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surprise transfer!!!

16 January 2016

so yet again, I cannot get out of a city at a normal transfer! I am now in a city called Székesfehérvár. Good luck pronouncing that one family. Some things happened here in székes that made it so they needed to be switched around so I am now am with sister greenwood who just got to hungary in december so shes still all new and green and stuff. Things are good!

but lets see what happened this week!

We had a program with Dávid about the temple and the importance of his new family history help calling, so that was good :)
Later one of sister willets' friends from byu who is actually hungarian made a surprise visit since he was home for the holidays so we walked around the city a little with him and it was good.
willets and levente (her friend from byu)
We had a program with P_ Kati and guess what? she said that she is going to get married in the summer!!! This is a huge deal because last time she asked her pár then he was drunk and threw a chair and it was really scary and she said she would never be able to ask him again but she said that on new years he surprised her by asking for her hand! 
Later we met with Merci and talked about new years resolutions and goals and just how much God loves her and wants to help her in her life. She is just the biggest sweetheart. 
After that we went tracting for a bit and we got this fantastic let in with the Szily family (pronounced silly). So szily béla and judit are basically the coolest ever. Béla appartently had been to temple square and to see the outside of the d.c. temple and had an old translation of the book of mormon and one in english too! He was super interested but his wife judit was a little more skeptical but we taught them the restoration and it was super cool and he asked us to come back some time! They also had two huge snakes and three that was interesting but they are super legit and we can't wait to teach them more. 

We had district meeting because the zone leaders were up for splits and we had a training from elder martindale about families and how they relate to the gospel. It was super good. We then had lunch and after that a lesson with Erzsi. It was really good. We read the family proclamation with her and basically a lot of what our district meeting was about. She really wants to be married and I really think her pár will actually go through with it soon. It has been really cool to see as I have been meeting with her the change that has come across her family. At first her pár was super creepy and just smoked a ton but recently he has been super nice to us and doesn't give us the creeps anymore! and if he smokes he does it in the other room not around us. I just love erzsi tons. 
After that program we had probably on of the most interesting programs I have ever had. So one of the members here, Tibor, referred us to his friend Szilvia. Her mom had just passed away and so Tibor said that we were meeting with her basically to comfort the family. So we got there and there were tons of people over but basically szilvia just wanted us to talk to her dad. But her dad was not having it and wouldn't come out of his room but then she brought us in there and he got up and moved to the living room and then after lots of persuasion from szilvi he listened. We talked a lot about what happens to people after they die and basically just reassured him that he would see her again and then share a few scriptures from the book of mormon with him and he was very curious about the book of mormon. We ended up talking for a really long time but at the end he was smiling again and it was really nice. (story continued on thursday)
We ended our evening making american pancakes with andrás as a little wednesday night FHE. It was nice. 
Also, I got watercolors, my life is happy :)

We had a program in the morning with Safrány Erzsi and it was super good! She was feeling kind of sick so we basically just talked about Christ's atonement and how we can actually use it in our lives and it was just nice and simple and the spirit was there.
We then went to the funeral for Szilvi's mom. It was cool because Tibor came up to us and said that szilvi told him that her dad said that last night was one of the best nights of his life. Tibor said that the change he saw in him was unbelievable. It was really cool to see that, even though we didn't say anything extraordinary to us, that it completely changed his outlook on his wife's passing. While still sad, the fact that he knew that she was no longer in pain and that she was in a happier place made it a little easier to cope with. I am so grateful for this gospel and that I know that after this life, I will have the chance to be with my family forever, if I follow the path that God has given us and make and keep the sacred covenants I tie with God in this life. 
That evening we had angol óra and because there were so few of us, we combined classes with the beginner class. Hanna came to angol óra and her english is so good!! She never speaks it with us and we knew she could speak but we didn't know she was that good! 
patrik and hannah
with lamar da prim (aka patrik)
andrás' first american pancakes!
So that morning we got the call that I was going to Székes so we had a few programs but we spent most of our free time packing as much as we could. 
We had a program in the morning with Gizi néni and it was really good. We talked about different ways that the spirit teaches us and how to recognize it and it was really good. She also told us all about this book she read, I think the english title is kite runners, but basically she told us the whole story line. It was really funny. But then we gave her a conference liahona to read and it was great. She is so wonderful. It was funny though, because I didn't want to surprise her and distract her from the lessons by telling her that I was leaving but at the end she asked when the next transfer was and we were like "sometime in february" and she was like, okay, then I'll have to call Jozsi (president szabadkai) before that and tell him that he can't take either of you girls away from here. 
Later we had a lesson with Luiza and Gizi (the member) came too. It was about the law of chastity and it was actually really good. Instead of the usual way we teach it we focused more on how its a commandment given to us to strengthen our families. It was super good and Gizi was a huge help. 
After we had branch council and then I went home and finished packing. 

We waited for the sisters from székes to come to pécs and then we took some last photos and headed back. We got to székes at like seven thirty that night and then there was a branch sport nap going on still so we headed to that and I met a few members there. 
last district photo
​saying goodbye to dávid at the train station
last photo with baby!
We had church and then headed home for lunch and I started unpacking. We had a játék est that night and it was good too. Nothing too exciting. We got to know each other a bit more :) sister greenwood is super great. She's from new mexico and I really think we're going to get along well! We decided that I am kind of like her mary poppins because I'm not her trainer but more like her nanny coming to stay. Its pretty fantastic. 

Today we just had kind of a relaxed morning walking around the city getting to know it a bit and this evening we're going to a members for Family home Evening. it should be good :)

I hope you all have a good week and that life is good! 
Sister heath 
this is a cute little clock that plays music and all that jazz when it goes off.
best statue ever.

the new district! elder mellor, bradshaw and sis greenwood!

first district selfie

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