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Another week in Pécs!


2 November 2015

Another week in Pécs!
So monday:
We went antiquing with the elders. Pécs has all these cool little shops so basically we sent the day exploring. There was this one store with all this awesome art. It made me really excited about going home and making art again.
We had greenie training in Buda! So we got up super early and went into budapest. The training was good. Basically the APs talked about the missionary handbook and then we did this trivia thing with sister szabadkai. Then president spoke to us. "the best thing you can do is assume the other loves you" -pres. Szabadkai. It was fun! The best though was seeing sister hafen and talking with her. We got to reminise about the good old days when we were greenies!
After training we had a couple of hours to kill before our train came so we went and saw the bazilika. It was super gorgeous and we got some pretty cool pictures of budapest!
new missionary training
mtc reunion!
the view from the tower in the bazilika
the view from the tower
So they are doing renovations on the branch house here, adding a second floor so wednesday morning we were in a program and these construction workers came and started working so we couldn't use the branch house for programs this week and we won't be able too in a couple of weeks either so that will be fun.
But the STLs got here for splits and we had a program with Erzsi with Levanen. It was super good for erzsi to see her again.
Later we had a program with Niki and András. Best part of the program. Niki's daughter Lily really likes tejföl (or sour cream). So she was eating spoonfuls of tejföl the whole program. #hungarianchilden
That evening we went to dinner with the elders and dávid. and then after walking home we found this huge pile of leaves so what do we do? play in it of course. So much fun. Definitely the best decision we made in a long time.
We had a program with Lilly <3 best thing ever!! We taught the plan of salvation and it was so so great! we had to meet in this little tea shop because of the construction on the branch house so we drew it out for her on a paper. It was so great and she said it made so much sense. She loved that there isn't really a "hell". The only question she had was what the people in paradise do while waiting for resurrection. It was so cool because at first I wasn't sure how to answer but then I just felt myself saying that rather than spirit prison and spirit paradise being two separate places, I like to think of it more like it is one place. What makes it prison or paradise is dependent on the way you feel in it. It may seem like a prison for those people who choose not to follow the plan but it is a paradise to those who followed the plan because there they get the chance to be missionaries! And really that is the thing that brings real joy, helping you brothers and sisters come to Christ. It was so cool to see that God really does fill our mouths. It was such a learning moment for me. Seriously Lilly is so incredible. I feel so lucky to teach her. Sister vandenberge really put it right. After our program she said that she felt so privileged to even teach her one lesson.

That afternoon after the Stl's left we had a program with Pui Kati. It was super great! She found this children's bible and has been reading from it and it has been so great because it is easier for her to read! I could tell that it has been helping her so much. She was so excited to read for us! love her!

That evening, the elders had a great idea. We carved pumpkins in the shape of a book of mormon and the world and tabled with them. We made a poster to match the world one that had the scripture about "for God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son" and we had another poster that said (pre note, the word for pumpkin is tök and a phrase that people use here to say cool is tök jó or pumpkin good) "tök jól érzünk magunkat mert mormonok vagyunk" Or "We feel great because we're mormons". Its funny in hungarian, I promise. Anyways tabling with them was a huge success.

We had to go to the hivatal to get sister willets registered to live in hungary so that took up our morning. It was fun. Thank goodness we had elder simmons here who used to be secretary so he knew how to do it.
I was feeling pretty sick (just a cold, no worries, better now) so we stayed home the rest of the afternoon and I rested while we weekly planned.
That evening we tabled again with the pumpkins. And guess who walked by while we were tabling? LILLY! so we chatted for a bit and read a scripture that we texted her earlier that day. It was great!

We had district meeting at a restaurant because there was still construction on the branch house. So that was an adventure. Later we had a program with pui kati where we read some out of the book of mormon with he and we gave her a children's illustrated book of mormon. It was great.

Minden szentek napja! or all saints day! So after church and stuff we went to the cemetery. It was super pretty they put flowers and candles all over the graves. Super beautiful and peaceful.
some of the cool graves on minden szentek napja

Well that was my week! I hope you are all doing good! Never forget just how great life is and there are always miracles if you look for them! Puszi!

Sister Heath

a cool tower here in pécs
cool maze we found
milk here comes in bags.

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