Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bittersweet week

our classic district
19 October 2015

jó reggelt!

Its been a good week. Bittersweet because sister widtfeldt is now on a plane to america, but its been a good week, with a lot of good memories.

We went and got lángos with Dávid. So normally lángos are sort of like this fried dough with sour cream, cheese and garlic on top, but we got special stuffed lángos instead so it was sort of like a giant sour cream and cheese filled fried dough. Finom de so greasy.
We also went tracting that afternoon and got a let in with a guy named Kovács József. (or the english equivilant is Joseph Smith). So that was pretty fantastic. We'll be going by again sometime soon.
The world's biggest lángos

We had a program with Dávid and talked about the importance of doing the little things to strengthen our faith (aka prayer, scriptures, church). It was great as usual.
Then we went out to try and find a  lady we streeted who gave us her address. We found the house but nobody was home so we left a note and we'll try again later.
We then had gyülekezeti est. (branch night) Dávid was in charge of the spiritual thought and they asked him to share his thoughts on his conversion. It was super good and spiritual. We then played this weird hand clapping game thing with partners. Me and hanna were partners and we totally won. It was great.

kis hanna, nagy hannah
We had a program with S_ Erzsi. It was super good! we taught her the restoration and she LOVED it. Its so interesting with her. I feel like at the beginning of our programs with her she is always kind of sad and kind of seems angry but after we start talking with her she slowly softens and by the end she is nothing but smiles. I love her so much! It was funny, we asked her if she is still reading from the Book of Mormon. She said that "I can only read a little bit" but then continued to say that she reads at least 20-40 pages a day. We assured her that that is perfectly fine :) It was funny though, she said that she is having trouble understanding who everyone is but she was like, I'm sure once I read it a couple more times I'll get the whole story. So she is already planning on reading it through again. She is so great!

Wednesday evening was probably one of the best evenings this week! So there is this thing called America Corner. Its basically like our angol óra classes, where its like a conversation club in english. Its run by this guy named John from Texas. He is probably the most hilarious guy I've met in a long time. He married a hungarian woman and now teaches medical vocabulary at the university. In his free time he runs this place called america corner. It is so fantastic. He is also the voice on the bus saying the university stops in english. Our favorite John quotes. "my four year old daughter likes to watch the beatles movies. The beatles have long hair like her. Because she watches these movies she thinks shes a....(pause waiting for someone to finish his sentance)...a boy! She thinks shes a boy." "Who teaches perspective?" "who are the big three?"

We had a program with daniel in the morning. It was super great! we watched a mormon message with him, the one about bullying. He super loved it because he is working on a paper right now about bullying.
We had a program later with erzsi. She is just so so incredible. Since niki talked with her husband, she has come to church every week! Our program this week, we talked about baptism and she said that her husband and her are going to get married! They tried to last week but relatives came to visit so they didn't have time but she said that they are going to get married! This way she will be able to be baptized!! She is so so wonderful and has such strong faith. She cried a ton saying goodbye to Widtfeldt it was so sweet.
We then had a program with Lilly!!! She is seriously incredible. We taught her the restoration and she said it made so much sense. She said that she would pray about it and we invited her to church! Honestly she has such a special spirit around her. You can just tell that she is trying to follow Christ the best she can. And boy is the spirit strong in our programs.

We then had a program with Mária.  It was good! she is such a sweet woman.
After that we had angol óra. We had a couple of new people so that was fun! Szabolcs brought his zither. Its this hungarian instrument that sounds like its from the middle ages. Super cool. So he played for us a bit at the end of class.
szabolcs and his zither
We had a program with Merci with Vivi as our member present. We talked about the gospel of jesus christ. It was super great.  Merci seriously loves it all, we just need to help her find a way to soften her mom's heart.
We then had branch council and such and it was good.

We had district meeting in the morning and then after that we all went over to a members house to celebrate their son, Patrik's birthday. It was fun!
That evening we had sport nap and we went up to tettye to this look out of the city.
patrik and his birthday cake!
our sport nap adventures
That morning Dávid texted us asking if we could go on one last walk before widtfeldt goes home. So we went on a six thirty walk with dávid around the city just talking about life and such. It was so quiet and peaceful to be out before everyone.
Then we had church and Dávid and Widtfeldt both gave talks. And LILLY CAME TO CHURCH!!!! woooohooo!!! It was super great. She said she loved it! she had to leave a little early from sacrament meeting to pick up her sister from mass but she came back with her little sister! And she said that she wants to bring her sister next week! She also wrote Widtfeldt a three page letter to say goodbye. Honestly, this girl is incredible.
Right after church we headed over to the train station and got on a train up to budapest. We met up with the buda stls at keleti and then said goodbye to widtfeldt.
saying goodbye to widtfeldt
dávid seeing us off at the train station. We have this joke that dávid can't wink with his right eye so we got a winking picture
 While waiting for our next train, we went and saw parliament. It was super pretty and the sun was setting so there was a beautiful view of the duna. Then we caught our train back to pécs. It was super strange getting back to the apartment and not having widtfeldt there. But we were so exhausted we just fell right asleep.

Well, that was my week. Things are great! I'm now back to a normal companionship. Its super strange after being in four trios to be back with just one comp. but its gonna be great. Sister willets is incredible and she is learning so fast! I am so proud of her! I can't wait to see what this week has in store for us!

Love sister heath

I love budapest!!

I love budapest!!

budapest édes budapest

baby's first fruit soup!
cocoa with dávid
dávid with sister widtfeldt and dávid bear
a typical 10 story building
my cute little greenie during our weekly planning on a train!
our favorite pizza place, maestro's
walking by the primary room, we saw elder simmons in an intense game of mini chess with an investigator.
we left our coats with our name tags on the coat rack and they were stolen by andrás and niki while we were in a program
willets, me and hanna

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