Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year in Pécs

 saint hanny!

4 January 2016

Boldog Új Évet!!!
We went and visited this old turkish temple in the center of town. Super old and pretty! 
Turkish temple
We had a lesson with Luiza about tithing! It was super great! She is just so ready for baptism!
We then had a dinner appointment at the Primék! It was super fun. They are really such a great family. After that we had családi est and sister Widtfeldt and her family were here to visit so they came! It was strange seeing sister widtfeldt not as a missionary but it was so fun! The branch all got super excited to see her and Mária even came to családi est to see her :) It was really sweet!
the widtfeldts and the branch at családi est!
We had a really good lesson with Safrány Erzsi about the plan of salvation. It was super good and she really felt it. She teared up a few times during the lesson. She is still kind of stubborn but I think she wants to believe it and she is starting to understand!
After that we had a lunch appointment with the Kieferék! She is the cutest little néni. Shes super hard to understand when she speaks because she kind of blurrs all of her words together but its so adorable. She is really nice and we met her daughter too who is inactive.
After that we had another feeding program with Mária. She is seriously just the most wonderful woman ever. We talked about the steps of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Aand after that we got dinner and cocoa with the Widtfeldts and dávid. It was super good. It felt like the old days.
We had a program in the morning with Kati. She stuffed us full of soooo much süti. I swear, I've eaten more this Christmas season than my whole mission combined. It was good though. We talked about the ten commandments and just started going over the whole "no other gods before me" thing.
After that we had a program with Erzsi :) It was supah good. We also started talking about the ten commandments with her but instead assigned it to her as a sort of check list to see what she can do better and just work at one at a time. (heres where things get sketchy) so she brought out this plate of lentils in this sort of gravy soup with pieces of fat in it (hungarians eat straight fat...its gross.) But she was like "this is what we eat for good luck on new years" I guess its a traditional lentil soup sort of thing that gives them good luck. But we had just eaten lunch before that and my comp was super full so she didn't have much room to eat much of it so I had to eat my whole big bowl to make it not look like we both hated it. It wasn't too bad. I think I've sort of lost my taste buds on my mission. But the sketch part comes later that night.
All the sudden I just feel super sick. We made pizza for dinner so I thought that maybe it just smelled weird to me or something and made me nauseous but nope, not the pizza. I had food poisoning from erzsi's lucky soup. I guess though that I can say I was throwing up all new years! The branch this sunday was super funny because they heard I was sick and they all were like, "drank too much?"
So basically all night throwing up was fun, but I got to hear the fireworks and drunk people singing on the street! haha

Basically slept all day but was able to keep water down!

Was able to eat some crackers!!
I was feeling well enough that evening that we were able to go to this little missionary training meeting given by one of the high councilmen here, Ted Kelly. It was real good! He basically let everyone know what their roles were as ward missionary and such.

We had church! It was great! All the testimonies were really good.
After church one of the elder's investigators invited us over and then to look at this almost life size nativity scene in one of the churches nearby. So that was fun. Shes a really cool néni who's super into yoga and all sorts of natural oils and things so that was super funny. Shes totally what I want to be when I'm her age. She had this giant atlas and this really cool map too telling the different nationalities in hungary. It was cool.
cool nativity scene in the church at the end of our street. Apparently one of the prettiest in hungary according to a néni sitting looking at it.

a beautiful painting in the same church.
 Well, I am back to healthy and normal so this should be a good week! I hope that you all are doing great and that you have a happy new year and for those of you starting new semester, good luck!!

Sister Heath
It snowed!
Pécs in the fog

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