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 9 Nov 2015

avocados were on sale at the spar. totally made tacos this week.
We had a program with Dávid. We gave him a preach my gospel last week and so our assignment for him was to read chapter four and we would talk about it. It was all about the spirit and it was a super good lesson! 
On the way walking back from trying to do a look up we saw these two old men jamming out in their car to hungarian folk music. It was probably one of the happiest things I've seen in my life.
Then we had családi est that evening. Prim Geza did a stand up routine. It probably would have been funny if I could understand the jokes..#hungarian...
We made pumpkin pie thingies this week and so we dropped some off at Erzsi's. She adored them and it was adorable. She is seriously the cutest ever.
We had a program with merci! And it was great! she has been having a hard time the last few weeks and we haven't been able to meet with her so we thought it would be good to just have a relaxed lesson with her so we simply read 3 Nephi 11 with her and talked about Christ. It was super good and a good pick me up for her.
Then we had a program with M_ Mária. She is literally the cutest ever. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ a bit but it was mostly just visiting with her. She was super surprised that we know how to cook and so she wants to teach us how to cook some real hungarian food! So that will be fun if we can do it sometime!
We then had a program with Dávid and we studied patience. It was super great :) He was having a kind of harder week so we decided to meet with him every day to give him a bit of a pick me up.
We then had a program with V_ Éva. She is great. We spoke a bit in english and are going to start teaching her the lessons again for practice for willets.
We had an awesome program with Daniel in the morning. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was super great! He said it all makes sense and he had read too! He has started reading the book of mormon from the begining so that is good :) At the end of the program though it was awesome. He straight up asked us "how can I know that this is the one true church?" and we were like well, what did joseph smith do when he wanted to know? and Daniel was like "I see what you did there" and so he knows now he needs to pray about it and pay attention to his feelings and listen to the spirit and he will get an answer for himself! It was a super miracle!
We later had a program with a guy named Gergő. I think he is the first hungarian I have met that is comfortable with silence... When you recite the first vision, they always tell us we aren't supposed to break eye contact. So when I was reciting it, I didn't break eye contact and neither did he...and it was maybe one of the most intense and awkward recitings I have ever done. Sister willets after the program couldn't stop laughing.
We then contacted this referral from Mária. Its the guy that sells her her fruits and vegetables. So that was cool. He said he wants to come to church sometime, but doesn't want to meet. Hopefully he comes!
We also got district pékség. That was awesome.
Dávid quote for the day (in a singsong voice) "Dávid knows everything!"

We had district meeting in the morning. It was probably the most awesome district meeting ever. We had pumpkin pie that I made using crushed up györi édes cookies as a pie crust and palacsintas. It was super fun and we learned a ton about why listening is so important!
We then had a program with Ági, this old investigator that we set up with again. So we had to take the bus out to her and while we were on the bus, we realized our bus passes were for last month and that we forgot to get new ones. But that was only after the ticket checker had found us...So we got fined 10000 forint (about 50 american dollars)..that fun. Little miracle though. Today on p-day we got an email from president saying that we just got permission from the area seventy to have about 10000 forint added to our missionary funds each month. So tender mercy!
Also Meet the Mormons is now in hungarian! woot woot!

We had a program with Lilly!!! It was seriously so so incredible! We had Hanna as a member present and it was just so freaking great. At the beginning of the program we gave them each a slice of pumpkin pie because we thought they would love to try it and they did :) She started the program by sharing what she read that week in the book of mormon and she had read Moroni 10. She loved the part where it talks about spiritual gifts and how they are all from God. We then taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it just all clicked for Lilly. We talked a lot about faith and how that is the foundation for us to build on. Once we have that faith it pushes us to take action (repentance) and she said that she had seen that already in her life when she had prayed for forgiveness. Then we introduced the topic of baptism. After sharing some scriptures about baptism Lilly told us that it just makes sense that that is the next step. She said that she had been praying to know what the next thing she needed to do was, because she had felt that she had faith and had changed her ways but she wasn't sure what more she could do. After we shared the next step of baptism she said that it just made sense to her that it was next. I asked her if she had prayed yet to know if this is God's one true church on the earth again. She said that she had been thinking about it and that she always gets good feelings when she is with us or when she reads the book of mormon and when she is at church, but that she isn't sure if she has gotten an answer yet about it yet. Sister willets was on fire and started describing the spirit and how it speaks to her. It lead us right into talking about the gift of the Holy Ghost and I used the example of the marker and its cap. We are the marker and the spirit is the cap. We have the chance to feel the spirit when we are doing good things or in good places (tap marker with cap) but it doesn't always stay with us (try to balance cap on marker but it falls off) but when we get the gift of the Holy Ghost it is with us always and nothing can shake it off (put cap on and try shaking marker). She LOVED this example and was adorable and took notes writing it down to remember. I think it clicked for her, how to feel the spirit and so we challenged her this week to pray about when to be baptized. I just love her so much and can't wait for her to get her answer :) I know she will!
Lilly and Hanna with their pumpkin pie
We then ahd a program with Pui Kati and read from the childrens book of mormon. It was really good. We think we are going to start teaching all the lessons to her again.
That evening we had Sport nap and the elders asked me to teach yoga at it so we totally did yoga with the branch. They loved it too! it was hilarious.
hanna doing joga!

Erzsi was at church!! We were so happy because we tried to visit her on saturday but when we got to her house she was across the street with her pár and the police because there was something wrong with the car and we were worried about her but she said that everything was okay. We just adore her :) She also tried to give willets her necklace because willets complimented it. She is just too nice.
There was a pumpkin festival in the middle of széczenyi tér. So that was fun to walk through.
We then had a dinner appointment with Anna. She is so wonderful. We basically spent the whole time just talking and chatting that we forgot to eat and she packed it up for us to take home. She is so great.

Basically my life is just so blessed right now. I don't know why or how we have so many legit investigators and friends but man does God love us. I can't wait to see what next week will bring! I hope you have a good day!

sok szeretettel,
Heath Nővér
széczenyi tér, the városház or town hall

the city I live in is a dream. There was a guy just making giant bubbles for the kids on the street to pop. It was super cool because he could get multiple little bubbles inside one big one. 2

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