Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another wonderful week from the dream city of Pécs

So its been raining all week and we were walking on the way to a program, and on the side of the road there was a huge puddle and this giant truck drove by super fast splashing me from head to toe with water. Fun stuff. Just a little wet for the program...
26 October 2015

hello all! another wonderful week from the dream city of Pécs!
So monday we got back into that normal companionship life, not in a trio. :( We rearranged the apartment and everything. Who knew we had so much room! It sure was weird waking up in the morning though and not having Widtfeldt there! Shout out to Widtfeldt! We love and miss you lover!
That evening we had our usual FHE with András making fruit soup. The elders learned how to make it this time. Super finom as usual.
p-day adventures in the rain!
We had a program with Daniel int he morning and it was SO SO GREAT!! We taught the plan of salvation to him and I think it all clicked! He had a ton of good questions and at the end, he just said "wow, it all makes sense.." I think he finally understands now why we are always asking him to do all the little things like prayer and scripture reading. It was such a great program!
We later had a program with S_ Erzsi. It was good. She forgot that we were coming, but welcomed us in. We talked about reading the scriptures and praying and she is still reading the book of mormon. Kind of a rushed lesson since she had family coming and stuff but it was good.
We went streeting a bit later and while streeting these ladies came up to us and sprayed us with perfume was interesting. But the perfume was good smelling at least so win on our part! haha
Later we had a branch talent show. It was AWESOME. The branch president got up and did karaoke to elvis and frank sinatra. Elder simmons interpretive danced to it too. Pretty fantastic.
makkai elnök singing karaoke
We had zone training in Dunaújváros. It was super great. We got the train at 6:45 and after switching tracks, we met up with the Kaposvár elders and took the train with them into Duna. Our training was super great and we talked a lot about our goals matching our desires and how we spend the quality of our time. After we had pizza as a zone and then we headed back to the train. It was super great to see some of my friends and catch up with them.
cute little willets on the train to zone training
We had INCREDIBLE progarm with Lilly!! We decided to watch the restoration film with her and man was it great! After we talked a bit about what Joseph Smith did to recieve his answer and what he did after that. And we asked her about baptism and she said that once she finds out she wants to be baptized and someday become a member! She is seriously so so incredible. She asked us if she could share some of the scriptures she had read in the book of mormon and liked and of course we said yes. She had read in Alma 29 and believe it or not but that is exactly the chapter I read that moning for personal study. It was so cool because she shared verses 9 and ten which read
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.
 10 And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me.

After then she said, This is you guys. This is missionaries! She seriously is so incredible and so prepared. We cannot wait to see all the amazing things she will accomplish! It was also her birthday on wednesday so we got her a little present, a bracelet and chocolate and on sunday at church she was wearing the bracelet and Dávid said that she was wearing it too when they hung out! For reals, she is so special! Also, I just got an email from her basically telling me how much she loved sunday and how she can't wait to meet and then she just shared 2 nefi 9:49 with us with a cute little picture she took of the book or mormon open with the pass along we gave her and a sticky note with a heart underlining  verse 49. Freak, she is perfect!

After lilly, we had a program with M_ Maria and taught her the plan of salvation, but it was more like a "you tell us what you remember and like" sort of thing and she LOVED it all. She especially loved the way it relates to families and the temple. She really wants to be able to go back to the temple. It was super cool too because she kept bringing up the importance of missionary work and how we are fulfilling such important work. She then gave us the number of the man that she buys fruit from who she said that she was talking to about the gospel a bit and said he would be interested. We are going to go by his fruit stand soon and chat! She is so wonderful. It makes me feel like I'm with my own grandmother when I am with her!

Later we had a program with Dávid about continuing to learn and not slacking off basically. It was super great because Dávid had been kind of in a funk the last few days and we weren't sure what it was but when we met with him, he told us he hadn't read his scriptures in like three days and that is why he was feeling so weird. It was super interesting to see that even we could tell the difference in Dávid, even though it was such a little thing, like reading your scriptures, that it had such an effect on him. He promised to read again though and he has been and now is back to normal. It was a real learning moment for me.

We had a program with P_ Kati that morning. Its break right now for a lot of people so her partner and son were home but they were both in the other room sleeping, but that meant that Kati was kind of hesitant to really say too much. We tried talking with her but I could tell she didn't want to say much in case her boyfriend heard. She has been having a hard time lately but we talked a lot about how God loves her and if she keeps doing the little things, God will provide a way for her. I just love her but its so hard to know what to do to help her.
We tried looking up some referrals that evening but they weren't interested or home. It was good though because we got to see a super pretty sunset!
beautiful sunset on the way back from zone training
We went on a hike with a lady from the ward and a couple of her friends. We thought it would be like two hours at most but it ended up being all morning and we didn't end up getting back til one. It was great though and we had some good conversations in with Éva's friends.
hiking adventures!

We had church and boy was it amazing!! So it was the primary program and they were so so incredible. Their little testimonies were so powerful and I swear there wasn't a dry eye in the congregation. Lilly came again and she LOVED it! She was so touched by the kids testimonies and she said that the thing that touched her the most was the closing prayer given by a sunbeam. It was so special. Also Kristóf, the less active that we had lunch at their house a while back, was there!!! And he stayed all three hours! Although it was kind of unfortunate that the topic of gospel doctrine was the law of chastity...which was not what the lesson was to be scheduled...but it went over better with Kristóf than we thought it would. Oh well! haha But seriously such a great sunday!

Well, thats about all this week! It was so great and I'm sure next week will be great too! We are headed up to budapest tomorrow for greenie training and then we have the STLs coming on splits wednesday and thursday so that will be good! Love you all tons and I hope your week is fantastic!!

Sok puszi!
Heath Nővér
elder kruger with an old commie train
commie train selfie
giant abandoned building. a real landmark here in pécs
elder martindale reenacting the first vision

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