christmas songs. It was awesome. The whole class is just so sassy but they all went along with it it was super funny.
We had a program with Erzsi and like her whole family was there, including her mom and brother. We talked with her about how prayer has such power and once we have our faith we need to take action and that baptism is the only thing that can really help us progress past that point of repentance. She is just such a fantastic person and we love her tons!
We then visited Molnár Mária!! She made us töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage) which is her christmas tradition. It was super finom and then we talked about how Christ is the ultimate gift we could get and how he is the key to everything in the plan. She really is our hungarian grandma :)
Then we had another program with Luiza and talked about prophets and the ten commandments and it was great. She said she got the new Liahona from conference and was already reading it. She seriously already acts like a member.
We helped clean the branch house and then had a lunch appointment with the Königék. It was probably the most delicious gulyás leves I've ever had. Szilvi is an incredible cook. They are such a nice family. Their dad isn't a member and neither is the daughter because the dad won't let her be baptized but when we gave them a book of mormon to give to a friend as a christmas present the daughter Laura was super sweet and said "we can give it to dad!" Its incredible to me sometimes that really anyone can have a strong testimony. It doesn't matter if you are old or young or a member or not but its up to you to decide your level of conversion.
We had church! It was great! Super good talks.
Later we went caroling to a couple of people, Gizi Néni and the szabadkais. Gizi's face was unforgettable. She was so touched. Then the Szabadkai kids were the only ones in town and they loved it. It was hilarious, we interrupted their game of risk. Their dog is also super cute.
Later we went to Anna's for dinner. She made really good túró gombóc. Shes such a great member. :)
Well, I hope you all have a great Christmas week. It is such a special time of year that we have to remember our Savior and the fact that through his life and sacrifice we can all learn, grow and return to our father in heaven. He made it possible for all of us to receive forgiveness and happiness in life. No matter what we may have done in the past, no matter what our weaknesses, everything can be made right through his grace and love. And the best way to show our appreciation for his love is to love others. It is when we serve those around us that we can best receive his help. He is our redeemer. He lives. Merry Christmas!
Sister Heath
 Christmas conference

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