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dinner with the zone leaders. these just explain our district so well..
 23 November 2015

hello all, so bear with me, my keyboard is on a weird setting that I think is a normal american keyboard setting but I've gotten too used to hungarian keyboards that things might be written weird this week also, I can't do accents so things will be spelled wrong..but moving on..
we made some pumpkin pies with the elders for our thanksgiving dinner on wednesday with the zone. Basically the whole day cooking down pumpkins and making pies. freaking awesome. Also we saw the cutest old couple while waiting for the bus. They were literally the couple from "up". So adorable.
we had a program with David and it was super good! He is just such a good example to all those around him and he doesn't even realize it.
After that we had a program with Merci and we gave her a little scriptures study journal :) she is doing really good and I think that the check list thing was super great for her. I just adore her!
After that we had a program with Safrany Erzsi. It was really good too. We haven't been able to get over there for a while so we just did a sort of review lesson of what we talked about in the past and talked about the atonement. It was great.
Fun things: There was a man playing the saxophone in szecsenyi ter while we were tableing. He played a nice melody of lion king and some other classics. It was awesome.
And God totally answers prayers because we were struggling to open this jar for our lunch and then we blessed the food and during it I prayed that we would be able to open the jar and after we tried opening the jar again and a few minutes later it opened. #miracles
We had zone training in dunaujvaros. It was a super good training. A senior couple, the Lunds, gave a training on sabbath day observance and it rocked. And then the zone leaders talked about christ-like attributes. My favorite chapter from preach my gospel. Things were great.
After we had a sort of thanksgiving meal with the zone. We had turkey sandwiches and sister lund made sweet potato casserole and we had our pies we made and it was great.
Also, if you get a chance watch this video. its super good.

willets and cannon
dinner with the zone leaders.
We had a program with kati in the morning. It was good. The usual. Shes doing better with reading. She also wants us to come photograph her younger brothers wedding thingie so we may go do that tomorrow. Should be interesting.
We had a program the later with Lilly!!! It was super great. So the branch house is under construction and so we couldn't have programs there so we met with her in this little cafe again. It was super funny because of course it would be the week we are teaching law of chastity that we have to do it in a public place. Luckily there wasn't anyone else there but it went super well. We focused on how it is all about keeping our virtue and how when we are in control of our desires we are in control of ourselves. It was super great and she said she was totally willing to keep it! It was cool because she talked about when she was dating her boyfriend they made sure it wasn't all just physical and how she saw that that blessed them a lot and she could see the difference in their relationship compared to other people our age. She also loved the idea of if you are spiritually clean and worthy you can go to the temple and it is there that we can be sealed to our families forever. But that is why we have to live these things. So we can be worthy to have those temple blessings because in the end those are the only things that last. It was a super good program. Also, Lilly is just the cutest ever. So she knew it was my year mark and she drew us little drawings. She drew willets, moses and his egyptian mother, and she drew me mother mary and baby jesus and then jesus on the cross on the other side. They are so good and so cute! Also because of our picnic, where we made flower crowns she made me a flower crown of cute little flowers she glued onto a little leather braided thing and elastic for a headband for me. She is seriously the cutest ever. ugh. shes so great!

Because thursday was my year mark we went out to dinner with the elders and david to this italian place. It was fun! woot! one year as a missionary!!
its that time of the year! Christmas display in the mall
So our program with david about christmas and read a little talk from the most recent liahona. It was good. I love christmas so much.
The zone leaders were in town so that evening we went tabling with simmons and cannon. It was fun. This creepy drunk guy told me I have a nice smile. win.
We then went to streat (best restaurant in pecs) for dinner with everyone.
We had district meeting in "cool tour cafe" the same place we had our program with lilly. Super funny having to have all our stuff in cafes and things this week. It was a super good district meeting. We talked again about christ like attributes. definitely the theme this week.
Later we weekly planned and did some look ups.
We had stake conference in Pest! that was really great. Totally worth the three hour train ride both ways. I not only got to hear some great talks but we got to see basically all of the church in hungary. It was cool to see tons of people from my old areas like aniko, viki, niki, zsolt who I taught in szeged, gabor (he's getting baptized on saturday!!!!), peti. It was just so great to catch up with people. Also Molnar Maria is adorable. She brought suti for us for the train ride home and gave us this giant bag of meatballs, bread and apples too. She is too cute and refuses to take no for an answer. Love her to death.
Well that was my week!
Love you all!
sister heath
the train ride to stake conference. yup.

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