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Best program ever

the pécsi belváros

 16 November 2015

so we had a program with this crazy néni named Istvánné. It was freaking awesome. So Willets and Vandi streeted her and gave her a book of mormon and so monday we went over to her house for a program. She lived in this little back room of this big house and when we went in all the walls were covered with super catholic paintings of jesus and mary and stuff, that I'm pretty sure she stole from a cathedral. So we started talking with her and she went on about how terrible the world is like most nénis and then she told us she reads three pages from the book of mormon each night, then from her prayer book and then goes to bed. Adorable right? But then she was like "you're not going to believe it. I'm telling you right now, your not going to believe it. But I saw jesus." then she goes off about this vision she had when she went out to look at the "winter moon" and apparently she say jesus in the winter moon and his heart had beams of light coming out of it glowing on the world. It was awesome. The best part though was after that she was like "what does it mean?! nobody can tell me what it means! I prayed about it but he won't answer me. so you need to tell me what it means!" we then talked a bit about joseph smith and how he had an question and asked god and got an answer. I wouldn't be surprised if in our next lesson she will have seen god too. maybe one of the best programs after. Oh and she also had this crazy old, blind dog that had peed all over the ground and was barking like crazy. Man, I love the old people here.
We had a super good program with merci. We talked about goal making and about what it is we are working towards in life. It was super great and I think she has a clearer view of what she wants now. She is just the sweetest :)
We also had our bathroom flood. That was fun. Our washer is crazy and always shakes out of place when its on spin mode so I guess last time when it shook out of place it disconnected the tube where the water comes in. So I put in a load of laundry and then started it and left the room to cook lunch. An hour later it still wasn't done so I went in to see what was wrong and the whole bathroom was covered in like an inch of water. So that was fun. Luckily there is a ledged  door so it kept it all in the bathroom. So we had fun mopping that up before our programs.
yay flooded bathroom!
We had a program with Erzsi and niki. We talked about the strength of women and read D&C 25 with her. She loved it, especially the supporting your husband and finding peace and stuff. She is just so sweet. Love her.
AMERICA CORNER!!! best part of the week by far. Going to america corner with John from Texas. His hair is just fantastic. Its long and silver, with the bottom shaved underneath and always in a ponytail. He's so hip.
We had THE BEST PROGRAM EVER with Daniel. We decided to talk about the spirit and how we can recognize it. It was just so good. We shared a ton of scriptures and he just got it. At the end though, he was like. "I don't know, I think every church can be true" but as he was trying to explain why it just wouldn't come out and he was like, I can't even explain it in hungarian. Stupor of thought? then I got up and drew on the board a little God, Jesus and the twelve apostles. I explained about how the priesthood is our direct link to God's power and how God gives his children knowledge (through the scriptures, prophets, revelation, etc.) but that the knowledge won't do us any good unless we have the power to be able to use that. I explained how after the apostles died that priesthood power was lost. There was still the doctrine and teachings and people tried to follow that. That is why every church does have a bit of truth but with out the priesthood authority they cannot use it. It is like  a doctor without a doctorate trying to do surgery. It just doesn't work out well. his mouth just sort of dropped open and the spirit was just so strong as I was talking I just felt myself shaking. It was so cool. We just sort of wrapped it up quickly and ended it on that spiritual high. Best program ever.
After me and willets may or may not have broken into tears of happiness.

Later we had a program with Lilly :) :) We taught word of wisdom and she loved it! The only thing she said might be hard was the green tea but she said that even that wasn't that hard to give up, that the blessings are so much better than the tea. She especially liked that the word of wisdom was more than just don'ts but also do's like eat vegetables! she is just so cute! Hanna was also fantastic and shared a super great story about how she drank tea once at a party and felt super bad and repented and felt super good because God told her it wasn't bad because she didn't know it was tea at first and it wasn't bad because she didn't know better. It was just perfect.
Also, Lilly is freaking adorable and left a note on our apartment door that we found later. She is jsut the cutest.
the adorable note lilly left for us. It says  I love you girls. Kisses. Have a beautiful rest of your day

We have started teaching this less active that just got back from England. She isn't really a less active but just didn't go to church much in england so the branch president suggested we teach her again. She is super cool and has a super strong testimony so its super fun teaching her.
We tried to go visit Ági but her kids were sick. But before our program sister willets felt like we needed to bring her brownies so we made some and brought them to her and when we gave them to her she was just so sweet and happy and grateful and it was good because we didn't get to meet with her but she knows that we were thinking of her.

We went on a picnic with Dávid, Lilly and the elders for lunch. We went by this pretty lake in Orfű. It was super pretty.
We later had a program with a lady named Diandra. She is the girlfriend of one of the elder's investigators and is super seriously thinking about joining the church. She kept telling us "Laci says there is only one God, and that He is a mormon God." It was super funny. But she seems to be pretty serious about it and so we are going to teach her!
We then had sport nap and the branch requested yoga again so we did yoga! It was super fun. I taught them pigeon poes and they thought it was hilarious.
the whole gang at orfű

The stake president was at church and gave a super good talk about spiritual self reliance. It was super great and I feel like exactly what Lilly needed. She loved it!

Monday (this morning):
We had a program with Erzsi and watched the Finding Faith in Christ movie. Her Pár watched with us too! It was super super good and after we talked about why faith is so important and how building of faith in Christ makes miracles happen. It was super super great!

Later today we are going to make pumpkin pie with the elders for zone training thanksgiving lunch. It should be good! Although, we couldn't find pumpkins again so we're going to try with butternut squash. It should be good too.

Anyhow, Its been a great week and I love you all and have a great week!!

Heath Nővér

 flowers in your hair
 dávid and lilly

the statue that had a bit too much
the pécsi belváros (the city of Pécs)

[Letter received from Hungary Budapest Mission President Szabadkai ]

Saturday, 14 November 2015 

  Dear Parents, Stake and Ward Leaders,

  This morning, Elder Patrick Kearon, President of the Europe Area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, issued the following statement in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris: "During these hours of sadness and pain, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe stand united with all people of decency and good will in expressing our deepest sympathy for the families and friends of the victims of last night's terrible attacks in Paris. Our thoughts and prayers reach out to hearts that have been hurt and minds in trouble and despair."

We are thankful that missionaries and Church members in Paris are safe.

Government officials in Hungary made an official statement today saying in part that although Hungary is not in danger at the present time, the government is aware of the situation and the visible presence of the police will be stronger in public places, there will be stronger control at the borders of Hungary, and the activity of operative services will be increased.

In an e-mail from the missionary department I received this morning, I was advised to "Caution missionaries to avoid crowded public places or events that might become a target." This counsel has been communicated by the Zone Leaders to our missionaries, all of whom are presently safe and accounted for.

I can assure you we will continue to take all necessary precautions to keep your precious sons and daughters protected and safely out of harm's way. Thank you for your faith and prayers.


President József Szabadkai

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